I had waited. There had to be a sound, some symbol that there was life. I would have even loved to be bitten by a mosquito, at least to know I wasn't the only thing still alive. I couldn't see anything. It was dark even with the small amount of light that the moon and stars gave off. They reflected in the water, the horrible water, as the boat bobbed up and down with the current. I shivered, not only because it was cold but also because I was terrified.

The sun had just started to go down and we were all exhausted. Someone decided to go into the storage space below the deck to search for something to help keep warm. We were safe and it was a pleasant turn of events after all we'd been through. It's funny how quickly the mood changed.

There was a scream followed by complete silence. Then, the creatures were out and staring at us. The fresh blood of our friend dripping from the chins, large chunks of flesh missing from them like an uncompleted jigsaw puzzle of a person, and a look of despair loomed in their eyes.

Everyone was confused and stood around dumbly. The monsters jumped onto them and began shredding them to pieces. Eating any flesh they could get their hands on. I hid and watched my companions be massacred. Few people knew how to fight but everyone was trying to stop the slaughter. It wasn't long before my entire group was down. A puddle of blood was the only thing that remained of most of them.

I was the only one left. A few of the monsters were still remaining. They shambled back down into the storage area. One pulled the door shut, staring right through me. Another clever trick they had assembled but I don't think anyone else will fall for it like my group did.

That night, I couldn't fall asleep. As the sun came up the following morning it burned my eyes. The blood shone sanguine in the young light. I couldn't stand to look at the remaining bodies of the creatures that the monsters hadn't been as enthusiastic to eat as they had been about my friends. It took all I had but I threw them into the water. The horrible water.

I stared at it. A horrid shade of green layered with thick pieces of grass and the bodies. I saw what appeared to be a log but I know better now. Hours passed as I watched it hoping to see a fish swim by or maybe see the dirty reflection of a bird in it. There was nothing even as it turned dark.

Still, I waited for an image and once it was too dark to see, a sound. I hummed. That was a sound. There was another sound, the sound of splashing, the horrid song that gargled in their throats, the sound of pounding against a door and humming.

They reached up and swayed the boat as they strived to get on. Water splashed against my skin as the came out of the water. The horrible water. They climbed on and the door swung open and they ran to me. Bloated bodies reached for me. Decomposing souls felt for my skin. Their cold hands brushed over me, rugged nails dug into my stomach, teeth bit into my arms as they stole my flesh.

I didn't notice. As the horrible water flooded over the boat at the weight, something floated in the sky. The moon shone on it illuminating its image. It seemed completely silent other than the small thud of a heartbeat. A butterfly flew in the air well and alive. As everything blacked out, the vibrant orange of the insect stayed in my vision. And then it was all that was left.