Zale, my name but it's only one of my two, Zale is my name that shows who I am, my title, because I'm Zale, prince of the secret island. Veser, that's my other name, it is the name that was given to me by dragons, it means fire breather in their language; dangerous fire breather to be exact. I got this name when I was four I ran away, a dragon found me, and took me to the realm of the dragons. It was there that all the dragons of Secret Island raised me until I was eight. Why until I was eight? Maybe because on our island when a boy who will grow up to be a warrior of sorts, will spend a year with the dragons, from age of seven until eight, but that may not be the reason.

Now though I'm nineteen back with my family, helping my father to run our kingdom that is the Secret Island. Yet as the years go by the dragons will always remain in my heart, and while I was with them in their realm, their leader the dragon lord, Lord Goret, who's name means just what he is, he always told me I had a strong inner fire and in my years there until I turned six I hadn't a clue what he truly meant. He told me that though humans don't always have inner fire I do, that it was my strength and spirit, and one day I may unleash it the same way a dragon does, and he was right only two days later, an evil dragon wanting to take over came, when I saw my friends, my second family was in danger, I grabbed my sword Lord Goret had given me, and with a mighty roar that unleashed fire from my mouth, real fire, I sliced my sword right through the dragons neck. Though it was a hollow victory because even though he was not very liked by the other dragons it always hurt to see one slayn and it hurt me just as much, maybe more to know that I had done that, but that day the dragons changed my name from unnamed one or in their language Araja, to Veser dangerous fire breather.

"Zale I know your worried but they'll be fine," my mother queen Trika states reassuringly to me, she doesn't understand the dragons are being killed, I understand the slayers who kill the occastional dangerous dragon, but these snowy ice monsters aren't the same, they're ruthless, and they are killing my second family, as a prince, a warrior, and what the dragons call a human dragon child or in their language Tyreil, I can not just stand aside and let this happen. If they are being forced to go to war, because from the palace or in person, neither will listen to my father's words, then I shall join them, despite the fact we're not supposed to join sides being royalty.

"What do you want me to do, stand by and watch, it can't work that way, what happens when they kill the dragon Lord Goret, he's their best in fighting, he's my dragon father and I will not allow him to die, he once told me to always listen to my inner fire, and mine is telling me to help keep them safe, at any cost," I state back iceily she can't understand how I feel, sure only the highest ranked of my father's soldiers and advisors are the only ones that know I breathe fire, besides myself and my parents, and that is so I can use it as a secret weapon when in greatest of need, but I don't care if the entire universe knows, if it means my dragon family will remain safe.

"I just want to keep you safe, your my only child I love you so much, I can't bare the thought of one day losing you, I lost you once I won't let it happen again," mother states with a sadness in her voice, perhaps she has an idea how I feel after all.

"Then you should understand how the boy feels, he's near grown you can't treat him like a baby forever, besides what's a prince who doesn't go to war when needed, even if it's a war between two realms of our entire kingdom, it'll be good battle experience, and though none other than a select few and the dragons know of his ability, the majority of the kingdom knows that is where he was when he was lost; they'll understand completely why he sided with them," my father King Zarkin states with a small frown.

"Alright, if and that's an if the word of war is anounced, I mean out open to the kingdom and they are officially going to war, I'll allow you to join your friends, but you have got to write to me every day," mother states with a sigh of defeat.

"Relax remember your always a quick flight away, and don't forget I'm the fastest on the island whether in flight or running, I can be here in minutes if there is a reason," I state to her with a small chuckle.

"You know Leoer my scout; he travels off the secret island; to places that are continents, that have countries, anyways he says that; humans of any of these lands are not capable of flight at least not the way we are they use something called airplanes, that fly for them while they sit there. And these things carry hundreds of them, they also have other means of ground transportation and a couple for air." my father states his mind getting side tracked.

"That's interesting father so, I suppose when I leave you want me to take a horse with me, you know the whole ride into battle rather than fly, which I'll never understand," I ask my father with a grin.

"It looks a lot better to ride into battle with a sword drawn or even not than to fly into battle," father states with a small laugh.

"So take a horse alright," I state with a small chuckle.

"You two stop that talk already you'll only bring the war by talking of it, just leave it be I can't stand the thought of it," mother states sadly as she walks through the doors of the main balcony, back inside of our palace.

"It's getting kind of late what do you say we stop upsetting your mother and get some shut eye," father states to me with a wink, this is his way of saying we'll talk about the supposed to have been dropped subject over breakfast. I smirk slightly, give my head a nod and walk inside, down the long coridors makeing a left, then a right then another left and continueing to the last door in the hall, my room. Opening the door reveals a large bed in the center of the room, fine draperys, red carpet and blue walls, and three doors along the west wall and a large window on the north wall, behind one door is a large bathroom, another is a rather large walk in closet, and behind the third is my own personal study, the perfect suite for a prince, I guess, everything is decorated how I wanted it, but somehow I feel as though it could look better.