Wolf Zarcode

Storm wolf reborn

Solnix he Estray

Part 1



So there I was, standing on a rocky cliff observing the part horrifying, part amazingly beautiful landscape. If you wanted to know, I was the one who made the part of the landscape horrifyingly ugly. And no, that does not mean that I did allot of… process of producing waste to make it look like that. As you MUST know, I am Valadus DeathRider, the most feared, horrifying, evil, and bravest prince in the WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE (hey, now where is that crazy black lightning in the background? And what about the evil laugh that I'm supposed to make?) I stare at the beautiful part of the landscape (which will soon become just as UGGGLLLLLYYYY as the other part), wondering what I could do with it once I destroy it… and wondering where that castle is… "Valadus, we should get going now and take over that Ice castle together, don't you think?" I look down to a tiny, wrinkly, old man with a hairless head, a gray and black beard and a midnight black cloak with a hood who happens to be my teacher. The one who taught me the powers of death and skills that are used to destroying heroes and armies without getting noticed. "Don't you mean that we should get going now and I should take over the castle"? I snickered. The old man who I call "The Wise One" glared at me. "If you don't get down here in ten seconds, then I will turn you into stone like how Medusa does to people" he said coldly. "But can't I deflect it?" I sneered. "I didn't teach you how to deflect powers shot through the eye, boy" he said coldly, and in a more demanding tone. "Alright, alright. Geesh, I was only playing around." I said while jumping down from the cliff with ease.

"Playing comes after the mission is complete… or until a person is killed" He hissed.

I winced when he said it like that. Man, old people can be creepy and scary at random times. After we gathered our stuff and filled our canteens with water that soon disappeared after we were done, we sprinted off towards to the ice castle. Basically, we were going to ambush on them after killing the ice guards, threaten (and maybe torture) the ice king, and steal the ice princess named Snow and probably drain her powers away… and kill her after that. The acres of land behind us started to die. Grass turned black and disintegrated, bugs hidden among the grass fell over and died once the grass they were on died. I was cackling as we kept on running, coming closer and closer to the freezing cold chunks of ice that the king calls an "ice castle" until I heard this really annoying voice that first sounded like a stupid hyena/ groggy monster and then sounded really familiar. Like a whiny four year old crying about how tired he was, or like Godzilla crashing down buildings and trying to eat Japanese civilians while screaming "IIIIIII AMMMM IRONN MANNN" while Japanese people are saying " NO YOU FREAKAZOID YOU'RE A FREAKING, FAT, AND RETARDED GODZILLA. WHAT DON'T YOU GET BY THAT, FOR GODS SAKE?" Maybe even both… or maybe it's just my obese, stupid, and ugly, step sister and brother trying to wake me up. Suddenly I could hear their stupid, high pitched whining voices screaming like crazy chimpanzees, the heat of the sun warming up my face… and for some reason I can feel my hand being picked up by a fat, baby soft hand… and something wet. It's like all over me and it feels too warm and… smells too sweet… and feels too sticky to be water. Warm…sweet…and sticky. Now what could that be? I search threw my brain for any possible answers…and then I found out what it is. "ARRRRGHHHH! WHAT THE HELL, YOU FREAKS! I'M SO GONNA KILL YOU!" I screamed while trying to grab them by the necks and choke them. Suddenly I feel my right foot getting stuck in something small and plastic and I fall, head first, on the ground. When I open my eyes I see a blue world with bubbles all around. I go ahead and take a lung full of air, but then I start to choke. Oh my God, I just realized that my head was in a bowl of water! Immediately I get up and the water drains out of the space that wasn't covered up by my head. I try to pull it off but it didn't budge. I pull it several times as hard as I could. It was still stuck like glue. Huff. Well I guess there's only one way to solve this. I move around, my arms outstretched searching for a wall until I finally feel a smooth but somewhat rough café colored wall. I step back a few steps and took a deep breath. "I hope I'm not going to regret this… but eventually I will." my voice came from the bowl in a muffled like tone. The talking bowl boy. There. I guess that could be a nickname for me. Let's check that on the list of stupid nicknames that were given to me…done! That's number fifty six on my list! Let's have a celebration! Yay for me, heh heh, NOT! I take a deep breath of air and bolt towards the wall. CRASH! I can feel the bits of glass go past my arm, some scratching my skin as they hit the ground, some stuck in my arms like arrows plunging into their targets. When I open my eyes, the glass bits have finally hit the ground, not able to scratch me. As I sit up, I feel a sudden piercing pain jolting from various parts of my body, rushing through my nerves into my brain. I look down. Bits of coral blue and aqua colored glass covered me all around, causing my skin to bleed. Huff. I get up, not minding the glass crunching under my feet since that one of them is stuck in a plastic bucket. I look over at my bed and see golden honey and maple syrup sticking to the mattress and dripping onto the cream carpet, making it look even dirtier and uglier than ever. Ugghhh, obviously I know what's going to happen in the next five seconds. Five…four…three…two…one. "WOOOOOOLLLLLLFFFF, GET DOWN HERE AND BRING DOWN MY BOTTLES OF HONEY AND MAPLE SYRUP! IF YOU DON'T COME DOWN IN THE NEXT THIRTY SECONDS, I WILL GET UP THERE AND CHOKE YOU TO DEATH! Well obviously I knew that was coming up. And I know exactly what will happen in the next three seconds. An ugly, zit and acne covered, brown, poofy haired, gray eyed, and obese woman in her forties who happens to be my step mom marches up to my room (that wasn't even thirty seconds! Oh wait I just remembered, she can't count!). She gasps when she sees the honey and maple covered carpet and mattress (Mmmmm, delicious. Real honey, maple syrup, dust and cotton in every bite! No artificial flavors!). "Well I'm pretty sure that you were so hungry and ate all of that honey and syrup like a pig, hmmm?" the woman who I'm supposed to call Aunt Sally growled, glaring at me with her cold, gray eyes. "Ughhh it wasn't even me! It was your stupid kids Crap and Gas!" I growled back.

