Hello, I'm Cryonic-Zephyr and this is going to be my first poetry book, mainly based on fantasy. I quite enjoy poetry, as it allows me to express my feelings. (Wow, cliché much!) I will try to update weekly with different poems, yet it depends on whether I'm busy or not. Please R&R, constructive criticism will help me improve my writing!

Deception starts with a cloaked figure

That whispers words of wrong

He turns you into a mischievous being

And the breathes the word of a song

"Forget love and joy, now turn to dark"

"Disobey all rules that you follow"

"Promises are meant to be broken, and hearts are meant to be hollow"

In a wisp of smoke, he clears your head

A plays with you, like a puppet

He turns you against those peaceful friends

And tells you never to stop it

Against your will, he keeps you captive

Forever under his control

If only you didn't listen to that awful man

Your life would be a complete whole

Echoed evil, loathsome light

White winters, a freedom fight

Buried below, in soft snow

A chosen chance, a bloodstained bow

Prophecies predict, a curious cold

Falling feathers, terrors told

Bursting beauty, aurored air

Sunshine singled, home now bare