Just The Way You Like It (BoyXBoy)

The Pissing Off and The Facebook Insults

Morgan has been an emo since elementary and he doesn't like being around people. People had addressed him with different names like 'alien geek' and such but he doesn't care as long as the jerks don't get in his way. It was perfect for him until the stupid Cameron suddenly showed up. The show-off transferee had challenged him into an academic battle. Morgan had called it stupid and didn't take the stupid challenge. Morgan knew that he has been the top student since elementary and nobody had been his rival since then but now that Cameron is his schoolmate, not to mention his classmate, the two of them are battling to become number one.

It's been two whole weeks since the guy with silver hair and green eyes arrived in town and he's still not getting used to it. He will never get used to having a jerk follow him around like crazy.

He ruffled his hair. He's getting crazy and he doesn't want that to happen.

"Thinking about something?" the smirking face of Cameron showed up before him.

He ignored the other guy and continued drawing a sitting angel with three kids cuddling beside her.

"Wow, you really are talented." Cameron continued as he looked at the sketch pad in front of Morgan. "Did you inherit that or something?"

Morgan didn't answer; instead, he added a few more details to his drawings before pulling his colored pencils out of his bag.

"Hey, how come that you are smart and talented but you do not have any friends?", he asked again as he pushed off a lock of his hair away from his eye.

Morgan just looked at him blankly then turned back to his drawing. He didn't know that Cameron really is a dense idiot not to notice why he has no friends at all.

"Oh, I know!" he said as he pounded his fist onto his palm. "Maybe because you are too amazing that people around you get insecure because of that."

Morgan continued to ignore the other teen.

"You really do not like me, do you?", Cameron asked.

"No, I don't.", Morgan finally answered. He made sure that his voice is icy cold so he can let Cameron feel what he just said.

"Why?", Cameron asked and his voice suddenly turning quieter than his normal voice.

Morgan looked at him with a brow raised. "Why?" he repeated what the other teen said. "Because I do not like people like you."

"People like me? What do you mean?" Cameron's voice is tainted with pain and anger.

Morgan stared at the obviously hurt teen in front of him but didn't show any emotion whatsoever. "People who are show-off, doesn't mind their own business and doesn't leave me alone."

Cameron now grinned. "Oh, so that's your problem, huh?" he said. "Well, I am very sorry, mister, but before this month ends, you'll definitely love me just the way I like it"

"Oh, yeah?" Morgan asked as he raised one of his thick eyebrows. "How's that, huh, annoying-show-off-kid?"

Cameron leaned forward which made their face be away by only a mere inch that took Morgan by surprise. "I'll make you pay for calling me that later." he said as he stood up.

Morgan scoffed. "How?"

Cameron put his index finger before his lips in a 'shush' sign. "That would be a secret, honey." he said as he laughed before walking away from Morgan.

Morgan glared at Cameron for calling him that disgusting word. "Curse you, Cameron Robb." He shook his head before continuing what he was doing.

Cameron doesn't know what he had seen in Morgan that excited him so much… too much. Well, the stoic red-haired guy with maroon eyes is rather exciting himself.

Cameron chuckled to himself. Maybe transferring to a new town isn't that bad anyway. It was his idea after all. He walked home directly after pissing the hell out of Morgan. Even he didn't know why he called Morgan honey.

"How's school, Cam?", his dad asked when he heard his son enter the house.

"Oh, just fine, dad." Cameron answered as he walked towards his dad and kiss the older man on the forehead.

"Is it as exciting as before?", his mom asked as she entered the living room wearing an apron.

Cameron embraced his mom lovingly before giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Yes, mom." he answered.

"Well, we're glad that you're having fun in your new school, Cam." his dad said with a smile on his face.

"Me too, dad. Me too." he assured his dad.

He was about to go up to his room when his little sister suddenly caught one of his legs. "Hey, Can, let me go now before I strangle you." he jokingly said.

"Let's play hide and seek!" Candace said as she pulled the sleeve of his uniform.

He smiled at how cute his sister is. "Later, okay?"

His baby sister pouted but let go of his leg anyway.

"I promise we'll play later." he said.

"MM is a better than you!" Candace said.

"Candace, you're brother said later, didn't he?" their mom said lovingly to his sister.

"Who's MM?" Cameron asked curiously.

"Her new baby sitter whenever your dad and I aren't around." his mom answered with a happy smile on her face. "Very sweet child."


"Yeah, just your age." his dad said.

Cameron shrugged before going to his room; completely forgetting about this MM his family is talking about. He took his guitar and started playing the song that he had written for his first love, Nelson. He admits being gay and his family accepted that fact when he told them about it. He had known it since he was hardly 13.

He could still remember Nelson bugging him into singing his favourite song. Nelson would start with bribing him with cookies and if that trick doesn't work, the brunette would just look at Cameron with those big, blue eyes of his and Cameron would just sigh in defeat and start singing Nelson's favourite song.

Nelson had been his best friend since elementary. They were inseparable. They were titled 'The Perfect Duo' of their school because they were the number one and two of the whole school. They've won every contest there is. They were inseparable until Cam told Nelson he liked the other teen and Nelson looked at him with disgust. Cam didn't need to wait for Nelson to say those painful words. He was already heartbroken. He ran his way home and asked his parents to transfer to him to another school and his parents sacrificed everything just to give him what he wanted. They loved him so much after all.

He cried for lots of nights in his mom's arms; wishing he would just disappear into thin air and forget everything that had happened. Everything changed in his life since that day. His usual confident attitude crashed down and his very alive personality died in an instant.

He was in that broken state until he saw a person he knew will become his new friend… Morgan. The other teen was kind of interesting to him. Morgan was an introvert, obviously.

Cam shook those memories out of his head and stopped playing the song. He started playing a different song and this one; he doesn't even know who he was referring to.

He sighed as he stopped playing the guitar and put it in its usual place. He took his laptop and opened his facebook. What he saw made one of his thick eyebrows to twitch.

Nelson's status had changed from single to in a relationship. But then again, it seems that he didn't give a freaking damn anymore because he started to type into the comment box. Congratulations, Richard. He had never called Nelson Richard since they became close. Nelson's real name was Richard Nelson but since Nelson hated his given name, he asked his closest friends to call him Nelson instead.

Then somebody posted a comment too. Jealous, Cammy boy? or should I say, Cammy gay? haha… commented Jarie Brenda, the horrible bitch of their batch. Everybody in his former school called him Cammy boy. Well, because the name Cameron is obviously bisexual and he has a girl classmate who had the same given name so to distinguish them, their schoolmates called them Cammy boy and Cammy girl.

He was about to post another comment when Nelson suddenly posted his own comment. Shut your sorry butt, Jarie! Give the kid a break.

Cam clenched his fist. Nobody ever called him 'kid' before because he hated being called that way and Nelson is well aware of that. He kept reading as more people posted their rude comments. He felt his patience snap and he typed his next comment. First of all, Jarie, I am NOT jealous. Richard was just my friend and by saying that I liked him doesn't mean that I like him romantically. And those who just insulted me, at least, I know who I really am. My family accepted me for what I am and that's all I need to live. Then he hit enter.

No more rude comments came after that. He signed out of facebook and turned his laptop off.

"Cam, honey, dinner's ready!" he heard his mom said loudly from downstairs.

"Coming, mom!" he said before returning his laptop to his study table.


When Cameron arrived home, he saw a man's pair of shoes in the shoe cabinet and this just made him nervous. It couldn't be… then he remembered what his dad said.

"Ah! Help me!" he heard his baby sister scream from upstairs.

He ran up as fast as he could. He wasn't even sure if his feet landed even once. All that he had in his mind is that his baby sister is in grave danger. He slowed his pace when he was already near Candace's room as to not to alarm the person with Can. He took his baseball bat that stood just in front of his room. He took some deep breaths before he barged into the room and hit the guy on the head as hard as he can.

The guy fell with an 'oof!'. And he was sure that the guy fell unconscious to the next century.

"Cam!" Candace screamed when she saw the guy fall down.

Cameron immediately ran to his sister and carried him in his arms. "You're safe now, baby" he murmured.

