The Mutant Chronicles

Part II

Chapter 1

"You're on Flight 325, correct?" Wolf asked through the ear piece.

"Yes," Akahana replied.

"Anything unusual?"

She glanced around, finding three men between the ages of late twenties to early thirties all sitting in the exact same row, quietly talking amongst one another. "Just the three men you described."

She could hear the smirk in Wolf's voice. "Alright then Akahaha. Watch them and once they start, you'll have to stop them quickly."

Akahana mumbled a yes and listened closely to what the men were saying. It was February 17th of 2014, 3 months...since she had agreed to work for Wolf. He was tolerable, but some days she couldn't stand to be around him.

About 25 minutes later, that's when the three men stood up and pulled out guns. "Nobody move!"

Passengers yelled out in surprise, but Akahana's eyes narrowed. "Alright, the first person to move gets a bullet through their head." One of the men said and the second one quickly went up to the cockpit, forcing it open. Akahana and the rest of the passengers heard two gunshots as the pilots were killed.

The man that had gone up to the cockpit didn't come out while the other two men stayed behind with the passengers. Akahana slowly moved her hand to un-click her seat belt and brought out a dagger from her boot.

"I told you not to move!" one of the men shouted at a young passenger.

That's when Akahana moved and jumped over the seat, lunging at the two men. They were caught off guard as Akahana grabbed the nearest one by his head and slammed his head harshly into the wall, blood splattering onto the wall behind him.

"Why you-!"

Akahana whirled around and threw the dagger at the man's neck, hearing it plunge into his throat and killing him instantely. She dropped the man's body that she had been holding onto and hurried to the cockpit.

The man was caught off guard as Akahana yanked him out of the seat and slammed him up against the wall. The man tried shooting his gun, but she smacked it out of his hand and grabbed his neck, twisting it all the way around.

His body fell to the ground and that's when the plane tipped. The passengers screamed and held onto their seats for dear life.

Akahana quickly sat in the seat and grabbed the wheel, quickly leveling the plane to its normal position. The plane was heading for New York and within two hours, she landed the plane without much effort.

Police and paramedics came onto the plane as soon as all the passengers left and inspected the bodies of the three men. Akahana was questioned by the police and she told them she had overheard the men talking about running the plane into the Capital. They bought her story and she was allowed to leave.

That's when her work phone rang and she answered it. "Yes?"

"Excellent work Akahana!" Wolf laughed on the other end. "Man, I sure doubted your strength, but you proved me wrong."

Akahana's eyes narrowed. "Whatever. Do I have to come back right away or can I stay in New York for the night?"

"Actually, I need you to do one more mission before I'll give you a few days off."

She sighed in annoyance. "What?"

"I need you to find out what Arcane Works is up to."

Her dark blue eyes widened. "Are you insane? I can't go there! Once they realize I'm still alive, they'll kill me!"

Wolf chuckled on the other end. "You've grown quite stronger in three months Akahana. I think you'll be fine." And then he hung up.

"That son of a bitch!" She snarled and slammed her phone shut and shoved it into her pocket. She sighed angrily. "Damnit..."

Around midnight, Akahana managed to sneak over to Arcane Works and moved to slab of rock over and pushed in the 5 numbered password. She put her hood up and walked in as the elevator doors closed behind her.

She felt a shiver creep up her spine as she felt the downward motion of the elevator. Once she got down to her destination, she got out and quietly walked over to the ventilation shaft and used her switchblade to unscrew the bolts and climbed in. She quietly crawled along the ventilation system and it didn't take her long before she came to the meeting room.

"How is the research with Mizuho Works coming along?" Crocodile questioned.

"Well, since Akahana's dead and all that," Amara began with a smirk. "The body of the man that attacked her before, he was working for Mizuho Works, under the leader's name."

"Were you able to get the leader's name?"

"Unfortually, no. We only have his last name, which is Mizuho."

So they're still trying to find out what Mizuho Works is. Akahana thought and put a hand to her chin. Mizuho...why does that name sound so familiar? I remember when that man called me Xandra...

As the group spoke beneath her, Akahana never noticed the tiles beneath her body were beginning to groan and creak from her weight. Akahana pulled herself onto her knees and that's when the tiles gave out from underneath of her and she screamed as she fell.

She landed harshly on the carpet, groaning. She blinked when she realized her hood had fallen off of her head and now the whole group was looking at her. "Oh shit..."

She saw Crocodile clench his jaw and anger formed in his amber eyes. "So, you were alive this whole time. Faked your death?"

