Cassandra stared at her vanity mirror. She blinked once, then blinked again. What was it? The difference in her, the difference everybody has been mentioning. She can't picture what it was or locate it. Maybe people are having a misconception for she knew that she is still the Cassandra Anne Uy that everybody once loved. She glanced at the mirror again hoping that she would spot the difference, but no it wouldn't appear. She scrambled through her drawers and took out the her Chanel lipstick and brushed it upon her lips. 36 LA CÂLINE yes now she could spot the difference. She was never fond of any of this; make up, clothes, boys. She was just forced upon it by her friends. Bringing that thought to her head she might have found what the difference was, her love of vanity. It's the new her, she's different clothes and makeup wise, but when it comes to boys she still finds them as a nothing. She wasn't afraid of them though, she didn't think they carried cooties or anything, she just pictured them as a friend and nothing else. Majority of Cass' friends are boys. There's John, Tommy, David, and her two most important guy friends Zac and Austin. Now people may think she isolated herself from the females of the society, but she has girlfriends too, Georgina, Liz, and Whitney. Though she is friends with these people they don't hang out as one whole group. I mean its against their code to hang out with boys, well that's what they want you to think. Honestly these girls have another side to them that secretly comes out once needed. Cass on the other hand tends to not have another side, not until now. She managed to find time to equally share her time with the two groups. Its crazy to say, but she seems to get closer to the boys because she can't handle the stress the "girl world" brings to a female's body. In the "boy's world" all the problems were What are we eating today? or Who could win in Black Ops? That she could handle.

Now this is where the problem begins. The problem that made her stare at the vanity mirror for quite sometime mapping out what changes that has occurred to her body. It all started with Spring Break 2012, the scene of the crime: ooVoo webcaming. Webcaming is not bad right? To Cass it wasn't, it was a way of communication that is face to face, but cyber wise. Who knew that a problem could start out from a simple webcaming session. Now if people take it to a different perspective maybe it could be wrong, but knowing Cass she wouldn't do such a vulgar thing. I mean she is ooVooing her best guy friend, Austin, who happens to be like a brother to her. Cass was unaware that this problem was hauling up that whole week of spring break, not until she got a text from Liz the night before they headed back to school. "How could you…." was all that the text had.

I'm sure that Liz was determined that Cass would infer what she meant by How could you….. Yet Cass couldn't make out what she meant by that text. Then Cass thought to herself Damn what did I get into, hopefully not some Laguna Beach type of shit! Her mind started to scan through the events that took place of that week. She couldn't remember what she did wrong. She then decided to give up the guessing game and get her beauty sleep. The next morning her stomach felt like it lost its mind. She got ready for school; wearing her favorite sheer H&M shirt, BCBG black skinny jeans, and her Cambridge Satchel bag. As she headed out for school and closed the door behind her she heard a loud thump, but didn't bother checking it out because she was late for school.

Her stomach pain didn't stop. Each step that took her closer to the school campus made it feel more worst. Then there she was both feet on the campus. She slowly walked to her first period hoping that Liz was absent or late. She didn't want to face her. She got to the door of her first period class, math, her heart started racing and palms sweating. She swiftly took her seat and didn't stare at her classmates. She wasn't anticipating for the bell to ring, but she knew within five minutes it would. Her stomach started to feel like it was when she woke up. BEEEEEEP! The bell rang and everyone got up from their seats. What was she suppose to do confront Liz or go M.I.A on her group the whole day. She chose confronting Liz. Cass followed her and as they reach the usual hang out place she came to a fast hault and took a gulp of her saliva. Hey Liz was all she said, and Liz responded with a non engergetic wave. That was the closest contact Liz and Cass had the whole day, actually the closest contact the whole girl group had with Cass the whole day. After school she felt a sigh of relief that she gets to go home and forget about all of this, but suddenly a yell outbursted "CASSSS! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU! "

Cass turns around a running after her was her lovely best friend Liz