"That's not even their names. Its Jack and Jill!"

"Crap and Gas seems to fit them allot more."

"You don't even talk to them!"

"Does it look I want to talk to ten year olds kids that fart all day, try to kill me, wake me up with by squirting stuff all over me, and talk about stupid stuff that all ten year olds talk about these day ?"

A fat, meaty hand slaps against my face, jerking my head back. But I knew that was coming since that Aunt Sally does that every day.

"Ugghhh, you are a horrible child! Your mother should have taught you better manners!"

"She did… but she didn't say to be the nicest child in the world when it comes to you and other horrible people."

"ARRRGHHH!" the obese woman tries to slap me again but I easily block that. "That's it, no breakfast for you!" she hollers, marching back down stairs. Well I definitely knew that that was coming sooner or later. I look over at my mattress. The honey and maple syrup was still there, gleaming in the sunshine. My stomach grumbles. I can't believe that I have to do this, but hey I'm hungry. I know obviously what your expression is. Either your face is twisted up and turning green as in 'this guys a freak!' or either it's in delight and your laughing in horrible humor… Or you might have a smile plastered onto your face and you're rubbing your tummy and saying "Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum, delicoso!" If that's happening, then you, my friend are a total freak. Sorry, but I can't keep my mouth closed on that part.



Some things and history about Wolf Zarcode

* Age: 14.

* Appearance: Dark brown, curly hair, brown, lazy looking eyes, tan (a little lighter) skin, pretty tall, and pretty skinny.

* Personality: Quiet, sarcastic at times, and sometimes a risk-taker.

* Hobbies: listening to music, playing video games (Plays on the Xbox 360 or PS3, rated M, first person shooter games and other stuff that are either rated T or E10) and taking walks by himself.

* Likes: Sweets, books (as long as they are not based on school subjects or other boring stuff like history books), video games, music, and cheese.

* Dislikes: Pretty much everything in the world.

*Career: No idea. Probably an engineer or a videogame designer

* Unnatural things: Born with a birth mark that looks like a wolf but disappeared suddenly. He doesn't like talking to other people.

When Wolf was born, a Wolf shaped birth mark appeared on his back and looked more like a tattoo. The next day, it suddenly disappeared. His dad, John Zarcode, suddenly disappeared when he was two, taking all of his belongings except for a silver necklace in the shape of a wolf that was for Wolf. Weird, we ALL knew that by now. When Wolf was eleven years old, his mother, Katrina Danwillow died from an unknown disease that no one knew about. Her sister, Sally Danwillow, was forced to take Wolf in since that they were the only two children of their family and that John was an only child, along with his parents who were also only child's and died a long time ago. Wolf never made any friends after finding out what happened to his dad.



The day passes on like a person giving a bowl of salad to the one who wants it on Thanksgiving or like a librarian giving you the book you checked out. Crap and Gas acts innocent like as though they didn't pour honey and maple syrup all over me and tried to kill me by getting a bowl of water stuck on my head. Of course, like always, Aunt Sally believes them. Man, she is so clueless when it comes to finding out who is the liar. She found out about the coral blue and aqua colored glass bowl (about time she did) and made this whole lecture on how horrible I am and what should she do with me and all that junk. "Have you ever known that I made that bowl when I was seven?" she yelled for the seventh time. Seriously, I mean first of all, it was your stupid and obese kids who stuck my head in that thing! And second of all, I doubt that she made that bowl. Instead of saying "Have you ever known that I made that bowl when I was seven?" the translation to that might have been "Have you ever known that that bowl was the first bowl that I had that was not made in China?" After that, I went outside and walked around the neighborhood. The leaves that belonged to the oak trees were starting to turn into shades of orange, red and yellow, some still stuck onto the trees like bubble gum stuck onto the roof of your mouth, some close to breaking apart, some floating down, and some that have already crashed down, my feet stepping over them like I was King Kong or some other monster. I smell the faint aroma of spiced pumpkin, dirt, and I think daises as I walk down the old and cracked sidewalk that goes around the neighborhood. The sky was a mix of oranges, light reds, and vivid yellows. Ah, perfect. I'd rather live out here than in Aunt Sally's messed up house. In there, my life was horrible and had two messed up, gassy ten year olds and a messed up, zit covered step mom. I go ahead and lie down on the leaf covered ground, watching the sky do its amazing magic trick of changing colors and making stars suddenly appear before me. "Yeah, swirl those colors, make them merge!" I yelled since that no one was around. If I was Valadus Death Rider, then the leaves would turn brown, the earth beneath me would suddenly disappear and I would be falling into the layers of the earth, maybe into the very core. Cool, I thought. Cool. That's when I just realized the path in front of me. A few blocks away, I can just make out a dirt path with twisted, gnarled trees along its sides. "Remember Wolf, never follow the dirt paths. They can lead you to trouble." A replay of a lesson that my mom told me when I was six played through my head once I remembered those words. "But what if it's not bad? What if it leads to an adventure?" I squeaked. My mom hesitated for a short moment and then a warm smile crept up on her face. "If that happens, then follow it. Remember what your dad said?" I shook my head as in no (I was six then so how was I supposed to know what he said?). She knelt down beside me and whispered "Your dad said that you should always trust your heart and see for yourself." I check my pocket and feel the familiar plastic feel against my fingers. I take it out and there it is, not crumpled or folded up. It was a picture of me, my mom, and my dad. We were all sitting around a birthday cake, surrounded by our friends. I was on top of my dad's shoulder, a toothy smile lighting up my face with joy. The cake said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WOLF!" in big red and blue letters. Back then I was a normal kid. I had friends. People actually cared about me. I was actually loved. But now that was gone. Now everyone hated me and thought that I was a Goth or Emo or something else like that. And now I loved no one. I sit up and stare at the dirt path hard. It was like as though the trees were saying different things like "Don't come in here!" or "Come closssseerrr, newcomerrr." Or like "Come on down, we got fresh vegetables and fruit that have been harvested since yesterday! Der de der de der!" Okay I made that one up. But still like I said, each tree seemed to have a different thing to say. Part of me told me to run back home and not think about it, the other part of me saying to go and find out what awaits for me there. Then I remembered what my mom said about what my dad said. "You should trust your heart and see for yourself." The words echoed in my head. I stand up and sucked my gut in. I clutched onto the wolf necklace that my dad left for me. "Well mom, you said that dad told me that I should trust my heart and see for myself, right?" I said as I walked towards the dirt path. The one that just might lead me to an adventure.



