I hate it when people say to try harder.
I hate it when they say give it your all.
I hate it when they say you can do better.
What if I trying the hardest I can?
What is I've given everything I have?
What if this is the best I got?
What am I supposed to do now that I've given everything?
Am I just supposed to stand here?
Holding my hands out.
Waiting for whatever it is I worked so hard to get.
What did I work so hard for anyways?
I tried my hardest
I gave it my all
I did the best I could
and the only thing I get
is more work?
What's the point then?
People work so that they can work even more.
They work their lives away
and then they wonder why there life is so fucking boring?
They wonder what happened to make them so dull.
Where did all their friends go?
Do they even have friends
other then the people they know from work?
I don't want to be like that
I don't want to die one day
And regret not doing something
Because I was too busy WORKING