"You killed MM!" Candace screamed at him as she slapped him so hard that he felt his face burn in pain. He let go of her to cup his burning cheek.

Candace ran to the lying body of the man he had just hit with his bat. "MM! MM, wake up!" she said as she shook the poor guy.

"This is MM?" he asked.

Candace nodded.

"Why were you screaming just a while ago?"

"We were playing! Stupid!"

Cameron felt his face grow hot in embarrassment. He knelt beside the guy and turned him on his back. Cam's red face grew pale the moment he saw who it was. "Crap! Morgan!" he said as he shook Morgan wildly.

Morgan groaned as he regained his consciousness. He caressed the spot of his head where Cameron hit him. "Ow!" he murmured.

"Come on, wake up!" Cameron said.

Morgan recognized the voice and his eyes snapped open. He saw Cameron looking down on him beside Candace. "Cameron? What are you doing here?"

"This is my house!" Cameron said.

"What?" Morgan sat up and continuously rubbed his head. "Why did you hit me anyway?"

"Sorry, false alarm." Cameron said as he raised his hand in a surrendering position.

"False alarm in what?"

"I thought you were hurting my baby sister so… well, you know…" he sheepishly rubbed that back of his neck.

Morgan just sighed as he stood up. "Time for your afternoon nap, Can." he said to Candace.

"Are you okay now, MM?" the five-year-old kid asked.

Morgan just nodded. "I'll get your milk." he said as he walked down to the kitchen to get a glass of milk for Candace.

Candace drank it happily then went to her bed and drifted off to sleep. Her brother and Morgan watched her sleep for a few minutes before Cameron finally spoke. "Sorry" he said quietly.

Morgan looked at him. "It's okay"

"Let's put some medicine on that bump." Cameron said.

Morgan just nodded and followed Cameron to the kitchen to get the first aid kit. He sat on one of the stools in front of the counter. Cameron looked for some medicine and bandages from the medicine box.

"Why didn't you come to the field trip?" Cameron asked.

"Because I have a job to do." Morgan answered casually.

"And this is your job?"

"What do you think?"

"Can't you be nice to me every once in a while?"

"How can I be nice to you when you almost broke my skull?"

Cameron sighed at that. He put some betadine on a cotton ball before he leaned in front of Morgan and dabbed it to Morgan's bump on the head.

Morgan suddenly clenched the other teen's shirt because of the sudden pain from the contact the cotton made to his bruised scalp.

"Sorry" Cameron apologized.

Morgan just nodded.

Cameron swallowed hard before pulling back and turned his back to Morgan. He didn't want the other teen see him blush. Hell, he didn't even know why he is blushing! He prepared one of the bandages and turned around again to lean in front of Morgan and put it on the other teen's head.

"Cameron…" he heard Morgan call him.

"Hmm?" he stopped what he was doing and looked at the red-head guy in front of him.

"You have a great family. You're very lucky."

Cameron smiled at that. "I know" he replied with a loving smile on his face. "Where's your family, anyway?"

Morgan kept quiet for a moment. "I don't have any family ever since I was twelve."

"Twelve? That was almost three years ago!"

Morgan didn't say a word.

"Who are you with now?" Cameron asked again.

"Nobody. I live alone." Morgan answered.

"Is that the reason why you took this job?"

"Hey, I need a means of living!" Morgan said.

Cameron smiled. "Hey, does anybody know about this, except me?"

Morgan looked at him then shook his head.

Cameron grinned widely.

"This doesn't mean that we're friends" the red-head said with a scoff.

"I'll tell you something too" Cameron started.

Morgan looked at him with an obvious curiosity.

Cameron cleared his throat before starting his story. "The reason why I transferred here is because of a broken heart."

Morgan raised one brow and smirked. "So, you got your heart broken huh?"

"And not just that… I was in love with a guy." Cameron said without hesitation.

Morgan's eyes grew wide in disbelief.

"Yeah, I'm gay." Cameron unconsciously waited for the disgusted look that Morgan would send him but that never came. "You're not disgusted or something?"

Morgan looked at him through thick eyelashes. "Now I know why that guy dumped you."


"Because you lack self-confidence. If you're a gay then be proud of it! It's who you are and nobody could ever change that."

"You mean you understand?"

Morgan stared at him blankly. "Why wouldn't I?"

"Well, because I thought you have something about my kind of people."

Morgan sighed. "I don't have anything with your kind. I'm not just used to having too many people talking to me or something, especially people who I barely know."

"But you know me now! And you know my family too."

"That doesn't mean anything."

"My sister loves you, you know."


"So it means that you're a part of the family too!"

"I'm not."

Cam just smiled at the red-head guy in front of him then said, "Then I hang out with you?"

Morgan looked at him with an eyebrow raised. "What will be the difference if I said no? You're already following me around like crazy and I can't get you off my tracks"

Cam smiled at that.

The Song of Love and The Older Brother

Since that day that Morgan and Cameron spoke in Cameron's house, Cameron had felt proud of himself again. The silver-haired teen had started hanging out with him even if he isn't really hanging out. When he's drawing, the other teen would sit beside him just watch him quietly.

"Hey, Morgan!" Cameron called him once.

He looked at his friend. Yeah, Cam is his friend now. "What?"

"Can you listen to my song?" he asked hopefully.

"No" Morgan answered coldly.

Cam pouted. "Please?"


"Pretty please?"

"The physical characteristic of a please wouldn't change my mind"

"You heard that from that movie 'Despicable Me'." Cam said, still pouting.

Morgan rolled his eyes. Damn this guy.

"Please, Morgan?"

"Fine" Morgan said.

"Yay!" Cam immediately pulled his guitar out of its case. He sang his original song.

How could this be?

How can I feel this way?

I've promised myself before not to fall in love

Yet you made me break it to pieces

Morgan stared at Cam while the other played his guitar while singing the song beautifully.

I thought this feeling would go away

But you made it go deeper anyway

I want to regret the time where I first saw you

But I couldn't put myself in doing so

Morgan felt a huge palm squeeze his heart tightly as he listened to the lyrics of the song. Is this for that guy he fell in love with? He didn't know why but he felt bitter at that realization.

I wanna show you who I am

I didn't know you would understand

I didn't know you'd accept me

But you left me be

"Hey, what do you think? It's not finished yet" Cam suddenly asked.

"Stupid" Morgan muttered under his breath.

"Not great, huh?"

"It's not" Morgan said coldly then turned his back to Cam.

Cam bowed his head as he stared at his guitar.

"Come on, let's have something to eat." Morgan said.

Cam just stared at the back of his friend. He sighed before putting his guitar in its case and followed the red-head guy.

"It's good but you should improve it." Morgan said quietly that Cam almost didn't hear it.

"Are you sure?" he asked excitedly.

"Stupid" Morgan said again.

Cam's smile came back. "Okay, that's a start." he said as he hopped beside his best friend.

Cameron kept blabbering while he and Morgan walked home. Even if his friend barely paid attention to him, he just kept talking and talking until Morgan suddenly stopped a few yards away from his apartment. Cam looked at his friend. "Is there any problem, Morgan?" he asked.

Morgan kept his gaze to the door of his apartment.

Cam followed Morgan's gaze and saw an older guy standing in front of Morgan's apartment. He was about to ask Morgan if he knew the man when Morgan suddenly spoke.

"Don't leave me, Cam." the red-head guy said quietly.

Cam looked at Morgan. "Is there any problem?"

"Just promise me you won't leave me." Morgan said as he looked straight into Cam's eyes as if begging to get the answer he wanted.

"I promise I won't leave you, Morgan." Cam promised as he held Morgan's gaze.

They started walking towards Morgan's apartment. The man standing by the door looked at them and a happy look showed on his face the second he saw them.

"Morgan!" the older guy exclaimed as he embraced the red-head teen.

Cam observed the man. He was a carbon copy of Morgan except for the hair and eye color. The older guy has blonde hair and blue eyes. He guessed it was Morgan's dad but by Morgan's reaction, he doesn't seem to be happy about this.

"What are you doing here, Dexter?" Morgan asked coldly.

