We were there, sitting in the park, in school. Most of the kids who hang out here were popular. The nerdy, geeky ones were only brave enough to stand up at them to be here. I would be a prime example. Everyday, I'm the early bird who'd come to school and sit on this swing. I'd die if anyone ever lay their ass here.

I saw, a boy with acne and glasses being pushed by a clique of boys. As he fell, pencils, notebooks, pens, sketchbooks stumbled out of his schoolbag. I only managed to watch. Back in the kindergarten, I used to stand up for people. Like him. Yes, I'd once stood up for him. But as you're growing up, things began to be more different.

Childhood was beautiful, though mine was not much like theirs. But it was wonderful, it was. The huge gratitude for being given a friend. All the times we run around the kindergarten without the teachers bothered to make us stop. Where whether you are a girl or boy, anyone is accepted to be friends.

Until now.

Now is different. Now, all the teen kept thinking about getting boyfriends/girlfriends. Thinking about future, studying.

No more sunshine. And what's the worst about teenagers is lies. Some people lied to get popularity. One of my childhood friends, a popular girl, was there talking about how cute Matt Stone is. Ugh, sick. The girl, she used to be my closest friend, but look at her now, flaunting her fake beauty at me. When I say fake beauty I meant make-up. Seriously, people gotta stop this kind of thing.

"You're nothing, get the fuck off of this place."

I eyed Matt Stone, the leader of the boy clique that pushed the four-eyed boy. The boy just stood there, wanting to say something. I know how he felt. I know what it feels like, being fully trained all, to learn to shut your own mouth, To know that it's not our place to talk. I know. Because I'm a nobody myself.

Sometimes I wondered whether I'm a ghost from a girl who died from depression.

"You're nothing, get the fuck off of this place."

His words echoed through my brain. I smirked. I hold myself not to laugh. Because this guy, this so-called cute Matt Stone guy is pathetic. Yeah, I've heard his jokes at the cafeteria. Everybody just laugh because of fear that they'll get beaten. Yup, his jokes is pathetic. But the way he said nothing, he had found his new low.

Me, being the eccentric loner I am, laughed. I laughed so hard. I kept eyeing Matt Stone, a sign to let him know that I'm LMAO at him. At his stupidity. He's one of them. He's one of the guy who thinks that he's allowed to do anything he wants, the one who never looked through.

His girlfriend, got up and went over to me and gave me a good bitchslap - thinking I'm out of my mind. But let me tell you something,geniuses had ALWAYS been out of their minds.

I continued to laugh, really hard. I'm just so fuckin crazy I couldn't stop. Yeah, I have mental problems, but I'm not stupid like them.

"Slut, you should've heard him. He looked so pathetic!" I shouted.

I called this girl a slut. Why? Because of her willingness to give herself so... cheaply. She was only 16 and she had the nerve to have a boyfriend and do it. If you know what I mean.

The girl is blushing, embarrassed when I said how pathetic her boyfriend is.

"You're crazy."

I stopped, looking deeply into her eyes. She began to walk away.

I raised my voice and said:

"And you. You're a fake."

"What did you just say to me?" She seemed horribly pissed. Good, I loved them like that.

"Slut, please. Don't act like you're deaf or you're really gonna lose your hearing."

She looked at me, giving me the 'you make no sense' look. Sweet, reason to be a loner.

I looked at my watch, few minutes before the bell ring. I got up and ignored her glares. I went up to Matt Stone and said:

"You don't know anything about 'Nothing'."

"You're nothing, get the fuck off of this place."

Funny, we're all gonna die as nothing. Because when we're gonna die, we can't bring anything along with us. We can't bring our lovers, games and shits.

Laugh at us now, and you'll realized we're all gonna be nothings. Because God doesn't give a fuck about your fame, popularity. When He wants you dead, you're dead. And you CAN'T bring anything with you.

All you can bring is your good deeds (if you even have one) and all the stuff that you do.

And your lies. But, oh no, you can't lie.