Okay, here's another of K. L. Andrews chapters.

Chapter 6 (Lexi)

Me and Teresa's roommate had never really gotten along. She always called me uptight, even though I'm not... I'm just responsible. That's why I was so surprised to see Brittany at my door. She seemed worried about something. I decided to let her in. I was about to ask her what was wrong, but she started talking.

"She... then... gone... but Kyle... he doesn't... Teresa is..." she passed out.

Of course, at the time, I had no idea that she had passed out. I thought she was dead. Then I noticed she was breathing so I dragged her to the spare bed room. The Dean "accidentally" messed up the roommate files and I ended up in a large dorm with no roommate. I'm pretty sure the "accident" happened after my dad heard about Teresa's therapy.

I took her to a small windowless room with green carpeting and beige walls. I put her on a small white bed (it was the only furniture in the room). I didn't know how to wake her up. I went throught the options. The options I came up with reflected how much I dis-liked her. I dismissed the ones that were rude and un-called for. I decided to shake her lightly. It didn't work. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a waterbottle. I went back to her and splashed her in the face with the water. At first she was annoyed, but then she remembered what she had been talking about.

"Teresa is missing!" she said. It hit me like a bullet. I was in shock. The only word I could choke out was:

"What!?" While I said it, a million answers raced through my mind.

"No, it's not what you think. After Kyle punched some guy, Teresa got a call. Kyle said Teresa looked like she was about to cry. And you know Teresa. She NEVER cries! Then she ran away... Kyle called me and told me everything. Teresa didn't come home. So, I ran all the way here, knowing that you wouldn't answer your phone if I called. I desperately hoped I'd find her here. Please tell me you've heard from her!" She was crying. I was sure Brittany had expected me to have the same reaction. To be worried and upset. But I knew Teresa. I chuckled and muttered:

"Typical Teresa."

I left my dorm and walked down the street. Naturally, I had told Brittany not to stay in my dorm. I think Brittany was confused that I hadn't had any reaction. As I've said before, Teresa is like a sister.

When we were little, I used to go to Teresa's house to escape from my mom and dad. Teresa had a fair sized house with a gigantic backyard. I once asked Teresa's mom, Evelyn, why the house was smaller than the rest of the yard.

"It the house were bigger, it would take away from the beauty of nature." she told me. At the time, my parents had told me that they were expanding the house. I was 6 when she told me that. I never forgot it. I didn't have much of a perspective on life, but my parents wanted me to be a scientist. Evelyn gave me a kind perspective on life, so I decided to be nice.

I went to Teresa's house whenever I could. It was hard to fit in free time because my parents had given me such a long schedule. My parents gave me 10 minutes of free time on week nights and 2 hours on Saturdays. Every Saturday I would go to Teresa's house.

Teresa's backyard was full of flowers. There was no organisation, they just grew freely. There were so many types of flowers, I couldn't keep count. They all blended together perfectly. It was beautiful. The flowers complimented eachother perfectly. I felt like royalty when I was there.

A thought came to me as I ran down the street. I guess I had subconsciously known something was wrong with Teresa's mom.

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