As I walked along the dirt path, everything around me seemed to go…silent. Like as though time has stopped working. Like as though everything is at slow motion or something like that. And the temperature feels like as though it dropped down from sixty nine degrees to fifty seven. I zipped up my black jacket that had a zipper that goes and up and down in a zigzag and wrapped my arms around me to keep myself warm as I waddled on. The more I walk, the colder it gets… and I think the color's starting to drain out of the trees and all that stuff. Like as though I was Valadus DeathRider. I kept on walking though, pretending as though I didn't see anything odd about the place. Twenty minutes later, I was just about ready to give up. The cold and walking seemed to make my legs go numb and there was nothing interesting yet. I look behind my back and man; I was pretty far away from the neighborhood. Then I look ahead of me and I was so surprised that I fell on my butt. A bid, old, ugly mansion was suddenly in front of me in the middle of a garden that frosted up. Weird. I was pretty sure that that mansion was never there in the first place. Or the fact that it was all frozen up like a big ice cube. I looked around to see if there was anyone else who might have followed me secretly. Nope, there was no one in sight. As I went up towards it, a freezing pain jolted in my stomach causing me to fall over. "AGGGHHHHH, CRAP, CRAP!" I yelled. The pain stopped immediately. Weird, I thought as I walked on to the large door. Probably just a cramp. I grabbed hold of the handle and the freezing cold sensation bolted down my hand to my head and stomach. "AGGHHHHH, WHAT THE-!" The pain stopped as soon as I grabbed my head and was about to finish my sentence. Even creepier, I thought. I grabbed hold of the large brass door knob, twisted it, and pushed the door until there was enough space for me to squeeze through

W * Z * W * Z

The mansion was even colder than outside when I went inside. Everything was ripped or broken down; some things were frozen from the cold. The theme of the house was Victorian, the colors mainly red wine, orchid, gold, and brown, the styles mainly filled with swirls and interesting signs and symbols. There were all these big doors around the room like as though you were in a mystery house and you have to choose the right room, if you don't, you die or something else happens that's as horrible like that. Most of the doors were covered up by rocks and broken furniture, some of them locked for some random reason. There was only one that was wide open, probably ready to shut me inside once I step in. I walk into a humongous broken down kitchen that had golden paint that was peeling off the walls and broken copper pots and pans. I stepped over bricks, rocks, and copper parts that belonged to the old cooking instruments as I walked over to another open door that led to this big ballroom. Beauty and the Beast all over again, I thought as I walked through the golden room with fancy paintings towards another room. I stopped when I heard a noise coming from the ceiling. When I looked up, I saw that the wires that held up this enormous crystal chandelier were snapping. A heavy groan came from the chandelier as I bolted for the other side of the room. SNAP! When I reached the other side and looked over, a thousand crystals broke and flew my way, covering everything, including me, in tiny fragments of the thousands of crystals. When I opened my eyes, it looked like I was wearing sparkly, sequined clothes from Justice or from some other girly shop. So for about a half an hour or so, I was carefully plucking off bits of tiny crystals from myself. "Oh my lucky day. Hooray for me," I mumbled. After that, I looked up from myself to the golden ballroom. Now it looked more like a golden and crystal ballroom. I sighed. So much for Beauty and the Beast, I thought as I opened the door to the next room. Now you're probably thinking, why the heck did I go ahead and put myself in a frozen like, old, and broken down Victorian styled house? You're probably wondering why didn't I go run outside back to the neighborhood after feeling the cold freezing shock go up to me twice, right? Well hey; I already answered your question earlier about why I came here. And I can't go back now because the golden and crystal ballroom is blocking my way. I grab hold of the brass door knob, expecting a freezing pain to bolt up to my head and stomach, but surprisingly there wasn't. Two staircases that curve up to another door stand before me, the one on the left broken down, the other one looking pretty old that it will fall if even a speck of dust falls on it. I looked back behind me, now wishing that I was back at the neighborhood, walking along the sidewalk. Ah well, I'll just have to see if there's an exit at the top. Carefully, one by one, I went up the stairs towards the door until I heard another creak and loud groan. Oh crap, this is soooooo not good… I thought as I slowly looked behind me. More groans follow like as though the stairs were trying to say "You should have never came here in the first place, you coward!" That's when the stairs started breaking from bottom to top. Oh crap, I thought as I was running up the stairs, two at a time. I can feel my feet slipping when I was almost at the top. Squeezing my eyes shut, I lunged myself forward without thinking. I open my eyes, finding myself on the top of the stairs that were still strong enough to take my weight. I looked behind me to see the wooden staircase transformed into a heap of wood. Now it looked just like the other staircase. And now the only way I could go was the door in front of me. I quickly scrambled my way up the remaining stairs and stood in front of the two twin doors and grabbed hold of one of the handles. Another freezing pain shot up my arm but also felt… electric. "CRAAAAPPPP! WHAT THE HELL! GAAAAHHHH!" I was screaming the same thing over and over again. It kept on going for twenty seconds, getting more painful and intense as each second went by. As the freezing and electrical shock went by, these sudden images of places and… random people that I don't remember flash threw my head in hyper drive. There was this forest that I was running through, a girl who looked like my age but had weird genes like brown eyes with a twinkle of yellow, a big tanned muscular man who had horns on his head, a pretty woman who had blue wings and blue hair who looked like she was in her twenty's, and this really creepy woman who wore a dark cloak. Finally the hyper drive stopped and smoke was rising from my body like I was being grilled on barbeque night. "What the heck?" I thought as I got up. My bones felt like jelly as I flexed them. I looked at the door with a glare. This better not happen again, I thought as I grabbed the door handle and twisted. I'm pretty sure that it will happen again though...or maybe my death will come later on in this mansion.



