Don't you get it by now? You can't keep me down.
I laugh in your face at your attempt to make me frown.
You can continue ranting about nothing if you choose.
But you just can't judge me until you've worn my shoes.
You say you speak the truth, but all I hear is lies.
What you may find funny is just pathetic in my eyes.
I've grown so used to your nonsense, it never brings me pain.
Words intended to stick with me, instead wash away like rain.
Like a bloodthirsty mosquito, your always biting at my back.
You always think your classy, but class is what you lack.
Always striking when I'm turned away, who do you think you fool?
I refuse to let you use me, for I am nobody's tool.
You try and steal my confidence, to me it makes no sense.
Try as you will to box me in, I will always jump the fence.
I won't be blinded by your act, I will stand up proud.
Your trickery is known by me and will not be allowed.
To stop me from being who I am, or keep from what's right.
No matter how you try to weigh me down, I will always take flight.