"What else? Of course, visiting you, baby brother!" the blonde guy said warmly.

"Baby brother?" Cameron couldn't stop that shocked expression to go out of his mouth.

The two guys in front of him looked at him in unison.

"Oh, who's this?" the guy who Morgan called Dexter asked. "Is he your boy friend?"

Cam's face turned totally red by that statement while Morgan stayed stoic.

"It's none of your business, Dexter. Now, Leave." Morgan said without any expression.

"Oh, come on now, Bro, don't be so rude. Dad will definitely get angry once he sees you like this."

"Shut up! My whole family is already dead!" Morgan's eyes burned in anger.

"Oh, grow up, brother! Just because the family disowned you doesn't mean that we're dead!"

Cameron was shocked by this. Morgan was disowned by his family? Why? These questions bugged into his mind.

"Go away, Dexter! I don't want you near me ever again!" Morgan was hysterical.

"Fine, now, baby brother!" Dexter said with a mocking laugh. "I'll leave but always remember, once a Wilson, always a Wilson."

"As if I care!"

Dexter left the two of them. Morgan was shaking wildly and Cameron didn't know what to do to calm his friend.

"Morg-" he said.

"Let's get inside." Morgan said a little too shaken.


Morgan opened the door and went inside; Cam following closely to him. They sat on the sofa in the living room.

"Are you okay?" Cam asked when Morgan buried his face into his palm.

Morgan didn't answer. He just stayed in that position while his whole body shook wildly.

Cam stood up. "I'll get you a glass of water."

Morgan suddenly stood up and embraced the other teen. "You promised you wouldn't leave Me." he said in a very soft but panicking voice.

"I wouldn't. I'll just get you a glass of water to calm you down." Cam said as he caressed Morgan's back in hypnotic circles.

Morgan shook his head. "I don't need any water." he said and tightened his hold of his friend.

"But…" Cameron started to panic too. What if Morgan has a break down? What will he do then?

"Don't leave me!" Morgan said in a shaking voice.

Cameron sighed. "Fine, I won't." he said as he pulled back. He looked into his friend's eyes. "I will never leave you, Morgan. You should always remember that."

Morgan nodded.

They sat back into the sofa. Cameron was shocked when Morgan leaned his body into the other teens but recovered immediately. He smoothed the red-head's hair while murmuring some assurances that he will never leave the other teen until the red-head finally fell into a very deep sleep.

"I promise I will never leave you, Morgan." Cam said as he drifted off to sleep too.

A Kiss and A Misunderstanding

Cam woke up when he felt Morgan shift position. He moved his arm which accidentally touched the other teen's forehead. Morgan has fever and he's damn sure of it. Cam tried to stand up gently as to not wake his friend.

Morgan slightly stirred when Cam moved away from him but didn't wake up. He just moaned as if he was in pain.

Cam switched on some lamps to aid him some light. He went to the kitchen and looked for the medicine box. He was busily looking for the cursed medicine box that he didn't even hear Morgan enter the kitchen until the red-head suddenly embraced him from the back. The silver-haired teen squealed in shock.

"You said you wouldn't leave me." Morgan said in a whisper as he tightened his hold of the shocked Cameron.

Cam finally got over his shocked state. He removed Morgan's arms around him which made the other teen look at him with a pained look but that look turned to shock when Cam suddenly kissed the other teen gently. That kiss only lasted for a few seconds because Cam immediately pulled back as if he, himself, was shocked by what he did.

Morgan just stared at him with his big, wide, maroon eyes.

Cameron stared back. His eyes shook with anxiety. He knew he was doomed. His best friend will go away again. His heart shattered to pieces again but unlike what he did with Nelson, he waited Morgan to say those painful, disgusted words.

Morgan saw that painful stare that Cam gave him. Is this a damned dream? He knew that the other teen was waiting for him to say something but he doesn't feel like speaking. The kiss seemed so… right for him. "Y-you… kissed me." he managed to say.

Cam flinched. Here we go… "I-I did."

Morgan took a step forward. The smaller teen stepped back. He doesn't like the look that Cam is giving him. It made him feel that for Cam, the whole thing was wrong. "Y-you…"

"I know you must be disgusted in me now, Morgan but listen, I did that because… it felt so right. You have every right to hate and disown me but please, don't stop me from loving you!" Cam suddenly said with tears flowing on his cheeks.

Morgan stared at Cam with horrified look not because of what Cam said but because Cam was crying and he didn't know how to stop it.

Cameron ran away, thinking that the look Morgan gave him is the answer. Morgan hated him. He took his bag from the sofa and was about to run to the door when Morgan's strong arms was wrapped around his smaller body from his back. He tried his best to struggle but Morgan didn't even budge.

"Shush, Cam, shush." Morgan whispered in his ear. "I wasn't disgusted or something, okay? Actually, for me, it was right too."

Cam stopped struggling but his tears still flowed continuously. He felt the other teen lean on him. "A-are you okay, Morgan?" he asked when the other teen coughed.

"Yeah, I guess." Morgan let go of the smaller teen to wipe something from his nose secretly but failed because Cam saw the blood in his nose.

"Your nose is bleeding!" Cam exclaimed as he touched the other's forehead. "You need to go to the doctor! Your temperature had gone high!"

"I can't afford it." Morgan said as he collapsed on the sofa.

"Hell!" Cam said in a panic. He took his phone and called his parents.

Morgan woke up in a white room. He was all alone. Hospital… he thought. Maybe everything that happened is just a dream.

He tried to sit up but he felt like hell because his muscles burned in nothing but pain.

"Stop trying, Morgan." Cameron said from the door. He was carrying a basket of fruits and a bouquet of roses. "How are you?"

Morgan stared at his friend. Was it just a dream? "I-I'm fine." he managed to say with a little hesitation.

"Good. So, do you want anything?"

You… "No, thanks."

Cameron smiled sweetly at him. That smile made his heart stop beating for a moment but he wouldn't admit that aloud.

"How long have I been out cold?" Morgan asked.

"Just a few days." Cam answered casually.

Morgan sighed.

"You got me worried." Cam said in a soft voice. He bowed his head to hide his worried face. "I was so scared especially when the doctor said that they're not sure when you will be conscious again. They said, it's not the first time that this happened to you." tears started to well in his eyes.

"Cameron, are you crying?" Morgan asked.

Cam immediately wiped his tears away then smiled at the other teen again. "But I'm happy you're finally awake."

Morgan smirked.

Cam started to peel an apple for Morgan. He knew that it was the other teen's favourite.

"Cameron?" Morgan called.

"Yup?" Cam asked, not looking at the other teen.

"Did something happen before I collapsed?"

Cam looked at him with confused eyes. "Like what?"

Morgan studied his friend. When he saw that Cameron was genuinely confused, he said, "Nothing." So cute…

"What?" Cam asked with great interest.

"Nothing." Morgan said coldly.

Cameron pouted. "Fine." he continued peeling the apple.

Morgan stared at the smaller teen. He controlled himself from pushing away the locks of silver hair that blocked his sight of the greenest eyes he had ever seen in his life.

After peeling the apple, Cam sliced it into smaller pieces before giving it to Morgan which the other took more than willingly and put a slice in his mouth.

Cam stared at his friend. Did he remember? Cam sighed. Maybe not.

"Here." Morgan said which took Cameron's attention. He was giving him a slice of apple. "You look tired. You need something to eat."

"That's yours. I don't need any of those." the smaller teen said with a sincere smile on his face.

"Do you want to get sick too?" Morgan asked.

Cam shook his head. "No."

"Then eat this." Morgan said as he tipped his head to the side which made him look like a puppy who's trying to impress his master. "Say 'ah'."

Cam stared at Morgan. Crap! Why does he look so cute? He's making me fall deeper in love with him! "Ah" he opened his mouth and Morgan put the slice of apple in his mouth.

They were in that position when Cam's parents suddenly entered the room. The room fell into an awkward silence. The two teens stared at the two older beings in front of them and two parents stared at the two younger beings in front of them. After an endless silence, the two older beings turned back casually; leaving the two younger beings staring at the door.

