Title: Short Drop
Parent: N/A
Prompt: None
Character(s)/Pairing: N/A
Rating: T
Word Count: 200
Summary: About a girl with a fake diary. When her mom finds her real one she hangs herself. The girl finds out why her mom killed herself and then hangs herself too.
Authors Notes: One of my old poems.


As I wrote out how I feel,
I had no idea of the way it kills.
Closed the book up with a lock,
key hidden underneath my clock.
Of my life she would never know,
had a fake one in my desk for show.
I thought I was slick,
thought I had pulled a fast one, quick.
I was so sure,
but now I've never felt so insecure.
My mothers body dangles on a rope,
the cops say the suicide might have to do with dope.
As she hangs there by a thread:
" I still can't believe she's dead...! "

Hold me tight,
I don't wanna die tonight.
So full of fright
and I know it's not really alright.

There is no antivenin treatment
for a heart that beats like cement,
but the poison is slowly killing me
and there's only one way I'll ever be free.
She read my notes is why she left,
there is a penalty for life theft.
I'll take a short drop to tell you I'm sorry,
following the verdict of life's jury.

As the rope pulls tight,
it's okay if I die tonight
I no longer have any fright,
because I know this makes things really alright.

Ⓒ Copyright: H.V. Corbin 2007 (Posted for the first time elsewhere)