at the beginning of the year, there was a new boy in my class
he was beautiful and lovely and had the most wonderful reading out loud voice
but i knew nothing would happen because he just wasn't that sort of person
and i didn't like him like that
but several people knew i thought he was beautiful and they
assumed i liked him and
i never corrected them because
there was this other boy in two of my classes
he is in year twelve and has a tattoo on his chest
(something sad, from what little i've been able to make out of
it without ogling him)
and he has the most wonderful smile and
a lovely voice
and when he laughs it's like the air fills with colours
and the flowers outside wave up at us
and time stands still
(he doesn't laugh very often)
we make eye contact across the class in English and when we have
group activities he comes and stands next to me
in maths we smile at each other each time i turn around to
look at the clock (i'm wondering what the time is
far too often nowadays)
he's quiet and a mystery and i want to figure him out
trace the bumps of his spine and
find out who made him who he is today
he is intriguing
and i
b r e a t h.

a/n: there really is something wonderful about knowing something no one else knows.