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I woke up from the sound of the "That's 70s' show" theme song blaring from the speakers of my phone. It was September 3, 2012, 6:45 a.m., time to get ready for hell, I mean school. I grabbed phone from the nightstand next to my full bed, shutting off the alarm, and then setting it back on it. I pulled the black quilt from around my legs and stepped onto the floor of my messy room. Trying not to make enough noise to wake my sleeping seven year old brother or parents down the hall, I trudged to my older brothers' room to wake him up. Which was kind of my job on school days. I opened the door a bit, revealing the dim light of the room showing on my seventeen year old brother, who looks almost exactly like me, we're both tall, skinny, blonde hair, brown eyes (though mine has a hint of green if you look at them close enough). The only difference is he has a scraggly go-tee lying on his chin.

"Jared, it's time to get up." He moaned and looked up at the clock; I left to get myself ready. I grabbed my favorite blue wide-strapped tank top, short, ripped jean shorts, and my worn down Ralf Laurens that I've refused to give up. I quickly got dressed and put my long layered hair up in a ponytail, letting some of my bangs hang in my eyes, then went and brushed my teeth. Jared entered soon after I finished, I went back in my room and stuffed my video camera, iPod, cell phone, net book, and nook into my also worn down, jean backpack that was missing a zipper to one of the four pockets, and went downstairs to wait for my half-asleep brother. Sitting on the couch I thought about all the bad things that happened last year, back then I had braces, acne, and was a little chubby. I lost mostly all my friends except for a few I've known for what seemed like forever, but in April, I decided to change that, I had softball twice a week plus I volunteered at the animal shelter on weekends, worked out at the gym three times a week all while juggling school work, chores, my part time job I got at a local retail shop ($9 an hour!), a social life, and my video sketches with my friends. Most nights I didn't get home until a little after nine, didn't eat dinner until 10, and didn't go to bed until midnight (which is usually really early for teenagers but I was busy!). The first few weeks were hell but after a while, I got used to it.

"Mandy!" I shook out of my train of thought from Jared standing by the door. I must have zoned out, "You ready to go?" I nodded and headed out the door after him. I got into the passenger side of his old, blue dodge ram. I didn't put my iPod in because of Jared's good song choice. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire by the Used; Jared drove silently down the busy road, we were maybe five minutes outside of Richardson before he spoke. "You nervous for your first day of high school?" I shrugged; I truly didn't know how I feel.

"Truthfully I'm not sure if anyone will recognize me, I've changed and matured so much since last year." He nodded.

"Just remember if anyone gives you any hassle tell me so I can kick their asses, and don't be making out with any guys in public because I have eyes everywhere and I will kick that dudes ass." I glared at my overprotective brother. He smirked, still looking at the road.

"Yeah thanks" we were silent for a couple of minutes before a question popped in my head. "Hey Jay?"

"It's Jared and yeah?"

"What will happen if I lose all of my friends?"

"Well Mandy you always have the choice, if you really do lose all your friends, which you won't, you can go to Richardson, you know a few people here don't you?" I nodded.

"Something just doesn't seem right about today."

"Well it's your first day of high school…"

"No not that something else, something I can't really explain to you." He nodded, and continued driving past the light and down the highway towards my new life.

An: this is just a short prologue, more action to come, lots of characters are going to be introduced, I don't know how often I'm going to update bore time issues (I'm working on two other stories along with this one and I've been struggling with school est.) Review!