The Mutant Chronicles

Summary: With the war between humans and mutants continuing, Akahana works with the secret organization Arcane Works and tries not to fall in love with her boss. Best friends Arilda and Yuki struggle to go through school without using their powers and fall in love. Akahana is still hiding from her father and with appearances from the Government, the war between humans and mutants just might end.

Chapter 1

A man breathed heavily as he ran through the alleyways, running away from his assassinator. His dark, thick hair clung to his scalp and forehead, his eyes searching around for the assassinator. The only place he didn't look was above up.

He never saw the dark figure plummet down towards him, katana gleaming and ready to shed blood until he looked up. He looked up and didn't even get to gasp as the sharp blade went cleanly through his neck and blood stained the air.

The man gurgled, blood flowing down his chin. He fell to his knees and the katana was yanked out of his neck. The man fell to the cold cement, twitching for a few moments before he finally went still. The dark figure brought out a white cloth from her inside coat pocket and cleaned the blood off their blade.

Suddenly, a ringtone went off and the figure sheathed its blade, bringing out the cell phone. "Yes?" answered the figure's female voice.

"Is the job done?" a deep and relaxed male voice asks on the other end.

"Yes sir. Didn't even utter a word." the figure turned into the moonlight, showing her face. She had dyed dark blue hair that was straight and waist-length with long bangs caressing her face and slightly spiky at the top. Her dark blue eyes showed boredom. "He wasn't much of a challenge though."

"Sometimes even the most dumbest ones can be strong. Very well Akahana. Report back to headquarters."

"Yes sir." Akahana said and hung up, slipping her phone into her jean pocket. The 23-year old bent her knees and then jumped, grabbing the edge of the fire escape ladder and climbed all the way up to the top of the building, looking out into the distance.

Her long trench coat blew with the wind, her boots having a little blood stains on them. She would have to clean them before she went back to her apartment in downtown New York.

With that, Akahana jumped across rooftops to headquarters.


17-year old Yuki Braden groaned as her alarm clock went off. She reached over with a groan and pressed the snooze button on her alarm clock. " more day until Friday..." she licked her dry lips and then tossed her dark red covers off and jumped out of bed.

Her bare feet pattered across the soft carpet to the bathroom right next to her room. She switched on the light and then turned on the showerhead. After her shower, Yuki ran a brush through her short, strawberry blonde hair that was straight most of the time but had some strands sticking out.

She rubbed her tired baby blue eyes and then got dressed, grabbing her backpack and heading down the hallway to Akahana's room. She cautiously opened the door, peeking her head in to see the lump on the bed. "Akahana-sama?" she asked quietly.

"Huh?" Akahana asked groggily.

"I'm going to school, I'll be back later." the 17-year old replied.

"M'kay." Akahana mumbled, going back to sleep and shoving the covers over her head. Yuki sighed softly and shut the door quietly, making sure she had the keys and locked the apartment as she left.

Yuki knew she wasn't actually related to Akahana by any means, but they were very close, like sisters.

Yuki remembered the memory like it was just days ago...

Two years ago...

Yuki sniffled and wiped her eyes on her already soaked sleeve. She couldn't stop crying, even after she had ran far away from her home...the one she had lived in for 15 years.

"You're so worthless! We don't want you anymore!" her mother had shouted.

Yuki felt tears stinging her eyes again, but she refused to let them fall. She suddenly heard footsteps and looked up, seeing a couple thugs coming her way. She let out a small, but audible gasp and quickly got up, running away.

"Where ya goin' babe? We only wanna have a little fun!" one of them laughed.

Yuki screamed out as she was caught by the men and she whimpered when the one holding her slapped a hand over her mouth. The other one pulled out a switchblade and pressed it to Yuki's pale cheek.

"Now now sweetheart, no noises and we promise we'll be gentle." the man grinned, his breath smelled like cigarettes and alcohol.

Yuki was just about to cry again when a dark figure pounced down on the man and she heard a loud crunch. The one holding her yelled out, but she grabbed his face and slammed his head against the brick wall. Blood splattered out from his head and he too fell to the ground, dead.

Yuki shivered a little bit from the cold, glancing up at her savior. She was taller than Yuki and had long, dyed dark blue hair and dark blue eyes. She was paler than Yuki and had a much more curved figure. "T-thank you..." Yuki shivered.

The woman shrugged off her coat and placed it around the girl's shoulders. She smiled gently. "What's someone like you doing out here in the middle of the night?" she questioned.

"Um..." Yuki stammered, feeling tears sting her eyes again. "My parents...hate me...they...disowned me."