She had never heard such hatred in his voice and she slightly flinched from it. Edon snarled from his side and slowly began walking around the table.

"Sir, can I kill her?" Amara asked with glee in her voice.

Akahana bolted for the door and Edon snarled, jaws open and lunged. She kicked the wolf in the chest and kicked the door open, running down the hallway.

"You can run, but you can't hide Akahana!" she heard Amara's laugh.

She didn't see Amara or the others come after her as she finally left Arcane Works and jumped on top of rooftops from building to building. Around five or six minutes later, Akahana stopped and breathed a sigh of relief. "That was a close one."

"Was it?" Amara questioned and before Akahana could do anything, Amara's fist hit her left temple and she was out before she hit the ground.

Akahana could feel herself waking up and she vaguly wondered if Amara was gone.

"Well, look at the bloody little lamb Rave. Isn't she despicable when she's waking up?"

Shit. Akahana thought and stayed still, hoping Amara and Rave would leave. Keep still. Don't move. Stay motion-

Before she could finish her thought, she was kicked in the stomach and Akahana gasped as sharp pain shot through her body, forcing her into a fetal position.

"Listen to how it beats." Amara said gleefully.

"It seems more like a piece of dead, rotting flesh to me." Rave chuckled. "It even smells rotten."

Next thing she knew, someone, most likely Amara, grabbed a handful of Akahana's hair and yanked her up painfully. "The smell of almost intoxicating." Amara chuckled darkly and then she threw the blue-haired woman to the ground.

Akahana felt a trickle of blood flow down from her left temple and she just wanted to curl up and hide. Amara was truly a psychopath.

"Poor little pup." Amara giggled and grabbed the front of Akahana's shirt and yanked her up. "Are you listening to me?"

"L-look, I-." Akahana began, but was interupted when Amara grabbed her face roughly with the other hand.

"ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?" Amara screamed, digging her sharp fingernails into Akahana's cheeks.

Akahana hissed, but nodded. "Y-yes, I am listening."

Amara pushed her towards Rave, who locked his arms underneath her own. Amara's hands came towards Akahana's face and she flinched, squeezing her eyes shut. But instead, she felt the cool fingertips trail up the sides of her face and Akahana opened her dark blue eyes to gaze into Amara's acid green eyes.

There was an almost psycho look in her eyes that truly meant she was going to kill Akahana. "Poor little pup," Amara cooed and then when her sharp fingernails stopped at Akahana's temples and dug them in, dragging them all the way down and leaving long, bloody gashes. "Scream pup."

Akahana gasped from the pain. "I said SCREAM!" Amara shouted and punched Akahana harshly in the stomach. A raspy scream escaped from her throat and she was released and thrown to the ground. "Aw, doesn't she look so disgusting when she's bleeding?"

Akahana gasped as blood leaked from her face. "Akahana," Amara spoke, making the younger girl look up. "I'm going to tell you a story and I want you to listen very carefully, 'cause if you don't, I'll rip out your throat, got it?"

Akahana gave a slow nod and Amara smiled sweetly. "Good. Now, remember when Crocodile said there uh...might've been a traitor in Arcane Works?" Akahana nodded again. "Well, he never said anything about traitors, just traitor. What if...Rave and I were the traitors and everything that you've gone through, the part with Wolf, the Plaza Hotel...that was our idea, so you would get killed."

Akahana's dark blue eyes widened and Amara's smile grew into a smirk. "I know what you're thinking Akahana. What have you done to me that caused me to hate you? It's simple. I just hate you."

"B-but...why?" Akahana questioned, coughing as blood dribbled down her lip.

Amara shrugged. "I just do." She then stood up and raised her foot, slamming it down on Akahana's ribs. A yell of pain escaped her mouth and Akahana coughed as her ribs groaned. "When you're dead and buried, I'm going to be the one to pleasure Crocodile. I'll do his every command, even if it's-." Before she could finish, Akahana's foot kicked out and slammed into her knee, causing it to crack.

Amara screamed out in pain and Akahana struggled to get up. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING BITCH?" Amara snarled and grabbed Akahana's ankle, roughly dragging her back onto the ground. Amara climbed on top of the younger girl and put her hands around Akahana's neck, beginning to squeeze.

Akahana wheezed, not finding the strength to fight back. She squeezed her eyes shut and knew this was the end. She wouldn't get to see Yuki grow up, she would never see her friends again. This is the end. She thought.

And then a voice interupted the scene.

"My, quite a predicament we have here."