Her mouth was gagged, and her eyes blind folded as she was dragged by her own people through the chambers of her chamber, she felt the cool marble beneath her bare, pale feet and she kicked frantically at her capturers. She knew what they would do to her, she wasn't dim witted. She was being dragged by her wrists, chains bound tightly against her hands, chains made of something she couldn't break. Solid gold. The only metal substance that couldn't be ripped apart by her powerful hands. She daren't scream, she didn't want people to sympathize her or look down upon their ruler in scorn. She would keep her title in as much dignity as possible.

She knew what was coming, and so she didn't react surprised when she was lifted, by her hands off of the floor. Her feet left the marble tile behind, as the gold chains bound around her wrists dragged her further to the ceiling of her lady's chamber. She was dragged higher and higher, reaching further than the ceiling. This she had not expected, she didn't see Zeus as a cruel enough man to bind her, hanging from her own throne of Olympus. But yet, she felt herself swing in the breeze as she reached up closer to the clouds. Lightning crashed around her in an angry fury, and she knew Zeus was giving her what she deserved. Or so he had said.

"Hera, Goddess of women, marriage, childbirth and the Goddess' of Olympus, you shall hang from the side of Olympus by your hands, with weights on your feet for all eternity, for treason, against your husband and brother. Poseidon shall suffer similar, in his fate. No exceptions!" Zeus roared up into the sky, and as he did, the gag bound around Hera's mouth fell, as did the blind fold, and she was temporarily blinded by Apollo's bright light thousands of feet below her.

She rattled there for only a moment, before ankle weight weighing more than Olympus itself, were bound around her ankles, and if she were mortal, it would've surely killed her, ripping her torso from her legs. But she wasn't, and so she suffered in agony as the weights pulled her legs down.

"I hope you're satisfied with yourself." Zeus said quietly, only to her. He left Hera, and she swayed in the breeze, remembering why she was here in the first place, and wondering what had become of Poseidon. She had acted in jealousy against her husband and brother, Zeus; the one who had sentenced her to an eternity of hanging torture.

She had convinced several of the other Gods, to join in a revolt against Zeus. She had drugged him, and she was successful in her mission, he fell into a slumber, and she got the Gods to bind him to a couch, taking much care to bind the ties tightly. The problem was, they hadn't planned that far ahead. They hadn't thought it would work. The Gods began to quarrel over who would replace Zeus, and Briareus had overheard everything. He was faithful to Zeus, and so with no need of a distraction, moved hastily to Zeus' side and untangled him from the many knots, while everyone fought. Zeus had immediately plunged for his lightning bolt, and all the Gods wept and plead for mercy. All except for her. Hera was stubborn, and stayed firm. And so, here she was.

She cried, hanging her head in not shame, but in pain and yet she was not proud. Zeus was not a faithful husband to poor Hera, and so she in return had acted out the same. This was Briareus' fault. But Hera could blame no one but herself. She watched, as the Gods passed by knowingly beneath her swinging chains all day.

"Help me!" She cried out, her voice raising a higher octave than usual and piercing the silenced sky. No one dare look up to her, and no one dare help her, though they all knew she was there. No one had been left out of the booming fight she had put up when being taken away. This was her punishment, and she had to sit back and endure it as best she could.

She hung her head and wept more, in pain and as she thought, she lolled her head to the side. Behind a pillar, in the distance, she saw Eros, Deity of love. He peered around, his tall frame secured in the shadows; his velvety feathers glistened in the shadows. He glanced back and forth across the court before looking up at Hera. When noticing she was staring back at him, he quickly glanced down and looked around. Hera had no idea as to what he was doing, or why. Had he come for her? Hera had always felt that somehow Eros could relate to her, but something caught her attention.

The night was arising.

Eros looked to the moon, mouth agape, and receded into the shadows where Hera could no longer see him. She hadn't known she was holding her breath, until she released it moments later. Eros was gone. She looked up at her hands, and she shook them in the cuffs, wriggling and squirming. The weights pulled on her ankles even more so as she did, and she felt herself cringing, resisting the urge to cry out loud in agony.

When passers-by stepped beneath her she would cease all movement, and stay limp, in hopes of raising no suspicions. But her struggles were pointless and she achieved nothing. She had finally given up by eleven. She cried the whole night through, her wails echoing around her, wondering where Zeus was. Was he in their bed fast asleep? Or was he with someone else, betraying her, yet again? She felt an inner-rage at the thought of him, being happy with someone else. It wasn't Hera's fault any of this had happened. It was Zeus who had shunned and vandalized her body. It was he who had taken advantage of her youthful years, turning to a wounded dove, raping her and shaming her so greatly she had no choice, but to marry her twin.

Hera was disgusted. If not for Zeus, Hera could've been happy. Zeus was the monster, not she. She didn't deserve this; it never would have happened if Zeus wasn't a greedy, selfish imbecile. And yet, as angry as she was, she felt a jealous rage overthrow her at the thought of him being happy. She deserved that happiness too, and he had robbed her.

Half the night, she cried in agony, the other, she cried in regret and solitude. Most of the time, she had no way to tell the difference in either. She felt anguished and pain all throughout the night, until dawn, when her sleepy eyes set upon an equally weary Zeus.

Zeus stopped before her, the only one around and spoke to Hera.

"Promise me you won't be so deceitful and betray me again, Hera." He spoke solemnly and determined. But Hera knew not where he was leading with this. She thought for a moment, wondering if what she had done was worth the pain she had been put through.

"On my heart." She finally said, defeated. She admitted her wrong, and her head sagged down, but not from view range of Zeus.

Surprisingly, her bounds were released. Her weights fell to the chamber floor, and the gold chains dispersed. She looked around, only to find herself, feet down on the marble floor. Her sandals had been replaced back to her feet, and her golden leaf tiara, adorned her hair once again. She looked at Zeus in total shock. He didn't return the favour of expression.

"I'll hold you up to that." He said, and he turned on his heels, walking back the way he had come, to the parlour. Hera looked around, happy to be back on her own two feet.

From behind her, she heard a flutter, and feet stepping quickly. She turned, to see Eros coming toward her, fast. He jogged almost, the soles of his feet sliding across the marble.

"Hera!" He said glancing around. "You're free." He took her in a quick embrace, before releasing her. "I was worried about what would happen to you. Zeus could barely sleep over your helpless cries. So I threw in my own." He smiled knowingly.

"I snuck through his window, an arrow, my own personal touch. Helped convince him how much he loved you and needed you back on Olympus with us." Eros blushed a little, his still young boyish cheeks a reddish pink.

"Thank you Eros," Hera said, bowing her head to her saviour. "I am forever grateful."