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Chapter 1

'Look Nate you don't have to be so sour about this, do you?' a boy no older than thirteen asked Nathan. The boy most probably had blond hair. You couldn't really say seeing as how he was translucent and only shades of black, white and gray. Within those shades his hair was white so it could be presumed that his hair was that of a lighter color.

Nathan slightly turned his head and glared at his best friend clearly sending off the message for him to shut up. His friend rolled his eyes and sat down beside him but didn't talk any further. He guessed Nathan wasn't really in the mood. Usually he didn't talk much but today he was unusually silent, a clear sign that he was majorly pissed off.

If anyone was to see these two friends sitting together they would have found it very odd. Not only the fact that one of them was deprived of colors but also the fact that they were best friends when one of them was thirteen while the other seventeen.

Then came the environment in which they were sitting in. It was hard to tell what it exactly looked like as everywhere was only darkness except the glow they got from the river they were sitting beside. The river was flowing fire, illuminating the hard black rocks at its back, above one on which Nathan was perched. Nathan didn't really know why, but Phlegethon was his favorite river. After about five years in his father's domain, he still couldn't come up with a reason why it was his favorite.

'Are you at least going to talk about it?' his see through friend asked.

Nathan figured, if he didn't talk his friend would never shut up.

'Isn't it time for you to go back already?' Nathan asked. 'Are you allowed to stay out for quite so long?' Because as long as Nathan could remember he was bothering him since he came out of the mansion.

'Maybe not,' his friend replied. 'But hey having the son of Lord Hades as your best friend's sure has its perks.'

Nathan rolled his eyes. 'Seriously Bobby, I appreciate the concern but I would just like some alone time right now. I need to think.'

'Sure,' Bobby said. 'Just make the right decision okay. Or I'll just have to come back and knock sense into you again. Now that would be a pain. And also I really don't get what it is that you have to think about. It's quite clear what you should do.'

'Bobby, just go please,' Nathan said wearily.

Bobby shook his head in frustration and then walked away. 'See you later.'

Right after Nathan told Bobby to beat it he felt quite guilty. He was only trying to help him, though his help wasn't helping him much. Nathan sighed. He'd go apologize to Bobby later.

He thought about what Bobby had said that his decision was supposed to be pretty obvious. He wasn't so sure though. And it bothered the hell out of him why it wasn't. He was offered immortality. He shouldn't be thinking twice before taking it. Hades had called him and offered him immortality as a gift to his son who had helped him with so much trouble in the past five years. And what did he say in reply? Of course after the he got over the shock of being offered that.

'I-I'll have to think about father,' he had stammered. Hades had raised both his eyebrows at his reply. Clearly he had expected his son to be ecstatic and snatch the offer from him without second thought. But he didn't say anything about it.

'Very well,' he replied. 'You may take your time to think about it.'

And Nathan had bowed and left the palace, thinking to himself why he had not just accepted immortality right then and there. Staying in the Underworld and working beside his father didn't feel bad to him. Infact he enjoyed it quite a lot. The Underworld was like home to him. Everyone feared and respected him here, just like they did his father. The only person who didn't seem to like him was his godly stepmother, Persephone. But there were no surprises there. He tried to avoid his stepmom as much as he possibly could because he really had no wish to be turned into a sunflower or a stinking rufflesia on every step of the way. And the queen enjoyed doing that when she was in a sour mood, which was pretty much always Nathan was near her.

Sitting by the Phlegethon and thinking wasn't helping Nathan much either. He couldn't understand why he just shouldn't take it. Bobby was right. The decision was supposed to be easy. He flicked a stone in the fiery depth of Phlegethon, feeling utterly lost.

'So I'm guessing you've been offered too?' a voice said suddenly, breaking Nathan away from his reverie.

Nathan turned to find a boy, with very unkempt (it was a very good competition to his black messy hair) chocolate brown hair and bluish green eyes looking back at him. The boy was tall, almost six feet and he had an aloof nonchalant expression on his face. Nathan smiled after a long time, seeing his friend who was supposed to be his mortal enemy but it just hadn't turned out as it was supposed to.

'Cody, what in Hades are you doing in the Underworld?' was how Nathan greeted him.

Cody cracked a smile. 'Came to play with Cerberus,' Cody said rolling his eyes. 'Came looking for you obviously.'

'What is it?' Nathan asked.

'Seeing as the way you're all doom and gloom at the moment, I'm guessing you've been offered immortality,' Cody said. 'Not that you were ever Mr. Sunshine or anything.'

'How'd you know?' Nathan asked.

'Been offered too,' Cody said with a little jerk of his head.

Nathan sat up straight. 'What?'

'Yeah,' Cody said. 'You serve your daddy well and they offer you this when you turn seventeen.'

'So you accepted?' Nathan asked.

'Nah man,' Cody asked.

'You turned it down?' Nathan was even more surprised.

'Not that either,' Cody said.

'Lemme guess, you asked to think about it,' Nathan said.

Cody nodded.

'Me too,' Nathan said. 'Father was surprised.'

'Mine too,' Cody said. Then he smiled. 'Triton wasn't too happy about it though. You should've seen the fit he threw. I mean seriously he's like live entertainment.' Cody laughed at the memory of his half brother. Cody changed his voice to a close mimicry of Triton's. 'Father, you can't possibly be serious! If you give him immortality he'll try to take the throne from you. He can't be trusted. I'm the heir!' Cody laughed. Nathan cracked a smile too.

'I swear that guy is totally crazy more like paranoid!' Cody commented. 'I mean it's not like father is ever going to die or anything that he gives so much importance of being the heir to the throne. It's always throne, throne, and throne. Seriously that guy needs a vacation or maybe get laid or something. I don't think he ever did.' Cody added as a side comment.

'So what do you wanna do?' Nathan asked.

'I have a plan,' Cody said.

'I know you do,' Nathan said. 'That's why I asked.'

Cody grinned. 'Let's go back to the real world, clear our confusions.'

'Real world?' Nathan asked.

'Yeah man,' Cody said. 'I've been underwater too long. Dude nine years is a limit man. Need some air. And you've been stuck in this hell hole for long enough.'

'Okay, say that we go,' Nathan said. 'Then what?'

But they were interrupted right then by a giant black figure. It walked on two feet but its upper body was that of a bull with black far and long think horns curling around its head. It had body armor on and it looked directly at Nathan completely ignoring Cody.

'Lord, Cerberus is throwing a tantrum again,' it said, its voice thick and deep. 'It ruined half the front garden. Queen Persephone is livid.'

Oh great. Just what he needed.

'Fine,' Nathan said. 'I'll be there in a minute.'

The monster nodded and turned away, throwing a glare in Cody's direction while he was at it.

'The freaking Minotaur always gives me the creeps,' Cody said as the Minotaur went away from sight. 'Why your father even hired him is beyond me!'

Nathan shrugged. 'He's a good employee,' he said. 'You were saying?'

'Aren't you in a hurry?' Cody pointed out. Nathan shrugged again.

'The queen can't be anymore livid than she is right now,' Nathan said nonchalantly. 'And I want Cerberus to do a little more damage.'

Cody snorted. 'You're pretty evil for a guy who doesn't care.'

Nathan grinned despite himself. 'Whatever. So the plan?'

'How do feel about going to high school?' Cody asked, his eyes glinting.

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