Dear Florina,

Today Mommy brought you home. She said that every little girl hasta have someone to talk to and she knows I don't have friends. But now you're my friend, and I get to make you up. I named you Florina cus I think it's a pretty name. It makes me think of fairies, and I love fairies. They are so pretty. I wish I was a fairy.

You are my only friend cus no one in school likes me. When I walk to school, the other girls laugh at me and whisper about me. They ask me lots of silly questions, like how I get my clothes. I always, always tell the truth so I tell them about the nice lady who comes sometimes and drops off boxes of clothes in front of our house. When I say that, they laugh at me and walk away. I don't know why that's so funny. How else do people get their clothes? When I asked my big brother Simon, he looked at me funny for a long time. Then he shook his head and said that his sister is stupid and oblivious. I don't know what oblivious means, but I don't like the word stupid. It makes me hurt. Daddy calls me stupid when I make a mistake. Then he hits me. He hits me a lot, cus I make mistakes a lot. I try hard not to, but then I just make more mistakes.

I want us to be real friends, but that's hard cus you don't talk. I asked Mommy what friends talk about and she said they talk about themselves. You can't tell me about you, but I can tell you all about me. I'm 6 and ¾ years old. I'm small, but I have red spots and small cuts all over my body from where Daddy hits me. Daddy says that I have to be careful about what I wear so that no one sees the red spots. He says that if I ever told anyone about them, he would kill me. I believe him, so I don't tell.

I have blue eyes, which is funny, because no one else in my family does. Simon calls them witch eyes, but I call them fairy eyes. Sometimes, I make believe that I'm really a fairy, but when I was a teeny weeny baby I went for a walk and got lost. Then the lady who I call Mommy found me and took care of me cus she is so nice. My real parents have been looking for me ever since, and soon, they'll find me, and I can go home. Then I'll have wings and everything, and I'll be a real fairy.

I want to tell you more about the fairies but I'm tired and havta go to sleep. G'night.