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The world is not always as you expect it to be. Things do not always happen as you wish them to happen. It is not hard to imagine some of the worst outcomes. One could end up homeless or starving- potentially even dying in the hospital. It's usually the outcome you least expect that occurs. I figured that out for myself.

It usually happens in the least expected places, too. You'll find yourself in a book shop, or the grocery store. You could accidentally bump into someone, or ask them were a certain selection is located. In honesty, there's an extreme variety to how it could occur, but the result, if the contact occurs for more than a few minutes, is usually the same- a relationship of some sort will begin.

That's how it occurred for me. It happened in the most inconspicuous way possible. I had actually been on the way to the local book store to buy the next update in one of my favorite series by Jeaniene Frost. It had been nothing more than the usual adventure out from the house, but had ended up changing my entire life.

The bell rang above my head as I entered the small book store. Even given it's small size, they sold an amazing variety, and I didn't often find myself struggling to find my next read. In fact, I had practically assured myself that they had a better selection in this small book store than they did in the town's public library.

I received a friendly and familiar greeting from the clerk behind the counter to my left. She looked up from her latest romance novel to give me a smile and a small wave before her bespectacled gaze fell back to the book in front of her. A strand of her curly auburn hair fell into her eyes and she brushed it back absently by the time I glanced away and headed toward the ever so familiar fiction section.

Unfortunately, I seemed to have a penchant for vampire novels, though it was a fact I tried, with difficulty, to deny to all of my friends at the local community college. To me the novels were an escape from a reality that was always nipping at my heels in the most irritating fashion. Even if they had to remain my dirty little secret, there was nothing that would stop me from adding a new one to my collection.

I searched the shelves for the book, seeming to come up short. I had sent in a request a week ago to have a few copies sent to the store so that I, and anyone else who might be interested, could pick up the newest installment. However, the more I looked amongst the shelves for it, the more it appeared that it definitely wasn't there.

I groaned, leaning back in disbelief. I had received a call earlier today that they had the newest copies in, and I had promptly finished everything else in order to come here today. The fact that I couldn't find it on the shelves perturbed me.

"Do you need any help, miss?" a deep, sultry voice asked me, drawing my attention to my right with a little more alacrity than the situation really called for. My heart beat in my chest as I looked up... and up... and up. God was he tall, I thought to myself as I shifted from one foot to the other, clutching my purse strap.

"Um," came my extremely intelligent reply as my eyes roamed over frame. Built and sensual were two adjectives that immediately came to mind. I shook myself in order to refocus my thoughts, which, I might add, was extremely hard to do in this situation. "I was looking for the new Jeaniene Frost book. I sent in a request for it last week and received a phone call that you had it in, but it doesn't look like you have it."

He smiled in response, revealing perfectly straight, white teeth. His canines looked a little sharp and I reminded myself that I could have all the fantasies I wanted about him later, but right now I had to focus. "You must be Clara Winther. We haven't put them on the shelves yet, but we have a reserved copy for you at the front desk," he turned to leave, but paused after a few steps, "If you'll follow me?"

I hesitated for a moment, obviously knowing my way to the front desk on my own, but some sick part of me had the urge to follow him. Biting the inside of my lip discreetly, I nodded and began to follow.

During the short walk, I found it hard not to stare. Had I thought him attractive before, it was nothing compared to now as I watched the faint outline of his muscles beneath his pants and shirt. The back of him was nearly as impressive as the front, the only downside was that you couldn't see the strange dark twinkle in his eye.

He was the kind of man that made women ooze sexual tension.

I crossed my arms, fighting off the goose bumps that were spreading all over my body. Fortunately, the ones that exploded up and down my legs were hidden beneath my simple blue jeans. So long as they stayed on my arms, I could pass it off as a sudden chill from the air conditioner.

All too soon he was at the front counter and smiling down at the clerk. "Jane, can you retrieve Ms. Winther's book for me, please?"

Jane glanced up at him for half a second before sliding one of the bookmarks on display into her novel and setting it down. She hopped off of her stool and went to the far end of the counter before bending down and disappearing behind it. When she rose, she appeared with a brown packaged rectangle in her hand. She glanced down at the writing on the paper before sliding it onto the counter.

As she was ringing up the purchase, the man, who I assumed was a new worker since I didn't recognize him, stayed up at the counter. "Do you shop here often?" he asked, leaning against the front counter casually, as if he had no place better to be- like stocking the shelves.

"Every time I need a new book that the library doesn't offer," I replied quietly, feeling a bit uncomfortable by his sudden attention. There was something about his gaze that was commanding, and it was hard for me not to meet it.

"Which is often," Jane supplied for me, tossing the book into a plastic bag, "That'll be eighteen dollars and twelve cents."

I reached for my purse, but a hand halted me. "No, it's quite alright. I'll pay for the book, Jane."

I started to protest again, but again, that same hand halted me before he turned to smile at me. "It's the least I could do for a loyal customer," he said with a disarming smile. I felt my face heat up and I thanked him profusely before taking the bag from Jane.

As her hand brushed across mine, I looked up and noticed that she had a bit of an appraising look on her face as she looked at me, but the expression was neither friendly, or positive. I swallowed heavily, thanked the man one last time before hurrying out of the store like someone had set my butt on fire.