The door led me into a dark hallway with paintings on the walls. I was barely able to see and kept on bumping into the walls, causing paintings to fall on me. "Owwwww, man!" I groaned every time a painting fell on me which was like, eighteen times (I counted…don't ask why). I found another door that broke when I touched it (Yay, I'm stronger than everyone in my gym class now! If only if I could pull that kind of stunt there…). It was basically the same hallway, only it had different paintings and had windows. As I walked through the hallway, I looked at each painting. They all looked...creepy and unusual. There was the same people I saw in that hyper drive dream. The girl with the brown eyes with a twinkle of yellow had a half painting of herself in the dream and the other half of a regular human version of herself. In the regular human version, she had dark hair, big, brown eyes, flawless white skin like a Chinese girl, and a warm smile that reminded me of my mother. The other side had the girl in my dream, her hair just a few inches below her shoulders in a boyish like hair style, the color looked like it was indigo in the light but it still looked jet black, her eyes were sharp on the sides and yellow like a cat, her face was scratched up with this long scar on her arm, her skin tone was somewhat like mine, just a bit lighter, and she had a frown that said "Back off, or your dead." I looked down to see if it showed her name, but there was none. The other paintings showed the same people in their regular versions and their regular human versions, some I don't remember seeing. The only face that I didn't see was the one was the one the creepy woman with the dark cloak. When I got to the end, I saw a blank canvas with only a sketch of someone's head. Then I hear this clinking sound behind me. Clink…clink…clink. I turned around to see this guy in black armor with a long, heavy looking sword. Another guy that looked just like him appeared in front me. Oh crap, now what do these guys want with me? I inched away and bumped into the guy behind me and quickly jumped away in fear. I held up my fists as they kept on coming closer. "Hey knock it off and tell me who you freaks are!" I yelled sounding as tough as possible but sounding more like a wimp instead. So much for that, I thought as I tried to swing a punch at one of the guys and ended up hurting myself instead when my fist met his masked face. I knew there was nothing for me to do so I formed into the turtle position that my elementary school thought when we were kids. "Please, don't kill me." I whispered loud enough for them to hear (I know, I know, I sure am strong, right?). I was getting freaked out. Even though I didn't feel a cold blade resting on the side of my neck or a whoosh of air from a sword or anything, still. I mean, I'm pretty sure that's what you would do if you were in my place. I looked up, surprised that I didn't see the point of a sword in front of my face. Instead, the two black armored guys were in front of me facing the other way instead of me. When I was just about to say something, the two parted and revealed a woman with crimson eyes, dark, curly hair that went to the middle of her back, a pointy nose, pale skin, skinny and bony body, dark and heavy makeup, and a dark cloak. It took me a while to remember who the woman was and before I could say anything she held up a hand. "Well it looks like the boy has arrived without killing himself… how surprising." She said with a cold voice. She already reminded me of Aunt Sally. "Sata, should we get rid of him now or leave him here?" One of the guards asked. "No, you two can leave. I'll deal with him." Sata said, her voice as fluent as water, firm as a punch, for some reason causing the skin on the back of my neck hot like soup from the pot. What the heck? Who are these people? Are they goanna kill me or what? Now I wish I was home, having another clone of Aunt Sally is even worse than having to live with one. The two guys suddenly disappeared with a flash of black smoke. Now it was only me and Aunt Sally #2. "So I guess you are now wondering what will happen now, hmm? Well don't worry, honey, I'm not going to kill you…for now. But I will tell you some things that will happen later on." She raised a finger in front of my face, her own inches away from mine. "You will be asked this same question from everyone you basically know but I won't tell what they will ask you." She grinned in an evil way. "That'll give you some popularity back in school, don't you think?" Ok, now how did she know that I wasn't the most popular kid in my school? I never talked to anyone there except for my teachers and I have never joined any clubs in my life except for the math bowl since that I am such a wizard when it comes to the subject. She came even closer to my face before she started talking. "Second of all, you will soon meet all those people from that hall with all those paintings and go to those places in this hallway." She gave me another creepy grin when she said "One of them happens to be my daughter. She's pretty much like you, you know? Same grade, likes, all that stupid junk." She got up and snapped her fingers. Suddenly my jacket and shirt disappear. "What the he-?" Suddenly she slams her hand on my back and that freezing/electric pain comes back. All these dark symbols spread around and climb up the walls. I feel my skin burning and sweat drip down my face. "!-!" I hear glass crash from behind Sata and a POW! Her hand flies away from my back and I fall over. The last things I saw was this guy in black who tackled over Sata yelling "Leave him alone!" Sata threw this bomb thing at his face causing him to fly out the window. She suddenly disappeared with a flash of black smoke. The last thing I heard her say was "Grrrr, it's him again, I knew he would come… but he's too late, the wolf has awoken."



