Chapter 1 Carter

I trudge up the uphill sidewalk, my best friend, Anthony, trailing close behind. The steep climb was nice when we went to school in the morning, but it always came back to bite me when we went home.

"Slow down, Carter! We can't all have long legs like you!" Anthony pants. I slow down, not because I want to be nice, but because I'm starting to get tired. Maybe someday we'd save enough money for a bus ride, but until then we were stuck walking.

As we finally get up the slope, we pass the electronics store. People are huddling around the window display for some reason. I try to see over everyone's head, but I only caught glimpses of the screen.

It's a news report. I don't know why everyone would be interested in something like that, considering you could watch the news at home or even at the newsstand down the block.

"A boy was discovered with a gun at the Museum of Art. Five priceless paintings were stolen and three guards were shot, two injured and one dead. This boy is still on the loose and is very dangerous." The news anchor says. Anthony's eyes widen.

"Here is a picture of the boy."

I try to see the screen, but everyone starts shuffling in panic. Once everyone stops moving the shopkeeper comes out and yells at everyone to leave.

"Great, just great! There's a murderer and a thief on the loose. Plus, the art museum is only a few blocks away!" Anthony cries.

"Don't worry, Anthony. I'll protect you." I shove Anthony playfully.

"Not funny, Carter. Not funny." Anthony ruffles my hair. I glare at him.

We continue to walk home. My house is a little farther down the street then his; only a dark alley separated them.

"Don't do anything stupid, Carter. I don't want to wake up tomorrow morning to find out my best friend was shot and her body was dumped in a ditch." Anthony chides as we stop at his front step.

"You don't trust me?" I tease.

"Just be careful, alright?" Anthony says as he goes inside.

I wave goodbye and notice their paper lying next to their trash can. I lean over to pick it up but someone snatches me and drags me into the alley.

"One word and you're dead." A male voice hisses as I feel something cold and metal press into my cheek.