I want to open my eyes someday

And see…

The sky pleasantly overcast

The soft blues merging with the greyish mauves

Dusty green leaves-gone! Instead

Replaced by gentle pastel shades

I want to feel…

The cool breeze ruffling my hair

Blowing serenity into my path

Sighing secrets onto my skin

I want to hear…

Nothing, at first

And then, something

My breathing, and yours

The steady rhythm of your heart

Our footsteps- silent yet synchronised

And I just want to know…

That when the light drizzle transforms,

Morphing into one monstrous, violent storm,

Your fingers will still be laced through mine

And that if I look up into your eyes

You'll smile

Author's Note: Ah well, this is what happens when the Sanskrit teacher is late, and I'm done with my work. Review please!