"Shit!" Cameron suddenly said. He stood up and followed his parents to explain whatever it is to explain. He left the rather shocked Morgan alone in the room.

Morgan looked at the door then to the slices of apple on a plate on his lap then back to the door then back to his apples. He took a slice of apple and put it in his mouth, munching it senselessly. He couldn't even give any attention to its taste anymore. He continued doing the same thing until there was no slice of apple to eat anymore. He was about to reach for the orange in the basket on the table beside him when the red-faced Cameron came in.

"Are you okay?" Morgan asked.

Cam looked at him and if it was possible, his face even turned redder. He bowed down to hide his face. He sat on the chair beside Morgan's bed.

"Hey." Morgan tried to get his attention but he failed. One of his eyebrows twitched. "What's wrong?"

Cam continued to ignore him and played with his own fingers.

"Cam! Cameron!" Morgan grew impatient. He never liked being ignored by anybody. His effort didn't pay off because his friend still didn't pay any attention to him. The red-head leaned forward and held Cam's shoulder.

Cam suddenly jerked up and pulled away which took Morgan by surprise.

Morgan looked at him with confused eyes.

"I-I'm sorry." Cam apologized.

Morgan didn't say a word. He just pulled his arm back and put it on his lap. He lay down and pulled the covers until they fell on his chest. He doesn't know why he couldn't breathe normally and why his heart pounded so hard against his chest. Maybe he really is in love with his best friend after all. Shit! He cursed himself for falling in love with a person who hasn't moved on from his past heart break with a stupid guy who didn't appreciate him.


Morgan was already out of the hospital but not out of Cam's jurisdiction because the silver-haired teen almost lived in his apartment just to take care of him.

"Cameron, you do not need to do these things!" Morgan screamed at the smaller teen when Cam prepared to do the laundry.

"Shut up and go back to your room." Cam said in an ordering manner.

"This is still my apartment, right?" Morgan asked sarcastically.

"I don't care if this is your apartment or not, Morgan Howard. You need to rest and that's what you should do." Cam said and made a 'shoo-shoo' sign to Morgan.



"Stop that now, or else…" the red-head said in a warning manner.

"Or what, Morgan?" the silver-haired teen asked in a challenging manner.

Hell will rise to Earth because I'll make sure you'll be mine by the end of the day. Morgan hoped he didn't say that out loud or else, he'll definitely kill Dexter for causing him the stupid fever. "You'll not be welcome here next time." he said instead.

Cam looked taken aback but didn't back down. "Whatever, Morgan." he turned his back to Morgan and continued preparing the laundry.

Morgan stared at Cam. The silver-haired guy was wearing a white fitted shirt and a white pair of shorts too. White fits him so perfectly. He should become a doctor or a nurse. He thought unconsciously.

Cam needed to turn his back to Morgan just to hide the forming… something… in his eyes. Morgan looked so sexy in a black sleeveless shirt and a white pair of jogging pants.

Crap! I'm crazy! Hell with the stupid kiss I gave him! He tried to concentrate on what he was doing. It looks like he doesn't remember about it.

He sighed.

He heard the phone ring and Morgan ran to get it.

I wonder who it is… He stood up and carried the laundry basket full of dirty clothes to the laundry room when he heard Morgan laugh. It made his heart stop. He had never heard Morgan laugh before.

"Yeah, of course, you're very welcome here!" he heard Morgan said happily. "Yeah, I'll pick you up in the train station."

He gripped the laundry basket so hard that his palm almost hurt like hell. Who the hell was he talking to? And why am I feeling like this? He shook the thought away from his mind and did the laundry. He stared the clothes in the washing machine… Morgan's clothes… He sighed.

"Hey, Cameron, I need to pick up somebody in the train station! Wanna come?" He heard Morgan say from the living room.

"No, thanks!" He replied.

"Okay, I'll be back in a few!"

Then off he goes! He said to himself with bitterness. He sighed again as he stood up and decided to clean up the whole apartment. He wonders how the whole apartment became so messed up in just a few days after they came back from the hospital. Maybe that's just the way it is.

He was currently cooking curry when the door opened and Morgan came in with his friend.

"Cameron, we're here!" he heard Morgan say from the door.

"Welcome back!" he found himself say and walk towards the living room where he saw Morgan and a girl sitting on the sofa.

"Cameron, this is Susie. Susie, this is Cameron." Morgan introduced.

"Wait, this is the Cameron?" Susie asked sounding rather… shocked.

Cameron suddenly felt confused. Who is this girl? And why is she addressing me as the Cameron?

Susie laughed. "Wow! He really is cute when he is confused!" she said giddily.

Morgan laughed.

Cameron just found out why felt the way he felt just a while ago. He was jealous. Jealous, for Christ's sake! He thought. "Um… Morgan, I guess I need to leave now so I won't interfere or something." he said as he removed the apron from his slender body and put it on the rack near him.

"You're leaving?" Susie and Morgan asked at the same time.

"Yeah, I need to go somewhere else, I forgot. Sorry." he took his bag and was about to get out of the apartment when Morgan's hand stopped him off his track.

"Where are you going?" the taller teen asked.

"Nelson and I decided to meet today to talk about something." he said honestly.

"O-okay." Morgan said as the taller teen let go if his arm.

Cameron turned back and walked out of the apartment.

Cameron waited patiently for Nelson to show up to their meeting place. 2:30 pm… 15 more minutes; if you don't show up, I'll leave. Their meeting time was 2:15 pm and Nelson is late… again!

Nelson was the one who invited him to talk about something important and the guy took maybe a week just to convince Cameron to meet him and now, he's late!

Cameron felt an unusual itch on his shoulder. He looked behind him but didn't see any familiar people. He sighed. Now, he's imagining things, huh? Damn! Why did I leave Morgan's place anyway? He asked himself. Oh, yeah! Because I was damned jealous about his friend.

"Hey, Cam!" Nelson's baritone voice took his attention.

He looked up and saw his former best friend standing directly in front of him. "What's up, Richard?" he asked as he stood up to shake Nelson's hand.

But instead of accepting his hand, Nelson embraced him tightly. "I missed you, Cam!"

Cam was shocked about this. "L-let me go, Richard!" he said.

"Not until you call me Nelson again." the other teen said stubbornly.

"Fine! Let me go, Nelson!"

Nelson let go of him and gave him an all over look. "Wow! You've changed a lot!"

Cam smoothed his crumpled shirt. "Why did you ask me to come here?" he asked coldly.

Nelson smiled sadly. "You've really changed a lot. You're not the same as the Cameron I've met before."

Cam didn't react at that. He just took his sit back and started playing with his fingers.

"Umm… I just wanted to see you, that's all." Nelson said quietly.

Cameron looked up at Nelson. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Umm…" Nelson rubbed the back of his neck. "I missed you."

"After you insulted me in facebook? After you called me a kid?" Cam said, full of hatred.

"I-it w-wasn't meant to be an insult. I just-"

Cameron stood up and walked out of the restaurant. He doesn't want to hear any explanation from Nelson anymore. He was already in the park when Nelson stopped him by holding his upper arm.

"Please, Cam, talk to me!" Nelson said in a begging manner.

Cameron looked at Nelson. "Let me go!"

"Not until you talk to me!"

"He said let him go." Morgan's voice boomed through Cam's ears. The other's hand held Cam's other arm.

"Morgan!" Cam exclaimed.

"Mind your own business!" Nelson screamed angrily.

"Let me go, Nelson! You're not my best friend anymore!" Cameron screamed at Nelson as he pulled his arm away and took hold of Morgan's arm. "I'm with Morgan now!"

"What? As in the two of you are together?" Nelson asked.

"Yes, we are." Morgan answered. "So back off and do not bother Cameron anymore, do you understand?"

Nelson laughed to himself. "Cam, you said you liked me!"

"But I love Morgan now so leave me alone!"

Nelson looked hurt by what Cam said. He ran away from there.

Cam sighed. "Thanks for riding on my little charade, Morgan." he thanked his friend.

Morgan smiled at him. "You're welcome, Cameron."

The Big Goodbye

"By the way, what were you doing in the park?" Cameron asked Morgan and Susie on their way home to Morgan's place.

