Chapter Two: In the End

3rd-Person POV

It starts with one
One thing I don't know why
It doesn't even matter how hard you try
Keep that in mind, I designed this rhyme
To explain in due time
All I know
time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away
It's so unreal
Didn't look out below
Watch the time go right out the window
Trying to hold on but didn't even know- Lincoln Park Lyrics- In The End-

Sinister clouds could be seen building up in the sky outside a small, dark brown haired teenager's apartment window. Thunder clashed towards the North East, in a manner that would have scared the girl had she been human, but the thing is she hadn't been human in years- 102 to be exact. The brown haired teenager removed her gaze from the window, and grabbed a folded, crinkly old paper out of her jeans pocket.

Two happy teenage girls were in the picture, but with one notable difference for they were not as pale as the brown haired girl currently holding the photograph. A little inscription lay hidden on the back of the photo as if waiting for someone to read it. Bailey and Rose- summer of 2006. The brown girl smiled, wide eyed and grinned at the dusty image.

"That's me!" she pointed, excitingly towards the only tan, brown eyed girl in the picture, to no one in particular.

Lightening continued to strike furiously outside her window, and the wind slowly started to gust up. Worried, Bailey turned on the 3-D holographic news report, and listened in horror as she watched a woman caught up in a seemingly angry mob. This was not the disaster she had expected to hear about, nor was it anything anyone had ever imagined would be on the news.

The tan, blonde, and muscular reporter looked to be in her mid thirties, and should have been able to fight the angry mob off. The camera kept getting random blood stains on it, intensifying Bailey's thirst, as random gnarled hands reached for whatever they could find. Random pedestrians could be seen in random intervals trying to escape the sudden onslaught, most were unsuccessful, and more often than not, ended up getting clawed and bit in half. If this had been a normal day, the people running and screaming in the streets would have been running from a tornado and not zombies, but this was not a normal day. The whole entire scene, which played out on the Hologram-I-vision, looked like something out of a Horror film, instead of a random, normally boring news station. Terrified, Bailey knew that she'd have to inform her best friend Rose, whether they had kept in contact or not.

Bailey was always organized, so it didn't take her very long to find the old outdated cellular phone, which was locked up in her secret storage room. Rose was still very old-fashioned and still crazily preferred things from the 21st century, but Bailey didn't mind for at least her eyes were gold and not red. Bailey fumbled with the small, easily breakable buttons, and dialed Rose's number, which she had not called in years, hoping it was still the same.

"Hello, is anyone there?" Bailey whispered into the phone, and was more than pleased when Rose answered her phone.

"Hello, umm…did you see the news? It's so dang freaky, especially after what I just seen two weeks ago. I'm sorry I haven't called you in so long; I've been busy," Rose mumbled, her angelic voice sounding like the insides of a grave. Bailey couldn't help it, and so she let out a big gasp.

"That's okay I've been busy too, wait…what exactly did you see? You've got to tell me! Did Krystal or Ally do something stupid again?"

Bailey mumbled a mile a minute in hurried gasps, as if she was out of breath, which is something that is impossible for a vampire.

"Calm down. Ally was the one that I had seen near Area 51, and her bag was so full of random stuff. Her overly stuffed back makes me wonder if she stole something important, and/or dangerous from Area 51. Actually it wouldn't surprise me…" Rose was cut off by Bailey interrupting her in mid sentence.

"Actually I think she did do it, and I also think she is the cause of this whole mess, "Bailey emphasized a few words in the hopes of making her point even more clear to her comrade.

"I got to go! Those things are even stronger than I thought they were, and they look like weird crumbling statues too with bottomless pits for eyes. Man is Las Vegas going crazier than it already wa…." Bailey didn't catch the last of the sentence for she could tell Rose had dropped it in haste. The last thing she heard coming out of her phone, were petrified screams from Rose sounding like, "Run, Run, s*it…"

This scared Bailey more than any news broadcast ever could, and Bailey knew that these were not the zombies you typically watch on TV. Normal Zombies are not supposed to be able to eat Vampires; for Vampires are supposed to be able to eat the Zombies first. Thunder crashed ominously outside of Bailey's small maroon colored apartment in Pennsylvania, which was half was across the country from Rose and Ally. No one currently knew where Krystal was, for she was the only one of them to be constantly moving on from place to place, due to her non-stop bloodlust.

Bailey for the first time was afraid that she was finally in the end of all time, the end of humanity, and the end of all things. Petrified, Bailey stared out of the window, and wondered if she too was next.

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