I can still smell him on me.

His heady, musky scent that drives me crazy.

It makes me feel safe, secure, loved.

But it also sears me, makes my whole body tremble with anticipation and longing.

There are no words

No true words

That could express my feeling towards him when I inhale his rich smell

And murmur his name to myself.

Even now, as my fingers dance across the keys, they tingle

Muscle memory of how his length felt in my clumsy, naive hand.

I put it over my nose and take a deep breath.

The faint, lingering imprint of his arousal unconciously evokes a soft moan from me.

I am on fire under my skin

In my flesh and down to the marrows of my bones

A licking, biting, smoldering fire

I bite back a groan of pleasure at the memory of him guiding my hand to his swelled and aching length.

The fire burns

It warms me

And makes me need.

Need him like the fire need air

I need his hands on me

His tounge all over my body.

I want to feel his length again

Make him gasp with pleasure and surprise.

Draw him into my mouth.

Feel his body react to the way I run my tounge over him