I was in the same place when I woke up. There was smoke rising from my body and I was all alone. There was broken glass on the floor from the window the guy broke from. So it was real, I thought as I slipped on my shirt and zipped my jacket on. I walked over to the window the guy broke from and looked down. The two weren't there anymore. Who was that guy anyway? Was he trying to save me, or just take me away to kill me himself? If he was here to save me, then I'll have to thank him if I see him again. If he wasn't, then I'll have to run away from him and Sata. Why the heck did she say "he's too late, the wolf has awoken"? But I could think about that question later. The only question that was on my mind now was how the hell am I supposed to get out of here? I looked around to see if there was anything soft for me to land on. Nope. Only the long grass and dirt. Yay for me. I looked up to the moon. It was still there except it looked bigger than ever like as though Mars was goanna crash into Earth. Then I feel this heat rise from my toes to my head and then that pain comes back this time there was no freezing, just an electric blast. "GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed falling over. I felt this weird erupting sensation like as though I was making cells too fast or something like that. When I looked down at my hands, I screamed in horror. They were hairy and had long fingernails. I screamed again when I saw that my arms were hairy. My screams suddenly turned into howls. Now I felt as though I couldn't stand up. It's like as though I have four legs. This mirror that I didn't notice was in front of me. And I wasn't my regular self that people say weird. Instead I have transformed into a dog, a wolf to be specific. I felt a teardrop fall from my cheek, disappearing into the thick fur on my face before I passed out again. I heard a howl came from me before that tear came. A howl that meant "This can't be happening to me…"



After Wolf passed out, the paintings in the hallways started to glow, each a different color. It was like as though they were becoming 3D. Then it seemed as though they were starting to float up into the air. They went through the ceiling and flew up into the clouds. No one can see them. They're invisible now. All except for one. It was the only painting that didn't hover up with the other paintings. It was an empty canvas with no color. The one with the sketch of a person's head. Suddenly, a sketch of a person was made in ten seconds. Paint stated to bloom onto the picture. It formed the two halves of the fourteen year old boy who has passed out. Now he was part of that world that the other paintings flew off to.



I felt like as though I'm in a dark world of dark blue. Like as though I'm at the bottom of the ocean. Or the bottom of nothing. I can't move for some reason. Come on, move…move. But I still can't. I'm stuck here. Probably for the rest of my life. Then I feel this intense light behind me. Rays of light shoot out into the air before me. Then these small orbs of colors float into the air. It's so hypnotizing. Like when you look at one, you see a person. Look at another one, and you see a different person. When you look at the first one, you see something different like, an animal. What the heck? I notice that I'm starting to glow, a silver gray. I feel as though I'm becoming lighter. Like I'm floating. The orbs come closer and then I'm ahead of them like as though we were racing each other. Everything becomes from black to blue to purple to red to orange to yellow to green. This is weird, I thought. Where am I? I feel like I'm in a roller coaster. Air rushes past me like as though it's trying to use the force on me. I feel like superman flying over to the destination where his enemy awaits. Then this intense light shines on me. I can't cover or close my eyes at all. I feel like as though I'm a new person. I feel golden. Like as though I'm on the top of the world. The king of the world. And then everything goes black.

W * Z * W * Z

I feel the intense, bright, light of the sun, radiating its heat onto me, making me a bit sweaty. I feel this warm but thin fabric against my skin. A worn out mattress behind my back. It felt like home. I open my eyes. I'm in my bed, a thin, pale blue blanket on me, and the sun was rising up in the sky out my window. Why am I here? Wasn't I stuck in a mansion? Didn't I pass out? How did I end up here? Was all of that a dream? I pulled off the blanket and noticed that I was still in the same clothes from the mansion and had scratches all over my arms and legs. Luckily, I didn't have hairy arms and legs or claws so I guess that wolf version of me was just a dream. Then how did I get back here? What happened? I looked at my clock and noticed that it was 7:05 and that today was Monday. School. I forgot about that. I fast walked into the bathroom and looked at myself. My jacket had holes, my pants were a bit ripped from the glass, and my shirt had sweat stains. I brushed my teeth, tried to comb my hair (epic fail on trying to that) and took a white shirt that said Linkin Park: Metora on it with the front cover of the album on it, and black jeans. I pulled off my shirt and saw a dark swirl on my shoulder. I rubbed my fingers on the swirl but it didn't come off. I turned around and almost fell with a yelp when I saw what was there. Was that me or did I actually see that? I turned my head around slowly to the mirror with my back facing it. Nope, it's actually real. There on my back, was what I think is a tattoo of a black wolf made of black swirls. It was leaping out of a cloud, a ferocious expression on its face, ready to attack its prey, black lightning following it. The storm wolf, I thought. No fear in its eyes. It's ready for anything. I ignored it and pulled on my shirt and jeans. Hopefully nobody will notice it.