The woman's lips twitched. "Humans..." she snarled. "Darling, can you answer a question for me?"


"Do you have any special abilities?"

Yuki knew what the woman was talking about. "Y-yes. I c-can control snow and ice, anything cold."

The woman smiled. "Great. My name is Akahana, why don't you come with me. What's your name?"


"Yuki, let's go." Akahana smiled, putting an arm around Yuki's shoulders and the two walked off.

Yuki closed her baby blue eyes and sighed softly once more. She didn't get to see much of Akahana during the week because she worked third shift for her company, which meant she mostly got to see Akahana before she went to bed and on the weekends if she didn't get called in.

She walked down the sidewalk to the school. It wasn't very far, only took her about 20 minutes. "Yuki! Over here!" her best friend Arilda shouted out her name.

Yuki walked over to the girl and observed her. She was the same age and in the same grade, with short light, almost blonde, brown hair that was layered and and curled at the end. Her bangs were cut short in the middle and parted on both sides of her face. She had greyish-green eyes, which were also considered hazel.

"So, was Akahana home when you got up?" Arilda asks as the two girls walked into school.

"Yeah, she was sleeping." Yuki replied and blushed a little as Wyatt and Zeke came up to them. Wyatt was 18, very tall and had tanned skin with shaggy dark brown hair and warm brown eyes. He was considered very handsome. He had a strong jaw and was clean shaven and a muscular, but slender form. The most noticeable thing about him was the faint scar that began from the left side of his jaw, stretching down his neck and ending at his shoulder.

Zeke, on the other hand, was only 17, shorter than Wyatt but taller than both girls. He had short, light brown hair that stuck out in some places and warm blue eyes. He actually looked quite younger than his actual age and had a thin but slightly muscular body.

"Wyatt!" Arilda said happily and jumped up, hugging the cowboy around the neck. He was so tall that he had to bend down to hug her.

Yuki blushed a little when Zeke looked her way and he too blushed before he looked away. She smiled as Wyatt and Arilda continued their hug. Such a wonderful place...


At 3:45 p.m. Yuki unlocked the apartment door and walked inside. She made sure to lock the door behind her and put her stuff in her bedroom before going to wake Akahana up. "Akahana-sama?" she gently shook the blue-haired girl.

"Hmm?" Akahana mumbled. "I'll take the garlic sticks..."

Yuki only smiled a little at Akahana's sleep-talking. "Akahana-sama, I'll get Chinese if you get up."

Akahana sprung right up and when she realized there was no food, she frowned. "Yuki, you little liar." she pinched the younger girl's cheeks. "I'm up, I'll meet you in the kitchen Yuk."

Yuki went out to the kitchen and Akahana came out minutes later. Her blue hair was a spiked mess, her eyes having dark circles around them. "Good afternoon," Akahana yawned and sat down, scratching the side of her face. She wore a black tank top and grey sweat pants, so it was much easier to see her scar and tattoos.

She had a long jagged scar over the bridge of her nose and many noticeable tattoos, including one that resembled black and red flames that began from the back of her right ear, stretching down her neck and shoulder and to the right side of her chest and then continuing down her arm and ending at her hand.

She had a red heart with a knife through it and blood dripping down on her left bicep, black angel wings tattooed on both sides of her back stretching from her shoulders down to her hips and black lines beginning from her left wrist, wrapping around her wrist and going to her pinkie, index and thumb.

Finally, she also had A green and black snake beginning at the middle of her right leg and wrapping around and stopping at her foot and finally, a black dragon in a circle on her right thigh.

"Did you sleep okay?" Yuki asks as Akahana chugged down her blueberry juice. It's what she drank every time she woke up, instead of coffee.

"Fine, normal as usual." Akahana replied, wiping her mouth on a napkin as she finished her juice.

Yuki glanced down at her water and then back up to the older woman. "Do you think we could do something this weekend, if you're not too busy?" she asks.

Akahana glanced at the girl across from her and thought for a moment. "I'll talk to my boss tonight and see if I can get this weekend off. What would you like to do?"

Yuki shrugged. "I don't care, honestly. I would just like to do something with you Akahana-sama."

Akahana smiled and then stood up, walking around the table and ruffling Yuki's hair. "Alright, I'll talk to my boss tonight. I gotta go and remember, lock the door, don't answer the phone if you don't know who it is and...well, pretty much just do what you normally do. You can invite Arilda over if you want, but no parties. I don't want my apartment trashed."

Yuki nodded and she watched Akahana go into her room and get ready, then wave goodbye and leave.

With that, Yuki grabbed her cell phone and called up Arilda.