"Hurry! He ran this way!" A soldier shouted as he ran through the woods, chasing a man and an infant.

The man in question hid behind a couple of trees with his two-month old daughter in his arms.

"Just a bit further little one", he panted. It seemed to be a miracle that he was still standing. He had two arrows embedded in his back, right on their mark, and his forehead was bleeding from a heavy gash as well.

As soon as he heard the soldiers pass by, he took off in a different direction, stumbling on the path due to the darkness of the night. He finally reached a giant oak tree. It stood out, for it was the largest one in the forest. He stood beneath the tree and held up a large purple rock. "Hear me, elves of Erindor; hear my call and respond!" he called out into the air

The air whizzed and suddenly, five men with pointy ears and flawless skin pointed their spears at the man. Elves. There was no need though; he was already on the ground due to his injuries. A voice spoke from behind the soldiers.

"Is that really you, Alfred, my old friend?" it said, with a spark of recognition. Two of the soldiers parted to reveal the source of the voice. This elf was tall and was dressed in white, distinguishing him from the grey-clad soldiers.


The soldiers lowered their spears and backed away as the elf named Ilyenir crouched beside the injured man, Alfred.

"You must protect her… Ilyenir… promise me…" he whispered hoarsely, looking into the elf's eyes.

"You have my word, friend…but pray tell me, what has brought you to this state?"

"Is that man a friend of yours, Lord Ilyenir?" a new voice spoke up. Ilyenir looked behind to see an elderly elf approach. The only thing that probably showed his age was his long white hair and beard. He was dressed in white as well and carried an old staff. He came and crouched beside Ilyenir.

"Yes, Lord Myriddrin. Although, I know not what has caused his present state… we must take him to the healers immediately." he said, looking at the man floating in and out of consciousness.

Lord Myriddrin placed his hand upon Alfred's forehead and closed his eyes for a brief moment.

"What is it that you saw Lord Myriddrin?" Ilyenir asked

"I'm afraid it is grave." He said, his eyes clouding over. "The human king has ordered the death of his whole family. The greedy human king who seeks our power has somehow found out that our friend here has been in contact with us elves and they tried to get the information out of him; but he denied. Hence, the punishment. His wife was murdered before his eyes and he himself was fatally injured. He has come here as a last resort in hope of saving his daughter from the same fate."

The two elves looked at him again as he came into consciousness once more. "It is too late for me now… Please… you must…...protect…her… Protect her…" He placed a gentle kiss upon her forehead and held her out to Ilyenir.

Ilyenir took the child and held Alfred's hand reassuringly. "You have my word, my friend. I shall raise her as my own."

Alfred's eyes finally looked peaceful and he breathed a sigh of relief, a reassured and content smile playing on his lips. Alas, it was his last breath.

"Rest in peace, my friend. May the Gods watch over you" Ilyenir said, as he closed Alfred's eyes with his hands. As if she knew something was wrong, the little girl started crying loudly.

"Kemlin, Lionir, prepare a grand funeral for Lord Alfred Weigner and let it be known throughout Erindor that he has sacrificed his life, protecting us. Let all of Erindor mourn in respect for him. The last honor we can bestow upon him is to give him a funeral fit for kings."

The soldiers bowed their head and took off into the woods.

"Come, Lord Ilyenir. Tomorrow, we shall gather the elders in Yester Yew to decide what best be done. For now, the little one has been through much. She needs the shelter of a home."

"Yes. You are right, Lord Myriddrin.", he said and then looked at the crying child in his arms. "Hush now little one. We are going home" he said and smiled gently.

The elves truly lived as one with nature. Even their houses looked molded into the trees and seemed as though they had always belonged there. Lord Ilyenir's home was a big one. He gently shut the door behind him.

"Who was it that summoned you father?" a voice asked from near the walls.

"An old friend, Lorian. I am sad to say, he was gravely wounded when he found him. Nothing could be done and he died shortly. However, he has entrusted his daughter in my care" He smiled gently at his eight-year old son then. "You have a younger sister Lorian."

"Is she a human?" Lorian asked, coming closer and looking at the baby in his father's arms. She had fallen asleep on the way out of exhaustion.

"Yes". Lorian gazed at her sleeping form in wonder and then looked up at his father. "But what shall we call her?"

Ilyenir pondered for a minute, looking at her and then said, "Elva. We shall call her Elva."

"Elva…" Lorian echoed as he turned back to look at her.

Elva smiled softly in her sleep as if she knew she had a new home and a family now and would be cared for and protected.

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