Morgan and Susie looked at each other then both smiled sheepishly.

"Well, we thought that you might have a date and since we're not doing anything, we decided to follow you which were a good thing because if not, you must have been bullied by that bastard of a guy." Susie answered with a huge lollipop in her mouth.

"You followed me?" Cam asked again.

"No, Cam, you were the one who followed us." Morgan said sarcastically with a note of annoyance.

Susie laughed at that. "Bully Morgie"

Cam felt the nerves on his temple twitch. Darn this guy!

"Stop calling me that Susie or else…" Morgan warned.

"Morgie?" Cam repeated what Susie just called Morgan.

"That's his childhood nickname because he and dad had the same name." Susie explained.


"Susie is my twin sister, moron." Morgan explained.

"What?" Cam looked at Morgan then at Susie then back again. He didn't realize that the two were look alike… too alike. Susie is the female version of Morgan.

Susie giggled. "Ne, Morgie, I think I'm having a crush on your best friend… He's just so cute…"

Cam blushed at the compliment. "T-thank you, Susie."

"Susie likes making guys like you feel giddy just by talking like a kid." Morgan said coldly.

"You're just jealous, Morgie!" Cam and Susie said in unison.

Morgan gave them an icy death glare.

Cam and Susie laughed.

"Hey, Susie, can I have a simple question and get a simple answer too?" Cam asked.

"Sure, why not?" Susie said with a smile.

Cam looked at his friend first before looking at Susie. "Why was Morgan disowned by your family?"

Susie and Morgan stopped walking and so did Cam. They looked at Cameron in unison.

Cam laughed nervously. Overstepped the line, Cam… "I-it's okay if you don't-"

"I told them that I was gay and they didn't accept for who I am." Morgan answered without hesitation.

Cameron was shocked. "But you're still a family, right?"

"We came from a family of great and famous lawyers, Cam." Susie said. "And dad thought that having a gay child is a disgrace, besides, Morgie didn't like to become a lawyer. He wanted to become an artist like mom."

"Accept it, Cam. Not all families are like yours who accepted you with their arms wide open." Morgan said with bitterness tainting his voice.

Cam stared at his friend with sad eyes. So that was it, huh? He wasn't accepted… He forced his self to smile. "But I accepted you, right? And Susie too!"

At that, the twins smiled at him.

"Yeah, you did." Morgan said.

Cam laughed. "Then I'll start calling you Morgie from now on!"

"What?" Morgan exclaimed as he ran after his friend.

Susie just laughed as she watched her brother run after Cameron. He's happy in here. She thought. He deserves to be here. She ran after Cam and Morgan until they arrived at Morgan's place.

"Susie, you stay in my room while I and this jerk here stay here in the living room." Morgan said while preparing their supposed to be bed.

"Okay." Susie said simply. "I'll just take a shower."

Cam didn't give the twins any attention because he was reading a new novel that his dad gave him the day before. He just sat on the sofa with his legs stretched as far as they could go.

"Cameron!" Morgan called.

"Hmm…?" he didn't even look at Morgan. He just continued reading the novel and sucking the huge lollipop in his mouth.

"What side?" Morgan asked.

"Hmm…? What side?" Cam repeated.

Morgan felt the nerve on his forehead burst so he took the book away from Cam's reach. "What side will you sleep?" he asked.

Cam looked at him with his thick eyebrows becoming one. "Any side!" he answered. "Now, give me that darn book!"

Morgan smirked. "Get it if you can!"

Cam stood up and jumped with his arms stretched but Morgan is taller and faster so he wasn't able to reach it in time.

Morgan took a few steps back to get the book away from Cam's reach.

"Give it to me, Morgan!" Cam said in a frustrated voice.

"Come and get it, Cameron!" Morgan said.

Cam kicked Morgan on the leg but the other didn't even budge. "Give the darn book to me!"

Morgan just smirked at him and in one swift motion; he was already behind Cam and took hold of the smaller teen by the arms. "Gotcha, Cameron!" he whispered into the other's ear.

"Jerk!" Cam said as he struggled to get free from Morgan's touch. "Let me go and give me the stupid book!"

Morgan laughed as he wrapped his long arms around the smaller teen's waist. "Hey, Cam…" he said against the other's hair. "Do you still love that guy?"

Cameron stiffened. What the hell's going on? Why is he asking such stupid question? "What kind of question is that?" he asked as he started to struggle again.

"Just answer my stupid question." Morgan whispered as he tightened his hold of Cam.

Cam stopped struggling and sighed. "Didn't you hear what I told Nelson a while ago?"

"You said 'I love Morgan now so leave me alone!'" Morgan said in an exaggerated girlish voice.

"And…? What do you make of that?"

Morgan's hold loosened as he stared at his friend as if his mind was currently loading. Then all of a sudden, he let go of Cam as he backed off. "Holy shit!" he exclaimed. "You meant that?"

"What do you think?" Cam asked with an eyebrow raised.

Oooohh… Okay… Morgan stared at Cameron with a startled look. "Whoa! Are you serious?"

"No, Morgan, I'm serious." Cam said. He walked to Morgan and took his book from the red-head's hand. He sat back to the sofa.

Morgan stared at the back of Cam's head. The spiky hair looked like a silver fire. Looks so cute… He smiled to himself.

"Morgan…" Cam looked at him with those oh-so-innocent eyes of his.

"Yup? Is there any problem?"

"I didn't expect you to be a happy-go-lucky type of guy."

Morgan looked taken aback then laughed. "This is the true me. I just do not like other people to find out who I really am."

"Oh!" Cam didn't ask any questions again.

"Hey, Cam!" Morgan poked at Cam's head.

"Hmmm?" he just continued to read the novel.

"I won't come to school tomorrow…"

Cam looked up at him. "Why?"

"Umm… I'm still not feeling well."

Cam stared at him with suspecting look. "O-okay…"

Morgan smiled and threw his self into Cam's arms. "I'll miss you."

Cameron felt something weird but didn't give any attention to it. He just held his friend in his arms.

Cameron went to school the next day with something at the back of his mind bugging him but he doesn't know what it is. His day went by with his heart beating hard against his chest. What the hell is wrong? What's happening? Why am I so nervous?

After class, he walked directly to Morgan's apartment but found it locked. Where is he? He looked from around the front of Morgan's apartment. He saw a sheet of paper under the door.


I am so sorry for not saying anything about my illness. I just thought that there's no use telling you about it because I thought you didn't care but when I realized that you're special to me, I finally realized that I need to go and have that surgery that my sister told me. I do not know when or if I will ever be back.

There are a lot of things that I wanted to tell you but I'll wait until the time that the two of us meet again to tell you those (If there is any chance at all).

You're really special to me, Cameron…


Cameron's hand shook wildly. He read the letter over and over again; making sure that he didn't misread it. He left me… He left me, for Christ's sake! After he made me promise not to leave him!

He ran home in his fastest strides ever.

7 Years later…

"Hey, Boss, don't you have pity on those women you dump every now and then?" Honey, Cam's partner in crime solving asked one time while they are following a notorious gang master. They were in a five-star hotel restaurant, having their dinner while listening to the conversations of the gang master and a huge person in community.

"Why should I have pity for them, Honey?" 'Honey' has two meaning for Cam; endearment and Honey's own name. "Those women are some whores who just want a chunk of money from their lovers."

Honey stared at Cam's green eyes. "Why don't you just give up on him?"

Cam looked at his blond partner with a raised eyebrow. Honey is just a year younger than him and she knows everything about Cam. She's the only one whom he trusted aside from Morgan. "What do you mean? I've already given up on him and remember I'm straight now."

Honey shrugged. "If that's what you say." she took a sip of her coffee while still looking at Cam with a suspicious gaze.

"Stop looking at me like that! And do not say that phrase to me as if you do not believe me!" Cam felt the nerve on his forehead pop.

Honey laughed. "Wow! What a mind reader you are!" she teased.

"Damn you!" Cam murmured.

"So, are you done looking for him?"

"I've checked every Morgan Howard in the whole continent and even US, I didn't find him."

