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"MANDY!" My hyper friend, Charlie, squeaked from across the cafeteria, where, is one of the two places we have to choose from the stay in the morning. I smiled at her excitement and hurried to the table she, my friend Cassie, and sophomores were sitting.

"How are you? It's seems like forever since we talked!"

"I'm freaking out man! We're freshman!" Cassie and I giggled a little. "What? I told you all through last year that this day was coming and that I was going to freak out!"

"Well w-we didn't expect you t-to freak out this much!" Cassie burst, laughing even harder. We all joined in. I looked at my friends, seeing their brown eye, and Cassie's streaking red hair, her bangs hanging in her eyes, and Charlie's bright brown Sean hair in pig tails today. I was so lucky to have such awesome friends.

Homeroom was my favorite subject, Art. Cassie and I sat in an empty table in the back of the room. I searched the room for some familiar faces. I saw sophomores that I knew only as acquaintances, Some Freshman that I don't really care to talk to, and then I saw two unfamiliar faces, both boys. One had spiked blonde hair with the most intense green eyes I've ever seen. He was tall and quite muscular for a freshman. The other guy was almost the complete opposite of green eyes. He had dark brown, spiked hair with dark brown eyes, which if I didn't know better would have thought they were black. He was also muscular, and maybe only an inch shorter then green eyes.

"Alright kids take you're seats!" the teacher announced when the morning bell rang and announcements were finished. We all did what was told, all still hyper from such a busy morning. "My name is Mrs. Tenche, I'm fine with you calling me Mrs. T, T-girl, or T2, but if someone calls me Mrs. Stench they will be washing paint brushes until the end of the semester." I stiffened a laugh as for most of the class. Cassie tapped my shoulder while the Tenche rambled on about her life.

"What?" I asked quietly.

"The new guy's are looking at you." She whispered, smiling. I turned my head to look just to be bitch slapped by my friend.

"What the hell was that for!" I protested, looking at her in shock.

"Don't look!"

"Why not!"

"The number 1 rules about cute guys don't make eye contact with them! It gives them the hint that you're into them!"

"I don't even know them!" I whispered fiercely. Tenche clapped her hands together; me and Cassie returned are attention to the front of the room.

"Now! Enough about me, let's get to know you a bit! Everyone form a circle in the middle of the room." The class did what was told, I stood next to Cassie and a girl I know as Riley, green eyes slit in between the two of us though. The other cute dude next to Cassie, he seemed almost scared of green eyes. I shook the thought off and waited for the name game to start. "Alright the rules of the game are that you state your full name, nickname, favorite artist, top three singers, and what you did this past summer." I rose my eyebrows. Usually teachers didn't ask for so many things.

"My name is Breanna Campell," the first girl said, "a lot of people call me Bre, my favorite singers are One Direction, Justin Bieber, and Eminem, I don't really have a favorite artist, and I went to Hawaii this past summer." I zoned out for almost half the class, but came back to reality at Green Eyes turn.

"My name is Nicholas Bentoun, you can call me Nick, my favorite artist is Pissarro, my favorite bands are Metallica, Bon Jovi, and Led Zeppelin, and this summer I went bungee jumping." I looked at him, he's an oldie rocker! Like me! There weren't many of those my age. Cassie elbowed me, I looked at her.


"It's your turn."

"Oh," I felt my cheeks burn up with embarrassment. "My name is Mandy Anderson, I'd like it if you'd just call me Mandy, my favorite artist is Jackson Pollock, my favorite bands are Evanescence, AC/DC, and Metallica, and this summer I did a lot of filming." Cassie started right after I finished.

"My name is Cassidy Rians, I like when people call me Cassie, don't have a favorite artist, my favorite bands are Queen, The Lonely Islands, and Blood on the Dance Floor, and I did what she did in the summer." She pointed at me. Then it was Dark eyes turn.

"My name is Augiston Red, you can call me Austin though, I don't have a favorite artist, favorite bands are Falling in Reverse, Asking Alexandra, and Avenged Sevenfold. This summer I was to Hell and back." Nick glared at him. I looked at the two new kids confused. It really did seem they both had something against each other. It didn't seem possible though, they were both new, and from what I've heard Nick came from Chicago and Austin from Los Angles.

After the game was finished we had a little time before we had to go to 2nd hour, so, we were allowed to wonder the classroom, and if needed, to leave the classroom. I was talking to Cassie and Bre when Nick and Austin left, and I didn't hesitate to follow. I crept quietly in the lighted hallways. Making sure I was close enough to hear their conversation but far away enough so they didn't notice I was following. They walked into the only empty hallway with no classrooms.

"What the hell was that?" Nick yelled.

"She asked what I did this summer, I told her." I saw the smirk on Austin's face from my hiding spot, feet away.

"You should have lied! If someone finds out who either of us are they'll…"

"They'll what? Send me back to Hell? Pray to god you're here to protect them from evil? Well we both know that's not going to happen! We're both here for legit reasons, the girl is stronger than any weapon Heaven or Hell has ever attained!" Ok these guys were insane, I started walking away until I heard my name.

