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Chapter 1

3rd person POV


The bell rang loud indicating the end of the school year and the start of the summer. Through the shouts and screams of all the students in the school on that day, no one head Andrea Conroy groan in frustration and tiredness. "Yay" she thought to herself sarcastically and reluctantly packed her books into her bag. As she was doing this her best friend Jason came up behind her and smiled at her sadly

She stood up and looked him up and down admiring, once again, his handsome looks, his blond hair which hung into his eyes slightly, his Chocolate brown eyes and his nice muscular chest and arms. She smiled at him, "at least I don't like him like that" she thought as she linked her arms with his and started walking out the door. "Hey Jace. How are you?" she smiled at him slightly. "I'm good Andy and yourself?" "I'm fine." She grimaced a little. "Looking forward to your holidays?" She says. "Course I am, parties and sun for three whole months, who wouldn't be." He laughed, then realised that she wasn't smiling with him. "Sorry Andy. I didn't mean to be mean!" "It's okay Jace, you can't help it." She smiled sadly at him "so what are you doing for the holidays then?" he asked softly. "I dun no," she shrugged "probably just sit around the orphanage for most of it. I might try and earn some money to get some more books so I won't be completely bored. You know what their like over there." She sighed. "The usual really." He nodded sympathetically.

She stopped at her locker and waved to her best friend as he walked off to his own locker. "See ya soon hopefully!" she shouted after him. He smiled and shouted out "Hopefully," before he disappeared into the crowded hallway. She sighed and pulled the last of her belongings from her open locker before turning and walking outside to meet up with Anna.

Once she got outside the school she looked around for her other best friend. She finally spotted her with her boyfriend, Aaron, in front of his car. She walked across the yard to them and smiled and waved as she got loser. Anna looked great as always with her long black hair and beautiful tanned skin. She was 5 foot 1" but still managed to look small next to Aarons 6'2". Aaron was almost the opposite of Anna when it came to looks; he had short blond hair and was quiet and scrawny. He would have been considered a nerd but for he was quiet good looking and was dating one of the most good looking and most popular girls in the school. So all-in-all he was pretty popular, but only because of Anna.

"Hey A!" Andrea said smiling broadly at her best friend. "How're you?" Anna looked up at her, smiled and replied, "Hey Andy. I'm great! Holidays at last!" she exclaimed excitedly. "How 'bout you?" "I'm good enough shur. Any news with you?" she replied. "Nope, none at all" Anna answered. Well I'd better get going. Seeya, Anna, Aaron." She said and nodded to |Aaron as she left. She walked slowly down the path, waving to her other friends along the way.

As she walked down the street towards the orphanage, she thought about how different her two best friends were. One of them was a complete nerd, Jason of course, and the other was one of the most popular people in the whole school, obviously Anna. Then she thought of how she really didn't fit into any of the cliques in the school, she wasn't a cheerleader or popular. But she wasn't a nerd either. She wasn't in the chess club or an athlete, she wasn't in a band nor did she do choir. She really was an outcast. She was lucky to have made friends with Anna and Jason before the cliques had formed in their first year.

She stopped outside the orphanage and looked up at the grey stone building. "It really looks like a prison" she mumbled to herself. She sighed and looked over at the park that could be seen at the end of the street, she longed to be able to just go down there and chat and play with all the other teens, to be able to hang out with her friends whenever she wanted to have a family. She stopped that trail of thought before she got too upset or more frustrated. She turned defiantly away from the park and marched up the path to the orphanage.