"What if his name is not even Morgan Howard?" Honey asked mainly to herself.

Cam heard it and he bowed his head. Damn the guy! "I've given up, Honey. I don't even know if he's still alive!"

Honey looked at him then shrugged. "By the way, how's your girlfriend?"

"She's fine. She's currently finishing her law school."

"You're serious about her this time?"

"Yeah, I've always been serious with her since the start!"

"Ne… Having two people in your heart and a number of girls in your bed at the same time, huh?"

"Shut up!"

"But seriously, I want to meet this Morgan of yours. I bet he's hotter than you are." Honey said.

Cam rolled his eyes.

"And I'll bet that I'll like him better than that fiancée of yours."

Cam stared at Honey. "Suzanne is nice and intelligent." he said. "She's good at drawings and she appreciates my music."

"And she's a perfect replica of Morgan." Honey said without hesitation.

"How could you say that? You haven't even seen Morgan before."

"I saw him once." Honey said which result a glare from Cam. "Yeah, you're right; I saw his picture in your wallet before."

"Hey, they have some differences…"


"Morgan never appreciated my music!"


Cam sighed. Seriously, what can I hide from this girl? He took a sip of his tea. "Hey, let's go, come on!" he said as he stood in haste. "They're leaving."

Cam and Honey walked home after finishing their mission and sending the bastard of a gang master to jail. It's already 10 in the evening yet Honey still has her energy in tacked while Cam wants nothing but to lie on his bed and sleep until the next century.

"Hey, Cam, let's go, drinking!" Honey said excitedly. "It's been a long time since we've relaxed a bit!"

Cam sighed. "Okay…" he knew that even if he said no, Honey will still drag him just to do whatever she wants.

"Yes!" she said as she punched onto empty air. Then her expression changed. "Hey…"

"I know… they've been following us since we left the head quarters." he said as he took his gun from the side of his waist.

Honey did the same. "One, two, three!"

They turned at the same time and but they didn't find somebody behind them.

"Huh? Nobody's there!" Honey said as she scanned the alley behind them. It's a long, narrow alley and it would be impossible to hide on either side of the alley because Honey and Cam would definitely see them even in the dark.

Cam walked slowly; taking their way just a while ago. He checked every trash bin and everything the culprit must have taken just to hide him but found nothing. He walked back where Honey stood quietly; just staring at him with blank eyes.

"Maybe we were just hallucinating." she said in a very quiet voice.

Cam scratched the back of his neck. "Yeah, maybe…"

"You know what, maybe it will be better if we just go home and have a long rest." his partner said in a tired voice; as if all energy a while ago had gone off with the wind.

Cam sighed. "Okay, let's go."

"Are you going to your parents' house?"

"No, maybe later if I still have time."

"But it's been almost half a year since you last saw them."

Cam looked at Honey. "Okay, I'll go to my parents' house only if you come with me."

Honey looked at him. "Why should I?"

Cam smiled sweetly at her. He knew that Honey didn't have a family to go home to. Her family was murdered when she was only 12 and that lead her into pursuing criminology with her own effort. "Because I'm sure Can-can misses you better than she misses me."

Honey smiled. "What did I do to have a partner like you?" she asked.

"I don't know."

Cam woke up the next morning; feeling weird. Where the hell am I? He stared at the white ceiling with barely opened eyes.

Somebody opened the door but he ignored it.

"Cam!" Can-can exclaimed as she jumped on to her brother's bed.

That woke Cam completely. He realized that he and Honey went to his parents' house after they felt as if they were being followed last night. He looked at his sister.

"Can-can…" he said as he embraced his baby sister. "I missed you."

"I missed you too." Candace said as she wrapped her short arms around the neck of her brother. "I missed MM too."

Cameron stiffened. He thought that Candace had forgotten about her MM. "You still remember him?"

"Just a little. I remember him having that red hair and those maroon eyes of his and a few of his attitude but aside from those, nothing."

Cam chuckled. "DO you still remember the first time we met?"

Candace laughed. "Yeah! When you thought he was doing something to me, you hit him with your baseball bat."

Cam just realized the impact of Morgan into his sister's life. He was thankful of Morgan for slapping him unconsciously. Oh, damn the guy! Curses on him! He carried Candace bridal style which resulted to a shriek from his baby sister. "Let's go eat our breakfast before I get crazy and bite you to death."

Candace laughed. "Whatever! I'm already 12 and you still treat me as if I'm 5."

"You're my baby, right?" he said as he snuggled her.

"Good morning, Cam!" he heard his mom said from the kitchen when they already arrived at the living room.

"Morning, mom!" he said. "Good morning, dad."

His dad looked at him through thick eyeglasses. "Good morning, Cameron."

"Where's Honey?" Cam asked.

"Upstairs." Candace answered as she sat on her dad's lap. "She's taking a shower."

Cameron shrugged. He walked to the kitchen and kissed his mom on the cheek and embraced her from the back. "I missed you, mom." he whispered.

"I missed you too, dear." his mom said as she turned around and caressed her son's cheek. "How are you, Cameron?"

"I'm fine, mom, still holding on."

His mom smiled at him knowingly. "You'll find your true happiness soon son."

"Am I really meant for Suzanne, mom? I feel as if I'm just fooling her and myself too."

"Then break up with her if you feel that way, son."

"That's not that easy, mom. Suzanne and I had been together for 4 years!"

"Did you find true happiness with her?"

Cam wasn't able to answer. He bowed his head to hide his hurt eyes with his bangs.

The Big Confession?

Cam and Honey drove to their office after their two-day vacation. They're running late because of Candace who bugged Cam into giving her a ride to school which was a fifteen-minute drive from their house because she was running late.

When they entered the office, everybody was talking excitedly; the women that is because the men looked as if heaven itself dropped on their heads. They looked exactly the way they looked when Cam first came into the office and their team captain introduced him to the whole team of detectives.

"Hey, is there anything new?" Honey asked with her usual friendly smile.

"We have a new workmate." one of their lady workmate answered giddily. "And he's so damned hot!"

Honey raised an eyebrow. "Hotter than my partner?" she asked teasingly then gave Cam a teasing look which her partner only answered with an eye roll.

Their workmate looked at Cam before smiling. "A little."

Honey looked so shocked at that. "Seriously?"

"Yeah, with those sexy eyes of his, oh my God! He could have been Adonis himself!"

As if on cue, their captain came with a guy wearing a jacket with a hood covering his head.

"Robb, I want you to meet Denver Wilson." their captain said.

Cameron looked at Denver. He angled his head to see Denver's face.

"Y-you…" Denver stuttered. He removed his hood and Cameron's chair flew to the air when he saw who it was.

"Morgan!" Cameron exclaimed with his eyes wide in shock. "W-what…?"

Morgan/Denver looked as shocked as he was. Maroon eyes shook with anxiety as he made an about face and ran out of the office.

"What the fuck! You really think you can still run away from me?" Cam ran after Morgan.

Their workmates were damned by what they just witnessed.

"Morgan! Come back here, you jerk!" Cameron screamed behind Morgan while they're still running.

"Don't follow me, you idiot!" Morgan screamed back.

Everybody around them looked at them.

"Why not?" Cameron asked. "I'm your best friend!"

Morgan stopped which made Cameron bump into him and they fell on the ground.

"Ouch!" Morgan exclaimed when he hit the ground. "Get off, you idiot!"

Cam stood up. He straightened his clothes before helping his friend to stand. "Why did you leave?" he asked the second Morgan was able to stand.

Morgan started to walk away but Cam stopped him by the arm. The red-head looked at his friend blankly. "Let's not talk here." he said coldly. He pulled his arm from Cam's hold harshly. He started to walk towards the park.

Cam followed his red-head to wherever he was going to. Yeah, that's right. Morgan was his red-head.

Morgan sat under a tree when they were already in the park. Cam just stood beside him; waiting for him to start talking.

"Why did you leave, Morgan?" Cam asked when Morgan didn't start talking.

Morgan flinched. It's been so long since anyone had called him that name. "F-first of all, Mr. Robb, my name is Denver Wilson. Second, didn't you read what the letter said?"

