Hey, my name is Redd and I just made the biggest discovery in the whole world. I think I found some greek gods living among us as humans. They look like humans but if you study them closely you will realize that they have features and powers of almight beings. People say greek mythology doesn't exist but I believe I, Redd Thompson found something unbelievable.

Okay, I'm an ace photographer on the job for some interesting news stories, amazing discoveries and many more stuff. But this greek god discovery I made is top secret so I can't tell anyone else but you guys since I can trust you guys that you won't tell anyone of my discoveries until it's really true. Let me just explain to you some of the "so called gods" I found just wandering the streets of New York.

First on the list is a person who I saw at the "Purple Grape Bar". He was an excellent bartender who was doing all of these fancy tricks to impress the audience. He was also able to drink 80 cups of wine without getting drunk and crazy. Just to add to his weirdness, I think I saw him eating roots! That is just weird and creepy but believe it. I think he is the god Dionysus, one of the 12 olympian gods. This guy is just to unbelievable to be a normal human but then again he seems to only speak in greek and write in greek.

The next god I saw was a lonely undertaker who looked like he was dead. Pale skin, bloodshot eyes, he just looked really scary. He walks around the graveyard just examining the grass the coffins. I see him everyday in graveyard, alone. Then one night I came to examin him and I saw him talking to skeletons! What? I believe he summoned them from the dead so that he can talk to somebody. It could be my imagination but I could have sworn I saw him talking to the undead. I believe he is Hades, the god of the Underworld but who knows it could just be some undertaker who made skeleton toys to play with.

That's it for my research today. Hopefully as the days pass, I will discover more about these fascinating people or "so called gods".