The bus dropped us off at the bus loop behind the school like always. So far, I don't think that nobody noticed the tattoo on my back, so I guess I'm safe. For now. I faced the worn out, wooden doors that led to stupid teenagers, ballistic teachers, and a principal that is a total, money-crazy idiot. Above the doors, a sign in red and golden letters said "Come on red bears, let's show them a real roar!" Yep, that's right. You are now about to be introduced to the Red Grizzly Bears High School, home of the (what else?) red grizzly bears. There were five buildings with two floors on each of them, a dirty staircase on each end. This school is mainly filled with Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics. Yep, you don't really see any Asians, Europeans, Australians, or mixes here. Nope, just pure morons that get drunk, smoke, and do allot of other stupid stuff like as though they're adults. Messed-up adults, to be specific. I sighed in misery before stepping into the school and opened the doors that led to the courtyard. Yep, school is sweet. Just like always, the kids were throwing stuff at each other, doing these really stupid things like black girl styled dance moves, jumping on each other, and mainly ( total numero Uno thing that goes on in this school) cursing. Just the way I like it. I sulked over to the doors on the side of the cafeteria until I heard someone calling me. "Yo wolfie, where ya goin? Are you already trying to go blow down another house?" Crap, I thought. I turned around to a group of Hispanics, whites, and blacks. A group of six guys who want to be gangsters, be just like rappers and want all that crap that all teens want now these days. The one who spoke to me was a black fifteen year old named Kentrayl. He had coal black skin, he's over weight, and had this small head that was all soft and hard like a rock. There was another black guy named Devante who was thin but muscular, tall, and was also fifteen years old. Two Hispanics named Jose and Christopher was with them and two whites named Austin and Chris. Basically, I'm their number one on the list of people that they bully. They bullied me ever since the sixth grade when I first came to Idaho. Yep, they will bully any new kid who looks clueless about where to go, and who's brainy. No matter who they are. Soon that victim finds themselves in that very sticky situation of being bullied and then their bullied every day and think that they have the most miserable life in the world for the rest of their life. They started pushing me on my first day of middle school after I asked the guidance counselor where my algebra one class was located. And like I said, the rest of my middle school years were miserable. And it's pretty obvious that the rest of my high school years will be the same. "Now what do you want? Are you trying to look for your brains again? Because I think I saw them in the sewers place a few days ago. You should try looking there first." I replied coldly. They laughed. "Ha-ha, man you are so funny." Kentrayl snickered. Then he grabbed my throat and squeezed it while raising me up into the air. I coughed, and kicked, and tried to pry his fingers off my throat, but that did no damage to him. He raised me up even higher into the air and then threw me down onto the ground. I kept on coughing and tried to escape from him, but I was too late. He picked me up again and threw me into a wall, face first. As I fell on the ground, I heard a series of gasps. I lay there, all crumpled up like a crumpled up ball of paper. Oh God no. They saw the tattoo…crap. The next thing I knew, Kentrayl grabbed my arm and dragged me to the middle of the cafeteria where everyone was forming a circle, waiting to see what will happen next. Kentrayl suddenly pulled my shirt back over my head like how those old-school bullies do to nerds while giving them wedgies. "Oh, looks like Wolfie got a permanent tattoo. We better tell his mommy before anything else happens. Oh wait, I just remembered, he killed his mommy by blowing their house down!" he yelled while jabbing a fat grubby finger at my tattoo. Everyone started laughing at the joke. The joke about my mother's death. My mother. Now when it comes to her, my mood changes. I twisted around and punched him as hard as I could, making him stumble over to the side. Man, I felt his face jiggle about ten times when I punched him. Fatty. Arms suddenly wrapped around my arms and hoisted me up into the air again. Austin and Christopher started punching me in the stomach…hard."Auuuuuuuggghh!"I screamed after every punch. I swung a kick at their sides making them fall over. Where were the teachers? Aren't they supposed to stop fights when they start? Kentrayl came and punched me in the face. I felt myself fall to the ground when Chris's and Jose's arms unwrapped from mines. I hear laughter, doors clanging and banging against each other, fast footsteps, and teachers yelling "Hey, come back here!" I taste blood in my mouth and spit it out. Ugggghhhh, I felt so sick. I feel a strong but soft hand grab my arm and hoist me up onto a wooden chair. When I open my eyes, I see students evacuating for homeroom, teachers contacting other teachers with their walkie-talkies, and my most favorite teacher in the world, Ms. Turner. She's my biology teacher and this is probably what you are thinking about…Oh my god, biology? That class is sooooooo boring! It's also possible that you think that teachers are boring and mean and old, but when you meet , you'll think that she is AWESOME! Instead of making you go 'Another day in this freaking class' mood, she makes you go " Classroom, sweet classroom, I LOVE IT HERE!" or " OH MY GOD, ITS ! MS. TURNER, I LOOOOOVVVVVVEEE YOUUUUU! SQUEAL!" She has light skin, a few freckles, a small, soft, face, fat body, short, blond hair that has a few brown streaks that's always tied up in a ponytail, bun or braid, light blue eyes and a smile that made you want to smile back at her. She always understood me, like as though she's my best friend; she makes everyone of her classmates laugh, whether they're those silent kids that don't like talking or those people who only laugh at their own jokes and thinks that other people's jokes are boring. She's super nice and sweet, she makes biology actually fun instead of making you think that you are wasting an hour and thirty minutes of your life, and she's generous and worries about everyone when there hurt. She always plays rock or country, sometimes jazz music before class starts or after class is done. The class, of course, prefers that she plays rap or hip-hop, but she says that those types of music bore her. She's like a mom who actually loves you and makes you smile and laugh. Kind of like my mom. Mom. Just like mom. "Oh my god, Wolf…I am so sorry. I truly am. Don't worry, the other teachers are goanna get those kids and get them suspended, I'll make sure that happens…I knew that I should have came sooner and stopped all of that. I saw everything that happened. Oh Wolf, I'm so, so sorry. I regret staying back. I knew I should have came earlier. Wolf, you just see. Those kids will be kicked out for sure. I promise." I noticed that tears were starting to well up in Ms. Turner's eyes while she was telling me that. I wanted to say something like "No, Ms. Turner, it's okay, you stopped it just in time." Or something like that, but my lip was so busted up and sore that I couldn't even make a sound, so I just nodded my head. "Let's get you to the clinic so they can fix you up, 'Kay?" Ms. Turner said as she helped me up. My legs felt so sore and broken as she helped me get up, I think that they were going to snap in half. I gave her what I hoped was a grin, grabbed a few of my books that I was carrying in my hands while she grabbed my Swiss Army backpack, then walked with her to the clinic.

