Elynn Liu

Defying the Media


Tell me that it is okay to cry for no reason,

like rain falling on a sunny day with no rain clouds in sight.


I don't need to be strong

all the time.

Don't leave the alpha to die.

He loses to another, showing weakness.

A leader, whom is not the best.


The media is wrong.

Goddesses are symbolism for perfection of beauty,

as unreal as the Garden of Eden.

With power to bring victory to her country


I am not Ishtar.


It is okay to be flawed,

like a rusted penny

in brown and gray

with green moss growing on top,

or an apple tree

that grows no flower.


Tell me that you will always be there.
Even when my emotions are like a Novella.
Bi-polar tendency
of wanting you near me
and not wanting anything to do with you.


Love me
for who I am.