This is just a short little story that I wrote several months ago. It can be about a lot of things, I suppose, but I wrote it when I was pretty depressed all the time. It's kind of interesting to look back on stuff like that, and when I decided to re-read it, I ended up editing and re-publishing. So yeah, thanks in advance for reading it!


I know what I should be feeling, but I can't bring myself to feel it. I should be feeling the tenseness in the limbs that marks fear, the hot flush in the cheeks of embarrassment, and the pressure in the eyes of sadness. I should be feeling all of these things, my body alive with sensation.

Instead, no matter how hard I try, I feel nothing but an empty void swirling around my chest; sucking in light from all directions. I know that I should be terrified. After all, is emotion not the only thing that makes humans alive?

I check my pulse nervously, breathing a sigh of relief. I have a beating heart, and working lungs, so I must not be truly dead. But I can't be truly alive, either.

I snap my eyes open, and the world flies at me in a surge of color. I see the familiar green walls of my room, adorned by posters and drawings of things that I once cared about. I stare at them blankly, struggling to remember when these things mattered to me, when anything mattered to me. I scramble desperately for anything to hold onto, or for anything to keep me going for just another minute.

It will get better, I parrot to myself. This cheap little phrase has been forced into my head by everyone I know, but I can't bring myself to care. I enjoy feeling nothing. My weak mind can't handle suffering, so it shuts down, allowing me to escape into nothing.

It will get better, I think, once everything is gone. Living is such a tired existence. I stare at my shadow, wondering what it would be like to be an unfeeling, dark outline of a person. I am not jealous; that would take too much effort. I am simply curious, wondering how it would feel to be in my shadow's place.

I close my eyes one last time and fade into the darkness.


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