It's Cameron's turn to flinch. He wasn't used on being called by his surname; especially not by his friend. "I'm sorry about that, Denver." Cam's heart suddenly felt tight by calling his friend with a different name except the name he loved so much since he met the other guy. "Yes, I read what the letter said but it doesn't explain anything! Nothing at all!"

Morgan continued to stare at his feet. He was so scared to look into those green whirlpools because he was scared that he might drown into the different emotions that were definitely in there even if he didn't look into them. "I was sick and I needed to have the stupid surgery, what other explanation would explain why I left?"

"When the surgery ended, why didn't you contact me?"

"What for? You're just a person who I got acquainted with because of some unstoppable reasons!" Morgan's voice was so cold that Cam knew he was definitely true.

Cam felt stabbed a hundred times in the heart. Calm down, Cam… He's not telling the truth… He's lying… But his heart is saying otherwise. He let out a shaky breath. "O-okay then… Sorry for wasting your time, Mr. Wilson. I'll have to go. I'm sorry for mistaking you of my dear friend that I waited for seven years even if I wasn't sure if he's still alive." he said with his voice full of pain. "I guess he's dead after all." He pushed himself away from the tree and started to walk back to their office.

Morgan watched as Cameron walked away from him. His heart felt so painful. Why didn't he just tell him the truth?

Cameron just took his keys from his office table then left without a word. He drove like crazy. He stepped on the pedal as if it was a heavy weight metal. He avoided a coming truck that almost hit his car. "Shit! Shit! Shit!" he screamed on the top of his lungs as he hit the steering wheel. "Damn you, Morgan Howard! I hate the hell out of you!"

Morgan walked without knowing where he was heading until he found himself standing in front of their house.

"Denver?" he heard Zoe call him which made him look up to his wife when she opened the door with a shocked expression.

"Zoe…" he said as he embraced his pregnant wife.

"What happened, Denver?" Zoe asked with a worried face.

"I saw him, Zoe and I told him that he didn't mean anything to me." Denver sounded like a wounded puppy. He hated being weak but he didn't care about his pride anymore.

Zoe caressed her husband's hair. She knew everything about Cameron Robb and she also knew that her husband never loved her because he loved Cameron with all his heart. She envied Cameron for all the love and devotion that her beloved husband gave him. "I would never say that it's okay because I know it's not and I also know that you did that because you were thinking about my condition."

Morgan looked up at Zoe's chocolate brown eyes. "Don't think it was your fault, Zoe. You're my friend and I did that because I love you."

"I thank you for that, Denver but I know that you still loved him much better than you love me and I'm okay with that because I owe you a lot. I even owe you your happiness." Zoe said in a heartfelt manner. She pecked a kiss on Morgan's cheek. "I love you, Denver and I will forever thank you for letting me experience such happiness in my life."

Morgan stared at his wife. He knew that Zoe felt guilty for having him to marry her just because of a stupid truce of families and also because of her sickness.

"Denver, I think you should go back and tell him the truth."

"It's too late now, honey. He already thinks that his friend from the past is already dead."

Zoe felt her heart clench tight against her chest. This was all her fault. If she didn't ask Denver to marry her then he must have been happy with his life with his true love.

The following days came oh-so-slowly for Cameron and Morgan. Every time they work with each other, they felt as if the day was the slowest day ever. They felt awkward towards each other.

Honey and Zoe felt this in their own ways and they wanted to do something to make the two of them go back to each other.

"Yeah, sweetheart." Cameron said on the phone when his fiancée called him while he and Morgan worked together in an important assignment.

Morgan's heart beat hard against his rib cage. So he has a lover now, huh? He thought with a clenching heart.

Cameron continued to talk to his lover while Morgan tried very hard not to let his feelings affect his job. The red-head scribbled furiously on the papers in front of him. He signed every paper there is to sign feeling as if the damned pen was breaking against his hand.

"Bye, Suzanne, I love you."

Morgan stopped abruptly when he heard the name that Cam mentioned. Suzanne… he's straight… He started to scribble again but it was as if his hand was so heavy that he couldn't even move it properly. "E-excuse me, I need to go. The paper works are done so you don't have any problem anymore." he said and stood. He took his things and started for the door without looking back.

Cam continued started looking through Morgan's/Denver's work. He stared at the hastily written things on the paper. Even if he knew that they were written hastily, they're still readable and amazingly nice-looking. He was in the middle of his reading when two men or rather goons came into their office and stood in front of him.

He looked up to the goons in front of him with a confused look. "May I help you?" he asked politely.

"Miss Zoe wants to see you." one of the goons said with his very baritone voice.

"Who's Miss Zoe?" Cam asked.

"We'll answer that if you come with us." the other goon answered.

Cam looked at the guys back and forth before nodding. "Okay." he stood up and started fixing his things before he started walking out of their office with the goons.

They rode in a black limousine.

"Who's Miss Zoe?" he asked again when they were already settled down.

"Miss Zoe is Mister Denver's wife." the first goon answered.

Cam's heart stopped beating for a moment. "What?"

"Miss Zoe is Mister Denver Wilson's pregnant wife." the second goon answered with a stress for the word pregnant.

"Why does she want to see me?"

"We're not allowed to answer that question of yours, Mr. Robb." the first goon said coldly.

Cameron shut up and didn't say a single word until they arrived at their destination. It was a mansion of the famous Wilson family. Once a Wilson, always a Wilson. He remembered that phrase from Dexter, Denver's/Morgan's older brother.

They stopped in front of the mansion and the two goons got out of the limousine before Cam did.

A pregnant woman welcomed him with a pleasant smile on her face.

"Welcome, Cameron!" the woman greeted as he started walking up the stairs towards the door where the woman stood.

Cameron looked at the woman with a confused look.

"I am Zoe Wilson, Denver's wife." Zoe answered as if reading Cameron's mind. "And he told me everything about you that's why I know your name." She offered a hand shake to Cam which he accepted hesitantly.

"He told you everything about me?" Cameron finally found his voice and asked Zoe.

"He did." she answered as she caressed her HUGE belly.

She's Morgan's wife and they're having a child! He thought with an obvious envy. "Why is that?"

Zoe smiled. "Come in to the house first so you would understand." she motioned him to follow her.

Cam followed closely. The two of them walked along some hallways until they finally arrived in front of a huge door.

Zoe opened the door with great care. The room was huge and it's full of drawings.

W-what's this? He thought as he looked around the room full of his drawn face.

"This is a mausoleum for you." Zoe answered his silent question. "He loved you very much since the two of you first met until now."

Cam looked at Zoe. "But you're his wife and you're having a child!"

Zoe smiled proudly. "A son… We're having a son." she said; her green eyes sparkling in happiness. "And yes, I'm his wife but you're the one he loves."

"That's insane!"

"I know but the more insane thing is that the only reason why he married me is because I was dying anytime soon. I've loved him since we were kids and there was nothing I wanted but to have him as my husband. After his surgery, I told him that I was dying and I wish to become his wife even for only a few years and he granted my wish. I had him as my husband for more than six years now and there is a bonus too; a baby boy that I know he will love with all his heart." Zoe said. She caressed her belly lovingly before looking into green orbs again. "I just borrowed him from you. I promise to give him back to you whole."

Cam clenched his fists. "What the hell are you talking about? Your bastard of a husband already told me that I was just a person he became acquainted with because of some unstoppable reasons!" he said angrily.

Zoe looked at him with understanding smile. "He only told you that because he was worried about me."

"And that means he loves you!" he said with teary eyes. He can't accept this. He'll never accept this.

"Not more than he loves you!" Zoe threw back. "I know you're in pain but think about this, six years that I wished he'll love me just the way he loved you but that wish never came true because every time we made love, it's your name that he whispers against my ear. Every time I kissed him goodbye or hello, I knew that you were the one in his mind."

Cam felt as if he was soaked with ice cold water. He never knew that his Morgan came to the point that while he was making love with his wife, it was his name he was calling… just like him. Whenever he makes love with any woman, it was Morgan who was in his mind… he just didn't know if he unconsciously calls his name.

