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Flames will be used to roast my steak.

"Skull! Hey Skull!" I looked up from my diary; it was a gift from mom and I loved it dearly. Stashing it under my bed, I waited for the impending doom known as my sister. My name's Conner Skull Nightly; I'm ten and a half years old. Most call me Skull. I live with my fourteen year old sister Alice Fishbone Nightly. She's really noisy and loves to cause me trouble. We're orphans, but that's ok. We got uncle Monty, Cress and all the house servants to keep us company while Mama and Papa wait for us in the cemetery.

Uncle Monty lives in a two-story mansion; you can say there are a lot of places to play. We have a dungeon, moat, dining room, main living room, ten bedrooms, a torture chamber with surround sound, deadly games room, kitchen, and a whole lot of hallways and secret passages. It would be really hard to find your way around my home with out a map. That's why I drew one when I first came here.

"Yes Fishbone?" I yelled as my sister ran into the room. She grinned joyfully as she waved her arms around. She was wearing a big white hoodie, the sleeves were so long that her hands where just fist shapes in the fabric, and her dark red hair was sticking out at a funny angle yet again. My sister didn't like to admit it, but her hair did this up turn in the back of her head making it look spikey and messy. No amount of gel or brushing seemed to fix it.

"Boo! You should be raving about my new hoodie," She declared. I didn't really care what my sister did, but she seemed to think I did. Fishbone always was attention seeking, she hated it when someone wasn't complimenting and loving what ever she did or wanted.

"Great, it's a really nice hoodie sis," I stated as my sister grinned. She crossed her arms and puffed her chest out.

"I knew it! You just wanted my awesome hoodie too. Too bad little Skull, this one's all mine!" She giggled wildly as she turned and skipped out of my room. I cringed as she slammed the door shut; one of the pictures on my wall fell to the ground. I had removed the glass from all of them a long time ago because of her. I just sighed and reached down for my diary. Just as I had grasped it my door was slammed open.

"Uncle told me to tell you that; there are guests in the torture chamber and he is not to be disturbed while he's sucking their souls from their weak mortal bodies," Fishbone yelled in a singsong way. She then slammed the door shut for the second time and I now had three picture frames to pick up.

Suddenly there was a scream of terror as the house shook and the walls creaked. Uncle was eating dinner at eleven am again… That was late in the family standards, but Uncle was always a bit odd. I reached towards my oldest picture frames; inside of them were my fondest memories of Mama and Papa.

The first one was from my first soul hunt, about two years ago, sis complained that I wouldn't do so well, but Papa said I was perfect. The picture was of Papa and me, his arm was wrapped around my thin shoulders and he grinned from ear to ear. I had bowed my head and hid under the black beanie I was wearing that night. I think I was blushing, red like the lipstick Mama wore. That was the next picture, Mama, Fishbone and me; it was the day I was born. I was this weird blue bundle and my sister was this grinning girl, her hair was tied up in pigtails and she had Mama's lipstick smeared all over her face.

Mama was a pretty woman, tall with the same bright whitish blond hair that I had. She had these golden eyes that seemed to glow like most soul eaters; Fishbone and me have dull grey black eyes like our father. Mama always wore this dark black strapless dress, it flowed around her like smoke and I remember holding onto it when I was younger. Mama called me her sweetheart. I guess it was because I always clung to her and cried whenever I was hurt. Papa laughed whenever that happened and Mama would often punch him or lock him in the attic for a few days, which ever was easier for her.

"Young master Skull! Young miss Fishbone!" For yet another time my door was flung open. Standing there was Cress; he's the head manservant of the household. He was the only human servant in our home but he was also the most terrifying of them all. He had lived all his life as a servant and I can distinctly remember him being present as well along side my Papa and Mama, aiding them with the day-to-day task of work and children. He was really young for a human, only 26 years old; he had short spiky dark blond hair and bright forest green eyes.

If there was a person who I didn't want to anger it was him. He had done so much for us and I really respected him. Unfortunately my sister was another story, she enjoyed trying to make Cress's life miserable, only it seemed to make him angry instead. This was probably the result of yet another of my sister's pranks or adventures gone wrong.

"Hi Cress," I responded calmly, hoping what ever my sister had done wasn't too bad…

"Young master Skull," Cress sighed as he looked around the room. After deeming it Fishbone free he walked towards me. Kneeling down to eye level with me, he asked, "Young Master Skull, where's young miss Fishbone? She needs to return to her room to sleep."

I was tempted to say not here. With any other servant that would be fine, but with Cress, well it was just a bad idea. He'd just drill me for the answers until the daytime if I said that. "She left a moment ago, She had told me uncle was eating now. I honestly don't know where she went,"

"Damn," Cress moaned, "Guess that means I have to remove the bodies and find young miss Fishbone before I call it a day now too… nearly the end of the night and I still have a lot of work to do." I nodded my head in understanding as Cress smiled. I guess the stress of the long night was getting to him a bit. Personally I think he needed to relax a bit. He was running himself ragged with all the work and chasing my sister. I tried to stay out of his way a lot of the time. Maybe if I did he wouldn't have as much work to do.

"Well, you don't need to worry about me, I'm already ready for bed Cress." I stated and pulled my covers over me. The sun was just peaking into my windows calling a close to a long night.

"Thank you young master Skull." Cress patted my head affectionately. He had calmed down and was now speaking in what I think was a tired manner. He sat on the edge of my bed for a moment, his eyes droop and he seemed older and sadder then he should have. I didn't like being called young master but Cress seemed to reject calling me anything else.

"It's nothing Cress, you need a break… Working with Sis and uncle must be driving you crazy…" I said suddenly. I had a big mouth when it came to Cress and the other servant's well being. Cress just chuckled at me and lightly combed my hair out of my eyes.

"Thanks for the thought, but I am truly happy here working. If I left Sir Monty wouldn't know what to do anymore and young miss Fishbone would just bug the other maids and butlers until they quit. But I appreciate the consideration. Good day, young master Skull." Cress whispered forlornly as I blinked. Sitting up I looked towards my floor. I still hadn't picked up the picture frames. Cress also looked in that direction and with a sigh he began to clean. I watched as Cress walked around my room. He put up and straightened my pictures, fixed my desk, grabbed the dirty clothing bin and then carried it out of the room. Cress returned a moment later and looked over everything. Grabbing my shades he shut them to the morning light, I reached towards my pillow and hugged it close to my chest as he continued to clean and work in absolute silence.

"That's all right?" He asked as I nodded. I felt awful; I ended up causing a mess for Cress when I wanted to help him. "Well then, pleasant dreams young master Skull."

He walked over to my door and shut it slowly behind him. I turned a looked up at the ceiling of the room. Listening to the sounds of the wind and cars honking in the streets far away. I heard the screams of uncle's dinner and the yells and shouts of Cress chasing my sister. It was like a lullaby slowly rocking me into a deep dreamless sleep.

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