The Song Of Love

"What about your Suzanne?" Morgan asked when the two of them are done wearing their clothes again. (After they did their thing)

Cam turned his face away from Morgan to hide his blush. "I don't know." he answered in a whisper.

"She didn't know you were in love with another guy?"

Cam's face turned into bright color of crimson. "O-of course not!"

Morgan stared at the back of his silver-haired lover. "You were still ashamed of your real identity?"

Cam looked at Morgan. "I am a bi and I'm not ashamed of it!"

"Honey told me that you were a playboy. I guessed you were just having fun with those girls but when I heard you say 'I love you' to Suzanne, it broke my heart. It felt like hell."

"Honey did tell you about that, huh?" Cam murmured. I am so gonna kill that girl! "I only had a relationship with Suzanne because the two of you are look-alike and you have a lot in common except the part that she appreciates my music and you don't."

"Hey, I do, too, appreciate your music!" Morgan defended. "And I'm sure I am way hotter than that Suzanne of yours."

Cam scoffed. What's the connection of you being hotter than Suzanne and the fact that you don't appreciate my music? "What is your plan now?" he asked instead.

Morgan looked confused. His red locks started to fall to his eyes. He shook his head to throw those locks away. "What do you mean?"

"About your wife." Cam tucked his shirt in. He smoothed his shirt and pants.

Morgan stared at Cam with his maroon eyes wide with confusion. "What do you mean?" he repeated; looking like a complete idiot.

Cam rolled his eyes. "What's your plan about your wife?"

Morgan smiled as he wrapped his arms around Cam again. "Zoe knows that I only loved her as a sister and…"

"You're gonna leave her?" Cam suddenly asked with an eyebrow raised.

"No. She's too weak to accept that. I couldn't just leave her after she took care of me while I was damned down because I was away from you."

Cam turned a little pink because of those words from the man he loved so much. "H-hey, Morgan…" he murmured.

"Denver." Morgan corrected.

"Oh, whatever." Cam rolled his eyes.

"What is it, Cameron?" Morgan asked in a seductive way as he nibbled on Cam's ear.

"Do you want to hear my favourite song?"

Morgan stopped what he was doing and stared at his lover. He smiled. "Sure. I have a guitar in the music room." He pulled Cam towards the music room.

The room was HUGE. A stage was on the end of the room and the drums and a few electric guitars were on it. A grand piano was in the side of the room. A cello was beside the grand piano and there is a cabinet with a lot of violins in it.

"Wow! This is amazing, Morgan! You actually have a music room in your house and it's freaking huge!" Cam's eyes almost popped out of his head while he was staring at the room in front of him.

"Haha… I wanted my son to become a musician like his mom when he grows up." Morgan said.

"Zoe is a musician?" Cam looked at Morgan who was holding his hand.

"Pianist. She studied in Columbia before we got married."

Cam took his hand away and started walking towards the cabinet of violins. He looked at Morgan. "Can I open this?" he asked as he held on to the knob of the cabinet.

Morgan nodded as he walked towards Cam.

Cam opened the cabinet and took one of the violins. "Strativarius… the most expensive violin in the world." he whispered as he touched the violin delicately.

Morgan put his arms around Cam's torso. "Play it for me, Cameron." he whispered into the other's ear.

Cam stared at Morgan. "Will it be okay?" he asked.

Morgan pecked on Cam's cheek.

Cam took it as a yes and pulled out of Morgan's touch. He put the end of the violin between his chin and shoulder. He held the bow with his delicate hands and started connecting it to the strings of the expensive violin.

He closed his eyes as he started playing 'Without Words' by the Korean band A.N. Jell. The song was kind of a reminder for him about his love for Morgan. Without a word you taught me how to believe… Without a word you gave me everything…

Morgan stared at his long lost love as the other played the violin. His heart started to ache as he started to realize what song his lover was playing. Without words is sad song about somebody who loved another and was later broken hearted when that lover of his left without words. Cameron, is that how painful you felt when I left?

Cameron suddenly stopped playing when he saw Morgan staring at him. "Amazed by my talent, Mr. Wilson?" he asked with a prideful smile.

Morgan managed to smile. "Of course!" he answered. "So, come on, sing me that song you were talking about."

Cam returned the violin to its original place in the cabinet. He walked to the stage and took an acoustic guitar. He sat on the edge of the stage and test strummed the guitar.

Morgan sat beside him.

Cam started playing his song.

I was thinking about love

'Til my head starts to hurt

Dreaming about love

'Til my heart starts to burst

Morgan's heart was clenched as he listened to his lover.

Long years have passed

Yet my love still lasts

I wished to have you back

But that's a dream that gone bad

You're memories…

Had put me to bliss

The sound of your voice

Had help me to rejoice

Your smile...

Had given me new life

Your presence

Is the food for my soul…

Food for my soul…

Feed my heart, feed my soul!

Give me light, give me love…

Cam stopped strumming when he felt his voice shake with unknown emotions. Those emotions that he tried to hide for the past seven, long years had showed up.

Morgan also felt his throat tighten as tears started to well in his eyes. He didn't realize how lonely he had been for the past seven years of his life. He wrapped his arms around Cam and buried his tear-stained face in the nook of Cam's smooth neck.

The two of them stayed that way as they thought about their lives without the other. For them, it was hell.

Cam decided to break up with Suzanne giving the reason that she was just one of his 'toys' and that he doesn't want her anymore. He didn't expect that Suzanne would actually fall for that dumb reason and told him that she actually wasn't in love with the two of them broke up but still stayed friends.

Zoe gave birth to their wonderful son three months after but she died of child birth; leaving his husband and son alone.

Morgan and Cam stayed together in Morgan's condominium unit with the baby.

"We should name him Joey." Cam said while feeding the baby one night. "From his mom's name, Zoe."

"Maybe Dale would be better." Morgan said as he put bath soap into the sink full of warm water.



The fight for the perfect name lasted until they were already preparing for bed.

"Miracle." Morgan suddenly said.

"Why 'Miracle'?"

The two of them fought over it again for the next few hours then finally decided that they should name the baby 'Morgan Zole Miracle'. 'Morgan' was an idea given by Cameron because he first knew Denver as Cameron and 'Miracle' from Morgan because he thought that the baby is a miracle given to him by Zoe and 'Zole' from Zoe's name.