"What's happening here?" Morgan's voice boomed inside the huge room.

Cam and Zoe looked at him at the same time. "Denver!"

"Zoe, what's this all about?" the red-head asked as he walked passed Cameron and to his wife.

"I already told him the truth." Zoe answered without any hesitation.

Morgan's eyes bore into the petite woman's features. "What truth are you talking about, honey?"

"The truth that you loved him and you still do after seven long years."

Morgan looked at Cameron with cold, maroon eyes. "Mr. Robb, I suppose you do not believe in what my wife just said." he said. "You're fiancée must be waiting for you now, Mr. Robb. I am very sorry for my wife's actions."

Cameron and Zoe looked at each other and shrugged.

"When will you be honest with yourself, honey?" Cameron asked with the same grin he gave Morgan when they first met.

Zoe walked out of the room and pulled the door behind her with a loud 'thud'.

"What the hell are you talking about, Mr. Robb?" Morgan continued to ask with his oh-so-innocent look.

Cam's grin became wider. "You still look so cute when you're confused." he said as he walked towards Morgan who took a step back as if he was scared of the smaller man. He pulled Morgan's tie to stop him from walking back. "Tell me you love me, Morgan."

"My name's-" his words were stopped when Cam's lips crushed against his.

Cam pulled back after a few long seconds. "Tell me you love me, Morgan." he repeated.

Morgan licked his lips. He opened his lips to say something but closed it back then pulled the smaller man in front of him into a hot, passionate kiss. Cam's breath hitched into his throat when Morgan demanded him to open his lips for his hot tongue.

Cam wrapped his arms around Morgan's neck as Morgan wrapped his other arm around Cam's waist and the other held Cam's head in place.

They parted when they needed air.

"Tell me you love me, Morgan." Cam whispered seductively.

"Denver loved you from then until now, Cameron." Morgan replied as he took Cam's lips again.

The Song Of Love

"What about your Suzanne?" Morgan asked when the two of them are done wearing their clothes again. (After they did their thing)

Cam turned his face away from Morgan to hide his blush. "I don't know." he answered in a whisper.

"She didn't know you were in love with another guy?"

Cam's face turned into bright color of crimson. "O-of course not!"

Morgan stared at the back of his silver-haired lover. "You were still ashamed of your real identity?"

Cam looked at Morgan. "I am a bi and I'm not ashamed of it!"

"Honey told me that you were a playboy. I guessed you were just having fun with those girls but when I heard you say 'I love you' to Suzanne, it broke my heart. It felt like hell."

"Honey did tell you about that, huh?" Cam murmured. I am so gonna kill that girl! "I only had a relationship with Suzanne because the two of you are look-alike and you have a lot in common except the part that she appreciates my music and you don't."

"Hey, I do, too, appreciate your music!" Morgan defended. "And I'm sure I am way hotter than that Suzanne of yours."

Cam scoffed. What's the connection of you being hotter than Suzanne and the fact that you don't appreciate my music? "What is your plan now?" he asked instead.

Morgan looked confused. His red locks started to fall to his eyes. He shook his head to throw those locks away. "What do you mean?"

"About your wife." Cam tucked his shirt in. He smoothed his shirt and pants.

Morgan stared at Cam with his maroon eyes wide with confusion. "What do you mean?" he repeated; looking like a complete idiot.

Cam rolled his eyes. "What's your plan about your wife?"

Morgan smiled as he wrapped his arms around Cam again. "Zoe knows that I only loved her as a sister and…"

"You're gonna leave her?" Cam suddenly asked with an eyebrow raised.

"No. She's too weak to accept that. I couldn't just leave her after she took care of me while I was damned down because I was away from you."

Cam turned a little pink because of those words from the man he loved so much. "H-hey, Morgan…" he murmured.

"Denver." Morgan corrected.

"Oh, whatever." Cam rolled his eyes.

"What is it, Cameron?" Morgan asked in a seductive way as he nibbled on Cam's ear.

"Do you want to hear my favourite song?"

Morgan stopped what he was doing and stared at his lover. He smiled. "Sure. I have a guitar in the music room." He pulled Cam towards the music room.

The room was HUGE. A stage was on the end of the room and the drums and a few electric guitars were on it. A grand piano was in the side of the room. A cello was beside the grand piano and there is a cabinet with a lot of violins in it.

"Wow! This is amazing, Morgan! You actually have a music room in your house and it's freaking huge!" Cam's eyes almost popped out of his head while he was staring at the room in front of him.

"Haha… I wanted my son to become a musician like his mom when he grows up." Morgan said.

"Zoe is a musician?" Cam looked at Morgan who was holding his hand.

"Pianist. She studied in Columbia before we got married."

Cam took his hand away and started walking towards the cabinet of violins. He looked at Morgan. "Can I open this?" he asked as he held on to the knob of the cabinet.

Morgan nodded as he walked towards Cam.

Cam opened the cabinet and took one of the violins. "Strativarius… the most expensive violin in the world." he whispered as he touched the violin delicately.

Morgan put his arms around Cam's torso. "Play it for me, Cameron." he whispered into the other's ear.

Cam stared at Morgan. "Will it be okay?" he asked.

Morgan pecked on Cam's cheek.

Cam took it as a yes and pulled out of Morgan's touch. He put the end of the violin between his chin and shoulder. He held the bow with his delicate hands and started connecting it to the strings of the expensive violin.

He closed his eyes as he started playing 'Without Words' by the Korean band A.N. Jell. The song was kind of a reminder for him about his love for Morgan. Without a word you taught me how to believe… Without a word you gave me everything…

Morgan stared at his long lost love as the other played the violin. His heart started to ache as he started to realize what song his lover was playing. Without words is sad song about somebody who loved another and was later broken hearted when that lover of his left without words. Cameron, is that how painful you felt when I left?

Cameron suddenly stopped playing when he saw Morgan staring at him. "Amazed by my talent, Mr. Wilson?" he asked with a prideful smile.

Morgan managed to smile. "Of course!" he answered. "So, come on, sing me that song you were talking about."

Cam returned the violin to its original place in the cabinet. He walked to the stage and took an acoustic guitar. He sat on the edge of the stage and test strummed the guitar.

Morgan sat beside him.

Cam started playing his song.

I was thinking about love

'Til my head starts to hurt

Dreaming about love

'Til my heart starts to burst

Morgan's heart was clenched as he listened to his lover.

Long years have passed

Yet my love still lasts

I wished to have you back

But that's a dream that gone bad

You're memories…

Had put me to bliss

The sound of your voice

Had help me to rejoice

Your smile...

Had given me new life

Your presence

Is the food for my soul…

Food for my soul…

Feed my heart, feed my soul!

Give me light, give me love…

Cam stopped strumming when he felt his voice shake with unknown emotions. Those emotions that he tried to hide for the past seven, long years had showed up.

Morgan also felt his throat tighten as tears started to well in his eyes. He didn't realize how lonely he had been for the past seven years of his life. He wrapped his arms around Cam and buried his tear-stained face in the nook of Cam's smooth neck.

The two of them stayed that way as they thought about their lives without the other. For them, it was hell.

Cam decided to break up with Suzanne giving the reason that she was just one of his 'toys' and that he doesn't want her anymore. He didn't expect that Suzanne would actually fall for that dumb reason and told him that she actually wasn't in love with the two of them broke up but still stayed friends.

Zoe gave birth to their wonderful son three months after but she died of child birth; leaving his husband and son alone.

Morgan and Cam stayed together in Morgan's condominium unit with the baby.

"We should name him Joey." Cam said while feeding the baby one night. "From his mom's name, Zoe."

"Maybe Dale would be better." Morgan said as he put bath soap into the sink full of warm water.



The fight for the perfect name lasted until they were already preparing for bed.

"Miracle." Morgan suddenly said.

"Why 'Miracle'?"

The two of them fought over it again for the next few hours then finally decided that they should name the baby 'Morgan Zole Miracle'. 'Morgan' was an idea given by Cameron because he first knew Denver as Cameron and 'Miracle' from Morgan because he thought that the baby is a miracle given to him by Zoe and 'Zole' from Zoe's name.