well readers, this is it. the end. i hope you enjoyed this story. thank you to my readers and reviewers, especially StarlessRaven, who has been reading this since the begining. i hope this story didn't dissapoint! author out!

Dear Florina,

Funerals are boring. I had to sit quite between Mommy and Simon for a long time, while the priest talked. Mommy is wearing a fancy outfit, and Simon is wearing a suit. I'm wearing a black dress, which I bought in a store. I think the dress is too pretty to wear to somewhere so cold and sad. But today isn't sad, not really. Today we are free.

I tried to listen to the priest talk about Daddy and how he was "a good person". I don't know why he was telling lies. Didn't his Mommy ever tell him not to lie? It doesn't really matter, cus there were so few people at the funeral. Daddy didn't have a lot of friends.

When the priest finished talking, we went to the graveyard and they lowered Daddy's coffin into the ground. A couple of men started to throw dirt over it and fill the hole. When the coffin was covered, Mommy gave me and Simon a big hug. "Life is going to get better now. We're safe now."

All around me, I saw fairies. They were small, and were flying through the air on thin wings. They laughed and jumped and sang. I wanted to go with them. But now I don't have to wish that I was a fairy so that I can be free. I don't need wings to fly. I'm free. Finally.