W * Z * W * Z

"And now class, turn your History books over to chapter- oh, Wolf, you're here. Don't worry, Ms. Turner told me that you were at the clinic. Go take your seat and turn your textbook over to chapter three." Mr. Lambsher, my history teacher informed me as I walked into the room an hour later. Now why the hell did it take me that long to stay in the clinic? Well that's because the nurses there went all crazy and did all these exanimations and doctor stuff (Well, I will never understand the life of a doctor since that I'm definitely NOT going to become one.). I had a lot of bruises and scar's (Good thing that there were no broken bones or else I would have been sent to the hospital and get grounded if Aunt Sally found out about that.). Ms. Turner went even crazier than the nurses. She started saying things like "Don't worry Wolf, your goanna be okay. You're in good hands," And other stuff like that. But like I said, she worries about everyone. I walked over to my seat in the back of the room where the paint on the walls was peeling off and was mainly filled with dust and spider webs. As I walked down the aisle, I heard kids whisper and point at my back. It's pretty obvious of what they're talking about. I ignored them when I heard them hiss questions about my tattoo and dropped myself into the old, worned out, gum covered bottom, wooden chair. I looked out the window on the other side of the room. Even though it was dirty, cracked by these kids from this other high school who threw rocks at our window's after our soccer team beat them at this game last year, and smudged, I was able to see the forest of pine trees pretty clearly. Usually I get bored in class, (More like all of my classes except for biology.) so I just stare out that same window looking at the same thing. If only if I could get out of this classroom. It's so boring in school when they basically teach you all this stuff that no one pays attention to. It's like this: Teachers might be teaching something like how to do two step equations or some other random lesson while kids might be texting or screaming things like "Hey guys, I'm a banana!" So if that's happening, then what's the point of trying to teach kids? I looked at Mr. Lambsher. He was asking students things that they think will happen in the chapter. I feel a tap on my arm. I looked around the room to see who tapped me but nobody seemed to be looking at me. I looked at the ground and saw a paper that was folded into the shape of a square. Weird, I thought as I knelt down and picked up the note. I unfolded it, making sure that didn't see it and started reading.

Yo Wolf. What's with the tattoo? Is that permanent?


Uggghhh. Should have known. Of course everyone is on to THAT now. I crumpled up the paper into a ball and tossed it into the recycling bin next to me. After five minutes, almost everyone was throwing notes to me and the recycling bin was nearly full. Yay, now I'm an eco friendly kid! I'm special! The others kept on giving me this look. I don't know what it means but I think that they're expecting for an answer. Right. Like that will happen. was in the middle of reading a paragraph of the three branches of our government (even though we learned that in the seventh grade) when we started to hear tapping on the windows. Mr. Lambsher stopped and walked toward one of the windows when, CRACK! "Yeah, in your face, bears! Cheetahs RULE YOUR SCHOOL!" Eggs started to splat against the windows, pieces of the shell flying this way to that, the yolk oozing out and dripping down the windows. Guess this isn't goanna be a good day for the custodians. I could tell that Mr. Lambsher was definitely furious when he got up from his hiding place when the eggs started flying and breaking against the windows. Red like a tomato, he stomped off to one of the windows and threw one open. "Students, I advise you to go back to your classrooms and clean up this mess or else, I will get Mrs. Jones and your principal and have you all expelled!" Mr. Lambsher yelled.

"You're stupid principal is nothing to our principal, your school is made of crap, and you smell like as though your head was dunked in horse crap!"

"Ooohh, tried bro, you tried"!

