She sat in peaceful silence, as she was silently judged. She doodled in her note book. Small doodles, that looked unimportant to the untrained eye, but to her, they were everything. The voices of her classmates moan, complain, laugh, and bitch about the pettiest things. She scoffs to herself, and rolls her eyes. They all claim to be deep and have class, they couldn't be anymore wrong.

Everyday she walk, her calm demeanour, giving everyone a sense of security. If only they knew.

It was her final class of the day, her notebook was open to one of her plans, if only she could find herself someone... The thirst was becoming unbearable. She glanced up, and swung her eyes to the left and to the right. There, the most obnoxious, self absorbed one, two desks over, and three desks to the front. She was perfect. Many would miss her, and that would make it all the more...satisfying. She licked her lips, turned to a blank page, and begun to plan.

The bell rang, and she ripped the page from her book, and neatly folded it into quarters before stuffing it into her pocket. She let her victim leave first, but she wouldn't let her wander too far. She followed her silently, but not close enough to let her presence known. She followed her into work, and sat through the film, all the while knowing that she would soon taste blood. The movie didn't set the mood properly, she spent the rest of he film in the bathroom, quietly going over the plans she had drawn up

She sat in utter silence, no light shone, she was half hidden by a tree. She had left a note with her victims manager, with instructions to give her the note as soon as her shift ended. It was very convincing, she couldn't have been more excited.

She saw the headlights glance off the trees, as she pulled into the vacant open clearing, just far enough out of the city limits, where no one would hear her screams.

"Hello? IS anyone out here?" Her silly obnoxious voice rang out, grating on her eardrums enough to make her step out of the trees.

"Hello Melissa." She said, startling Melissa.

"Oh, what are you doing her Blue?" She asked, she acted tough, but her voice trembled. She smiled at Melissa's fear.

"Isn't it obvious, Melissa?" I'm the one who called you out here." She smiled, and pulled out a knife, from which she kept hidden within the folds of her jacket Melissa started to back into her car, but she was faster, she ran at her, and screamed. Melissa let out a cry far more shrill, and turned to run into the forest. She smiled and ran after, in this horror movie cliché. She ran after her, and caught her before she even had a chance to get away. She grabbed the back of Melissa's hair, and yanked her down onto her knees. Melissa screamed and whimpered.

"Please... Please..." Melissa whimpered, tears flowing down her cheeks, in a steady stream. She grazed her knife along Melissa's cheek, and then dragged it along her tongue, savouring the salty taste of her tears.

"I'm sorry Melissa, you've caused far too much grief for anyone on this planet..." She smiled as she quickly sunk the knife into Melissa's thin, perfect neck, and pulled it out again quickly. Melissa choked and spluttered as the blood poured from her neck in gushes and small spurts. She nodded as she released Melissa's hair and watched as her life convulsed out of her. She took three steps, and saw a bright light.

"Blue, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't fall asleep in my class." The teacher scolded her. Blue nodded, dazed, and looked down at the harmless art on her page. It was all just a dream. She looked at Melissa, who was chattering away to her friends about nonsense that concerned only them. She sighed, one could hope.