James awoke with a deafening scream, sweat drenching the covers of his bed. Scenes from the nightmare flash across his mind like a slide show. His wife decaying right before his eyes, while he could do nothing to prevent it. He could only stand there and watch as her skin melted off her bones. It was the equivalent of losing his wife again. James falls back onto the bed, breathing heavily he looks at the clock, 6:24 A.M. He has only had about three hours of sleep. He closes his eyes, hoping that he never has to feel the pain of losing his wife again, unfortunately this nightmare was not the end of his pain; it was just the beginning.

After another four hours of uninterrupted sleep, James manages to pull himself out of bed and go about his normal morning routine. He walked into the bathroom for a shower and to brush his teeth, feeling strange that there wasn't a mock fight over the one bathroom he and his wife once shared. After the cleaning up he threw on a pair of jeans and a random shirt he found in his closet. Seeing all of her clothes still hanging, taking up the majority of the closet, nearly brings him back to tears. The ringing of the phone forces him to regain composure to answer the call. "Hello."

"Hey honey, are you feeling any better?" His mother asks from the other line.

"I'm feeling a bit better, but everything about this place just brings up memories of Jess. Everything about this place makes me think about all the things Jess and I shared here."

"I won't lie to you James, that feeling will never go away, but with time, it will become more bearable, how much time I can't say, but it will get better." If she could reach through the phone she would put a hand on her son's shoulder, to show him that he is not alone.

"You always were brutally honest."

"And you never believed a word I said until it happened." James released a small laugh; for James it felt great, to laugh after crying for hours.

"I know this is going to be hard but we have to arrange the funeral." And like that the small happiness James had was drained by those words. He knew it would be coming sooner or later, he just wished it was later rather than sooner.

"I know, when can you pick me up?"

"I'll be there in half an hour."

"Alright, bye, love you.

"Love you."

James hung the phone up on the jack and began to head to the living room. He sat on the couch and waited, turned the TV on to help distract him from his thoughts, and waited for his mother to get another horrible day out of the way.

When his mother picked him up they went to a familiar funeral director, one they already knew from past experience with James's cousin. Unfortunately for James, this cut down the time that he could focus on something that wasn't his own thoughts. After a few hours everything would was sorted out, the date was set and everyone was notified.

"Alright honey, time to get you home." His mother let out a tired sigh. Sitting down for hours, doing nothing, was not something she considered very entertaining, especially when it involved a funeral for a loved one.

James response was an exhausted yawn and a simple nod of the head. The car ride back to James's home was quite or two reasons, James was far too tired to pay attention to conversation, paper work can do that to a person, and the fact that he scheduled his wife's funeral. Even though he knows she is dead, having the funeral set just makes it seem, final.

Once the car pulls up into James's drive way, James get out of the passenger door and makes his way up to his front door. He pulls the keys form his pocket and unlock the door, what he finds inside causes him to drop to his knees, tears falling form his face. He can't bring himself to move or even scream, he just stares at the scene in his home.

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