Nathan sat in the drivers seat of his hummer. His arm, along with the rest of his body ached, and the pain medication given truly did nothing but made him sick.

"Are you sure you should be driving?" Lady asked. "Don't you think those new meds could, I dunno, screw with your driving?"

"I can't die, what does it matter?"

"You got kind of a passenger in the car! You won'tdie, but I probably wil!"

"Bonus points."

Lady scowled, punching him in the arm absentmindedly. It took Nathan all of his wilpower to not yell at her, taking even more to not put her head through the car window. It took Lady a moment to really before begging for forgiveness.

"Don't worry about it." Nathan muttered, starting the engine. Lady took one of his hands off the wheel, pressing her lips to his middle knuckle.

"What was that?" Nathan asked, yanking away his hand.

"You have a scrape on your knuckle. I wanted to kiss it and make it better."

"That spreads germs."

"But people kiss on the mouth, dpoesn't that spread germs too?"

"That's different."

Lady rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. Her lips pursed in thought. Nathan pulled out of the parking lot, and pulled onto the main highway, trying to keep his mind off of her.

"So, where were you born? I didn't get to read that part of the clipboard."

"Most that information was bullshit anyway. I was born in a little town in Maine. I lived in New York City from the time I was 4 until I was sixteen, then I moved to California. I turned 18 and I joined the Army. Did that most my life."

"Did you travel?"


"Did you enjoy it?"

"I can't really say I didn't but it wasn't exactly the way I wanted to go. What was the best place you went?"

Nathan had to think a long while. The first thought that crossed his mind was the question, why was he answering her?

"Berlin." He finally said. "It was the dead of winter and I froze my ass off, but the drinks were good."

He rested his back to the seat, pulling into the stoplight.

"I'm from Mound City, Kansas. I grew up there. There was nothing to do, it was so small, so I saved up my money and flew out here. I got a job. Then I got put in an insane asylum. Then I broke out. I got kind of a secret job now. I run unregistered."

Nathan stared at her for a long time before speaking again.

"You're kidding."


This was the weirdest, most unbelievable lie he had ever been told. He sighed and shook it off.

"Why were you in the asylum?"

"I heard voices. They toldme to do things. THey stopped a long time agao, but they wanted to put me in for my safety. I said 'screw that' and left. Security wasn't as tight as it should've been. They had me in with the criminally insane for some reason for a while, and when they moved me I got out."

"God your weird."

"I know." she replied, taking his hand and inspecting it once more. "It's a green light by the way."

Nathan looked up and drove, yaking his hand away from Lady's yet again. A mile later he pulled into a ditch, threw his door open and vomited into the dirt. Lady rubbed his back, searching desperately for a water bottle that may have concealed itself under a seat.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." Nathan said hoarsely as he pulled the belt back over him and slammed the door closed. Hewassore all over, and could not wait to get home to lie down. Though, it seemed, that wasn't going to happen any time soon. As soon as he pulled back into the road, a highway patrol officer pulled him right back over. Lady froze, eyes wide. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep.

"Nut." Nathan mumbled, rolling the window down as the officer walked up. "Something I can do for you today, sir?"

The officer smiled.

"I couldn't help seein' you puke on the side of the road," the officer said "and yer swervin' a bit, what seems to be the problem?"

Nathan explained the situation at the hospital to the man, telling him about the new pain killers they put him on. The officer told him to step out of the car and put his hands behind his back. Nathan obeyed without hesitation allowing the man to handcuff him.

Nathan reclined against the front of his vehicle, eyes fixated on the sky, which was filled with thick, black clouds.

"Mother of fuck. I'm gonna be a hero!"


"Sir, do you know your harboring a dangerous criminal?"

Nathan paused for a minute.


The man crept over to the passenger's side of the car, but by the time he got there, Lady was nowhere to be seen.

"Dammit! Sir, you're coming with me!"

Nathan stared, dumbfounded, frozen.

"Sir, if you do not listen to me, I will tase-" The man reached for his taser, finding nothing. "What the-" He whipped around, seeing if the weapon had come off in the car, only to find to small rods now protruding out of his forehead, following by high voltage currents, dropping him like a rock.

Nathan was frozen still. Lady hopped off the truck, searching for the handcuff keys.

"You're shitting me."

"Nope. Aha!" she drew a keyring from his front pocket, instantly picking out the right one. She had done this before, many times, it was obvious. Within moments Nathan was free, being handed the officer's gun.

"I don't like guns, you've used them, right?"

Nathan stared at the arms sitting in his palm. It was a .45, standard, but she wasn't really asking him to shoot the officer, was she?

Lady nodded, as if reading his mind. Nathan aimed the gun at Lady.

"What did you do?"

Lady held up her hands defensively, I told you, I escaped from an asylum!"

"Why did he call you dangerous?"

Lady's eyes rolled up in thought.

"I may have done a little bit of damage to a few of the guards and nurses. I don't like needles, and they were trying to sedate me. Next thing I know I'm standing there with a metal pipe over a dead nurse. It was okay " hough, because she was mean to everybody, she needed to be locked up more than I did!"

Nathan lowered the gun before turning to the car, shooting out the camera. He didn't know what it was about Lady that made him want to preserve her, nor did he want to. He turned and shot out his car windows before planting the weapon in the unconscious Highway Patrolman's hand before pulling a cell phone from his own pokect, dialing 911.

Lady hid in the bushes as the police hauled the Handcuffed Highway Patrol Officer off in handcuffs. Nathan's army life had earned some bonus points with the local police. Often he was invited to department parties (which he would politely decline). He was much trusted, and without second though, the officers believed his story about the mad Highway Patrol who believed he saw someone in the car, and because the dash camera what shot out in the process of his deranged, open fire, they had no choice but to believe Nathan. They offered him a ride home, which he declined, claiming he needed to take the still running vehicle to have the shattered windows replaced, and the bullet holes in the door repaired. As soon as they were gone to process officer Dewey, and out of sight, Lady dashed out, tackle-hugging Nathan by the side.

"You're amazing!" she squealed. "You are officially favorite human!"

It took effort for Nathan to pry her from him.

"Just get in the damn car. Be careful of the glass."

"You DO care!"

"I should've turned you in."

"You like me."


"Don't be a buttface, you like it."

Nathan groaned, a surge of ache crashing like waves down on his muscles. He refused to take another pain pill, though. Lady stared up at Nathan with a wide smile, one that reminded him of the light from his mother, one that warmed him ever so slightly. It was one, that for once, made him smile back, which he regretted. It was something she took as an okay to hug him again.