The Despair of an Angel

Can you hear her cry?


Drip, drip, drip, drip.

Her tears fall to the ground

Making a heart-breaking sound.

Can you hear her sob?


Boom, boom, boom, crackle, crackle, boom.

Her furious sobs create the thunder.

Her angry cries electrify the Earth,

Making the vengeful storm.

Can you hear her scream?


Screams of pain,

Screams of anguish,

Screams to silence all other screams.

She screams,

The wind howls,

The tornadoes rip and destroy.

Can you hear her silence?


The winds don't howl.

The lightening doesn't sizzle.

The rain doesn't pour.

She is broken.

She is healing.

Until she is hurt again.

Then, the silence ends.