((Okay this is the non-fan fiction version of Midnight's Passing, and the vampires here are changed around a 'bit from my fan fiction with the same name on Fanfiction. net . Zombies have begun taking over the world, due to some nutty vampire who thought chemistry was to be fooled around with. Inevitably, she creates a terrible disease and now must help her family and others stop the horrible disease or die trying. Please read and review, and yes it is probably riddled with grammar issues as I suck at grammar. Constructive Criticism: Appreciated.))

"In the end nothing else matters except for the love you hold for your family. In the end when these things are taking over it shall be your duty to stop it. Your sister may have created it, but that is no reason to disown her. I just hope none of you turn into one of those things for if so the world and humanity shall perish."- Michaya to the Colvez's (Awakening Dawn)


Rose's POV

Today is the day where everything changes, and now even vampires are in trouble. You, the reader, may very well be thinking how we all got into this mess of pure trouble. Well, my dear reader, the truth of the matter is that one of my friends did the unthinkable and created a terrible disease.

This very disease was created only because she was bored, and she didn't know that chemical X combined with a bunch of other random chemicals would create a terrible sickness. I mean come on, Ally. Certainly even you have to know that you never ever play with the laws of chemistry. Did you pay any attention at all when the chemistry teacher said it was far too dangerous, Ally?

Now Bailey and I have to get back together with Ally and Krystal and begin the cleanup. I personally hate that last fact, because we all split up over 50 years ago. Which was after me and Bailey began complaining of their horrid eating habits. Now, because of this disease we all have to get together and "fix" Ally's mistake. That squirrel-brained Ally, well, I'm telling you she's done this five times already. But it has never been so bad that it began killing vampires as well. Now what do we do? What if something goes wrong, or what if we all die before then? Because we're not supposed to die- we're immortal remember?

Today is December 14, 2,114, and the rest of the year will most likely be filled with mayhem and disease. To top it all off, I'm furious at Ally and her stupid mind control powers, because come on all I have are these stinking' shape shifting powers. Like that'll help us any! Thus, today begins the race to save everyone, and you know what for the first time in over 100 years I'm scared. And it's all because we might not be as immortal as we thought we were in the first place. Tomorrow could very well be the last day we awaken to a new dawn.