Aug, 29, 2011

A person can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Now I don't care how many people say that they don't judge people, everybody judges one another, it might be subconsciously but it's there. I was just going to write about one person in my life but it was too hard to choose one so I chose four.

The person that means the most to me is my mom. Everyone says that their mom is the best but honestly the only people that can say that are my sisters and I. My mom has done everything a mom should and more.

After she split up from my dad she fought for seven long years to see me more than every second weekend and Wednesdays. This may have not taken so long if she wasn't working against an evil overlord and her minion. The evil overlord also known as "she who shall not be named" had many tricks up her sleeve, she would play mind games and send the dreaded CFS to visit knowing it would follow my mom around forever. She who shall not be named had two goals: To capture me and never let me see daylight again and to ruin my mom's life. She almost accomplished this goal but my mom had a secret weapon, her will power. She got the best lawyer her money could buy and went to court once more. The minion being who he is forgot to show up to court. My mom won and the evil overlord had been defeated, or so everyone thought.

She reappeared five years later wanting revenge. She had trained her minion and thought up a new plan, she was going to attack my mom though me. Her plan was well thought out. She came to my house to pick me up and starting speaking in a foul way. I was shocked, so I told my mom and she went out to deal with the evildoer. My mom stood over the overlord and told her to leave the premises because she was not welcome to talk in that foul language on her property. My mom escaped death when walking in front of her as the overlord almost ran her over. The overlord was feeling unruly so being the badass she is she stayed in the parking lot for another ten minutes.

Four weeks later her minion was supposed to pick me up but he never did, it was all part of the overlords plan. She was hurting me so it would hurt my mom. This plan worked for two years, I was being let down, my mom was in pain and the minion didn't understand anything. I called them after two long years to pick me up so I could see my brother, the overlord feeling like she had won sent her minion to pick me up and after that when I wanted to go over the overlord herself would pick me up.

My mom is really brave and I feel like we're closer than every other mother and daughter. It's quite creepy really, she often says exactly what I'm thinking, I think it's another one of her super powers. Now besides defeating the overlord she has done many wonderful things for example now when she goes to the mall she gives the guys something to look at.

The overlord isn't her only nemesis; there is another, Captain tiny town. This captain isn't as bad as the overlord but he can be as bad as her minion. The captain uses his powers of hockey jerseys and childish backpacks to embarrass the innocent. She hasn't defeated him yet but she will because her will power is stronger than anything else.

The second person I want to talk about is my granny. When you think of your grandma a lot of people assume knitting, walkers, and old people smell. My grandma has none of those, she is pure awesome. Unlike my mom she doesn't have a super power, but instead of letting others get the best of her she trained in karate. She is now the best ninja in the world. Along with her background with martial arts she also has training with guns. She can shoot a raisin off a moving car while taking care of anyone who needs it. Many groups of assassins want her but she only uses her skills for good.

One of my favorite things about her is that she reads, lots. This means I get lots of books, not the old people kind but the teen fiction stuff, because my granny is that cool. When people hit fifty five they usually start wearing knitted ponchos over top of floral dresses, she's too cool for that so she shops at the same places I do.

Besides being awesome she is a perfect mother, I don't think she's ever lived a year without one of her kids living with her. When there's no kids at home it's either family from some far off place or her father. When her father lived with her she cleaned pee off his bed like a boss, it was like nothing could bother her.

To this day I've only seen her cry once, and that was when she dislocated her shoulder. This woman is very injury prone if it's not a broken something it's cuts from the glass she works with. I've heard stories about her being electrocuted and nearly drowning, she is probably one of the most healthiest people of her age. So just remember if your teddy bear's arm falls off or you're being attacked by a savage animal just call on her and you'll be safe.

Now my uncle is important to me too. He has many, many enemies and they are always after him. From the time he was little they were always framing him and getting him into trouble gremlins I suspect. If it wasn't one thing it was another. But the reason he's such an influence in my life is how he changed. He is no longer the kid that's getting in trouble, he grew up. He now owns his own auto body shop and runs it with only a little help from others.

He has another job besides painting cars, he's a model. Now you've never seen him on a billboard or magazine but if you buy my mom's new book you can see him on the cover of that in a kilt. He already has a job lined up for her next book, so I call on the writers who need a model to use him.

Ever since I was little he has bugged me from telling me that there was actually someone in the middle seat of the car and that's why it needed to be buckled, to pushing down the back of my chair, to give me a heart attack. He has taught me to never give up and pursue what anything you want, even if you're going to have to give up some things.

I said I wanted to talk about four people, you've heard about three and this last one was hard to choose. I've done the whole "I'll do this person! But what about that person" to solve the problem I did the most unexpected person, the overlord.

I didn't choose her because she's my favorite person in the world or because I couldn't live without her, I chose her because she's the person that I don't want to be like the most. People may say she doesn't deserve a spot on this paper but I think she does. Out of everyone that I have listed she may have given me the most important lesson. In the past she has tried to convert me into one of her minions, but with the help of my family I have resisted that temptation. She tried to teach me that mind games and bullying people were okay. She showed me her blue prints for a machine that would destroy all people that didn't have a heart of ice, little did she know that would mean me and her minion. Now she didn't teach me not to be like her but with what I learnt from my mom and the world I understood she wasn't nice and that I never want to be like her. I would hate myself if I turned out like her and I controlled people the way she does. That's why she's my fourth choice.

Everybody has a few special people in their life that make them who they are. People say no one is perfect, I say everyone is perfect in their own way. To me imperfections are what make us perfect. These people have made many mistakes, some maybe more than others, but what makes a person isn't what they've done wrong it's what they've done right.