Just, Write a Poem

Just, write a poem – they tell me.

'They' must not know the difficulty.

The task of finding inspiration;

How fast it turns to desperation.

My last wish is to pass with a 'B'.

Wait till the last minute, or be free?

Now that times' out, how could I not see?

With myself there is such frustration.

Just, write a poem.

Allowing to be judged is gutsy,

We haven't another choice, have we?

Out of time and words, what starvation!

At first glance there's not much duration.

An easy task it's not, we agree?

Just, write a poem.

So I had to write three poems for my Creative Writing class. This is the first one, a Rondeau. Tell me, do you know what makes a Rondeau?

The freaking lines are required to show the end of a stanza. /sigh