"Mandy get's to choose her fate. We are not just here for her either. We have unfinished business on earth also."

"And if she chooses neither? Who'll get to have her?" Nick pushed Austin up against a locker, holding him by the collar of his leather jacket.

"You will not touch a hair on that girls head! You will die before you could even think about it!" Austin raised his hands in defeat.

"Ok, ok I promise I won't touch a pretty hair on the precious girls head." Nick let go of him. "But I'm warning you brother, you may be fight off one demon, but there are plenty of us out there, and we can overpower you and heaven along with it." Austin started walking down my way. I sprinted as quietly and quickly as I could back to the classroom, where, before I walked in, I stopped to catch my breath so I didn't look like I was running away from a psychotic murder.

"You ok?" Cassie asked when I sat back next to her. "You look like you just saw a ghost."

"Yeah I'm fine," I lied, I could tell she took it for granted; before she could ask anything else I was saved by the bell. I trudged to my second hour class, Spanish.

The class went on slowly, I didn't know if I could take in any more of the damn language before the hour was over. Then, I went to find my friends, but before, I stopped at my locker to drop off my books and grab my camera. I felt a tap on my shoulder; I looked up to see Nick.

"Can I talk to you in private please?" I turned around to face him, crossing my arms.


"Please Madison." I looked at him for a minute in total shock. Only me and my blood knew my true, full name. It was the name of my great, great, great, grandmother, who was accused of witchcraft and burned on the steak back in France. Funny thing is, she wasn't even French, she was visiting from Ireland at the time.

"Fine," I followed him into the vacant janitor's closet.

"What do you think of Angels and Demons?" The question shocked me; it wasn't something your asked every day.

"I don't know, I believe there are some things unexplainable in this world, but I really never thought of them."

"Ok well what would you say they're real."

"I'd believe you."

"Ok what do you think a Demon is, or what have you heard one is." I thought for a minute.

"Well some legends say Demons are fallen Angels, repelled from heaven for disobeying god. Others think they're old human spirits cast to hell for crimes they've done. I'm also guessing what I think possessions are and how to cast them back to hell. Some people think demons go after the weak, or that they cause sadness, eating disorders and so on, but I think that they choose their meat suits randomly. How to get them back to hell? Holy water and a little exorcism." He nodded and continued.

"What about Angels?" I rolled my eyes, probably barely visible in the dim light.

"I don't really know about them, I think they're like warriors of god. They're the ones that keep the world from killing ourselves." He nodded.

"Well Demons are fallen angels and they do choose their victims randomly, but truly, for a real possession Holy water will only slow it down and an exorcism will only get it pissed off, what you really need is a type of blade. And you also got the Angel part right. Now what would you think if I told you I was an Angel and our friend Austin out there is a demon." My eyes widened with fear, I backed up a bit, I remembered a legend that said if you stated the name of the devil in front of an Angel he will pray. Worth a shot.


"Lord protect us from our fallen brother."

"Woah ok that is creepy, but I need more proof then just a prayer at the name of the devil." He sighed and took out a knife. "What are you doing with that?" I asked backing up to the wall.

"Giving you the proof you want." He cut his skin and let a golden liquid flow out of the wound. Seconds later there was no wound at all.

"I believe you now."

"I also know you listened to me and Austin's little chat." I sighed and nodded no point on trying to lie to an angel. "I need you to listen to me very carefully, today do not listen to one word Austin says to you, tonight me and you are going to a safe house where you will be trained to fight demon and how to protect your family and friends." I looked at him confused. Who the hell does he think I am?

"Both you and Austin said I had a choice, well I choose not to do either of both of your precious plans." Someone stepped out of the shadows from behind me.

"You do have to make a choice Madison or you and your loved ones will suffer." Austin's voice gave me goose bumps. Nick rose his knife.

"Ok how didn't you notice he was here? Can't Angels sense that kind of stuff?" I asked stepping away from the demon and towards the angel.

"Oh Hun I just got here, but I heard the whole thing through that door."

"What do you want Austin?" Nick asked gritting his teeth.

"An answer."

"And as I just said the answer is no for the both of you."

"Alright but you're going to suffer for this."

"Deus!" I yelled in Latin, meaning god. He disappeared into the darkness.

"How'd you know how to say that?" The angel asked surprised.

"Common sense." I answered, opening the Janitor's closet door.

"Madison can we talk this through?"

"No and it's Mandy." I closed the door from behind, seeing a glimpse of Nick's green eyes shine from the light of the hallway.

I searched the whole school for someone, anyone human. Not finding anyone I headed outside to the courtyard, where, what I swore every single person of the school was, in a circle. I walked up to it and tapped on one of the kids shoulder, he looked at me.

"What's going on?"

"A girl just dropped dead, they think it's a heart attack." The boy said.

"Do you know who?"

"A freshman named Charlie Deten." My eyes widened and I pushed through the crowd to see Cassie being held back by a teacher. Charlie was lying on the ground motionless.

"NO!" I screamed, bursting out into tears. I tried to run up to the corpse but someone held me back. Nick. I heard a whisper in the wind.

"I warned you."

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