The entire walk home, all I could do was think about this new stranger and his amazing good looks. It's not that I was particularly shallow. I was no more shallow than any other normal person on the planet, but it was the fact that he was so gorgeous. I felt in parts inferior and nervous simply being around him.

I shook my head, wondering how to best tell Theresa about my latest encounter.

Oh dear.

The dorm room was surprisingly empty by the time I got back, but after a quick observation, it wasn't hard to surmise why. Resa's clothes were everywhere, which meant her boyfriend had dropped her a line and they were probably out doing... things.

The thought of her and her boyfriend in mid-coitus had me tearing at the plastic bag, trying to get my book out of it's packaging before I grossed myself out too much.

Think of the hot guy! Hot guy! Hot guy! Hot guy! I screamed at myself mentally as images of my best friend and her boyfriend slowly melted away, only to be replaced by imaginings of the new mystery meat without his shirt on.

I glanced down at my book and smiled. "I wonder if his name is Crispin? He did have pretty sharp teeth for a normal guy," I mused aloud, flopping down on my bed, book already opened to the first page.

Oh lord, I'm going insane. The first sign is talking to yourself, and now I'm wondering if a cute guy is an immortal vampire. I read too damn much, I scolded myself internally. It was true. I felt as if I was going certifiably insane.

I flopped back with a sigh, choosing to ignore both the thoughts of the hot guy and my inner self, and read. It seemed like minutes later when the door banged open.

"Clara, you will not believe the hell I have been put through," Resa groused from the door. Instead of the outfit I had been expecting- you know, the slutty "going to make out with my boyfriend" kind- she was wearing a work uniform. "I was supposed to head out to dinner tonight with Jake, and guess who calls me about five minutes before I leave, telling me that I have to put in a few hours or I'm fired?"

I offered her a look a sympathy before answering. "Your boss, I'm guessing?"

"You got it!" she seethed, practically ripping off her work clothes, "All of that just so I could go in to wash dishes. Dishes, Clara. I could have been having sex with my boyfriend. But no. I had to go wash the all important, god forsaken dishes. Lord forbid any one of those other lazy assholes have to get up and do something for once!"

If I had heard this rant once, I had heard it a thousand times.

"Why don't you quit?" I asked, placing my book on the nightstand swinging my legs over the edge of the bed, "You could always come join me at the coffee shop."

Resa made a face before answering. "In all honesty, I think I would rather work for assholes than serve a bunch of yuppies." Said the yuppie.

I shrugged. "If you say so."

"So what have you been up to today?" she inquired, her tone implying that she was done talking about herself for now.

"Uhm, I went to the bookstore?" I answered, trying to remain as blasé as possible. Unfortunately, Theresa had had a lot of practice in seeing through that.

"What happened?"

"I met this new guy who works there."

"What's his name?"

"I don't know, he didn't tell me."

"Well what did he look like?" she persisted.

I gave her an irritated look but answered anyway. "He was pretty tall. Ok, scratch that- really tall. He had these really dark eyes, but I couldn't tell what color they were. His hair was this really rich brown color, and..." I paused, biting my lip.

"And?" she asked, drawing out the word.

I let out a small breath, preparing myself, "He was absolutely gorgeous."

Even though I had taken that step to prep myself, Theresa's excited scream was still enough to make me cringe. "How old is he? What did he say? Do you think he's my type? What happened, girl? I need details!"

I waited for her to take a breath to respond. "I'm not sure how old he is. Maybe five to six years older than us? I'd place him around... twenty-five, twenty-six? And he didn't say much. He just asked if he could help me, and he told me my book was up front." I stopped there, hoping she would interrogate further, but again, her best friend instincts kicked in.

"There's more. I know there's more. What happened?" she almost snapped at me.

I let out a loud sigh before replying, "He paid for my book."

There was another loud shriek from her direction, but this time it came in the form of the word "What?"

"He said he'd pay for it since I was a loyal customer. It wasn't anything other than that. God, stop reading into it."

"Yeah, because hot strangers always pay for you books just because you shop there a lot," she replied sardonically.

I glared and threw my pillow at her. "Shut up. He was just being helpful. He seemed like a friendly guy."

"Oh, I'm sure he was friendly. He was probably stripping you naked and doing naughty things to you in his mind," Theresa goaded, wriggling her eyebrows at me.

That was the final straw. I dove across the beds, grabbed her pillow, and proceeded to beat her with it. She let out cries of shock and laughter before retrieving my pillow and fighting back. By the end of the battle, our pillows were on the ground and we were panting from the exertion.

Theresa gave me a speculative look, must have decided I looked too tired to go on, and flopped back onto her back. "So are you going to go see him again?"

I used my heavy breathing as an excuse not to answer her for a little while. "I don't think so. He... I don't think he's interested. I don't want him to think I'm stalking him, so I probably wont go back for a while."

Theresa let out a sound of disappointment at my answer. "Oh well, maybe I'll have to get into reading so I can check him out myself."

I snorted with laughter, falling onto my own bed. "What about Jake?"

She turned her head so I could see her wink. "What Jake doesn't know wont hurt him."

I thought that was a good advice for me and my mystery man. If he didn't know I was avoiding him, he wouldn't be hurt by it.

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