The guys started to laugh like hyenas. They rolled on their backs and slapped each other. Mr. Lambsher was even redder than a tomato when you looked at his face. It looks like you can almost see steam coming out of his ears like in those cartoon shows. "THAT'S IT; YOU ALL SHALL BE EX-!" SPLAT! There was shell bits and yolk all over him, covering up his red face. Then out of nowhere, eggs started to cannonball their way into the classroom, covering everything in yolk and egg shells. The girls, of course, started screaming like the sissies they are and ran out of the classroom. The guys, however, scooped up egg remnants and threw them back at the guys. "This is war!" one of the guys from my class named Travis yelled while flinging yolk and egg shell remnants at a guy with dreadlocks and a goatee, a perfect shot. "Come on Wolf, are you goanna help us or join those sissy girls?" Eduardo said while nudging me as he went to pick up a pile of yolk. Help. They actually wanted me to help them. And after all these years, I thought that they would rather want a scared little 5-year-old girl to help them instead of me. This is just for now, Wolf. Soon after this, they might start throwing yolk at YOU. I shook my head vigorously and skidded over to a small pile of the gooey yellow stuff while dodging an egg that was just inches away from covering me up with its insides. When I got up with the small pile of yolk, I just noticed how much my history classroom suddenly started to look like a battlefield. How the kids from the other school threw eggs inside our room like grenades, how we hurtled them back. How yolk got splattered all over us like as though we were being shot by machine guns, yolk as blood, splattering all over the floor, how we fell back onto the ground, defeated for only a minute before we got up again and started the process all over again. So much for Mr. Lambsher's lecture on why we should all be peaceful with no war, nothing but peace. Then I realized one thing, where the heck was Mr. Lambsher? I looked around the room, but no, all I just saw was yellow, bits of white, and kids yelling "WAR, WAR, WAR, THIS IS WAR!" Must of ran away with the girls, I thought. I turned my head toward the scratched, wooden door, now decorated with yellow and white.

"Yo Wolf, Earth to Wolf. Can you read me? Over… Egg grenade headed your way! Watch out!"

What? What the heck was…whoever talking about? I turned my head only half way until, BLAM! The impact forces me to collapse onto the floor, defeated. I let the sound take me under in a blur. Nothing but sound. Pretty much every guy was chanting "War, war, war, this is war!" over and over again. You could make their chants into a song. "WAR, WAR, WAR, THIS IS-, WAR, WAR, WAR, THIS IS-, WAR, WAR, WAR!" I open my eyes faster than light when I hear my name being called while the chant goes on, the only one sound that would not go with it. I jump when I see Eduardo inches away from my face. He doesn't even flinch when I jumped, just stares at me with the same solid expression on his face. "Dude, you got yolk all over your shirt. And I gave you a warning! Come on, we gotta fight those guys, hand-to hand-combat, like Mortal Kombat." Eduardo pulled me up onto my feet with ease like as tough he was picking up a plastic toy, about to be thrown into a toy basket. He started to push me out the door following these other guys out the doorway when I remembered what he just said. Hand to hand combat? Didn't he mean punches and kicking and body slams? I quickly twirl to the other side of him and stop as still as a statue. "Dude, what's your problem? Come on we gotta go and kick those guys ass until they run back to their mommas!" He starts pushing me again towards the staircase in the middle of the building that led to the 1st floor classrooms. I step away again.

"Wolf, come on. If we don't get out there, they're goanna splat every classroom with eggs. Do you WANT to be a chicken and hang out with girls and become one of them? Or do you want people to call you a man for once?"

I thought hard about that while Eduardo stared at me with a serious face and more guys from my classroom poured out of the now yellow classroom. A man? No one ever called me that. Everyone thought that I was a wimp, a loser. Thought that I couldn't stand up for myself, even if I wanted to. They thought that I was a girl. And now Eduardo is saying that (not really) I'm a man? We never talked to each other. He was different from other guys in this school. Didn't like talking to everyone, but he still had friends. He was known for his looks, humor, and the fact that he is the captain of our school's soccer team. Tan skin, slick, dark hair that went to the side, tall and muscular, he made the girls goggle their eyes at him even though he wasn't interested in them. But now he actually thought that I could throw punches like a super hero or some other guy like that. "But what if the teachers see us? What if we get in trouble?" I found myself sputtering like a kid who lost his sock monkey. Smooth, Wolf, smooth. Eduardo stares at me for five seconds and starts laughing like crazy, slapping his knee. Then he stops and puts a hand on my shoulder. "Wolf, guys were meant for danger and trouble, not for straight A's and safety. At least every guy in this school… this state, I bet, has done at least one bad thing in they're life." Eduardo started to rap his knuckles against a wall. "But Wolf, if you want, you don't have to come and help us. Go ahead, join the girls, stay safe like the teachers say." He started to turn. Man, it already felt like he left me. "It's your choice Wolf; I'm not going to stop you." Eduardo started to walk down the hallway real slow like. It's my choice, I thought. I just looked at him. The more he walked away, the more it felt like I was a wimp, that I couldn't even go and get those goons out of our school campus. The one that I standing on, right now. The next thing I knew, I was running towards him, panting when I got to his side. "You know… maybe I should help you guys instead of doing nothing. At least this will be the first bad thing that I have ever done, right?" Eduardo looked at me with a blank expression at first. Then a smile started to slither up his face and transformed into a grin. "Alright! Let's go whoop some Cheetah ass!" I grinned back at him, like how a friend would. A friend, I thought. A friend. The two of us started to bolt down the staircase, catching up with the other guys. I felt the curls of my hair move back as I ran on, the air feeling cold and rushing past me like in that dream. A smile plastered onto my face. But deep inside me, I felt sick in the stomach.



Me, Eduardo, and the other guys from our class tip- toed down the hallways when we reached the 1st floor on the 3rd building. Travis was in the lead and said " I'm taking us to a secret path that would lead us to those goons without them noticing…that is, if none of us makes a sound when were close to 'em." He pushed a pair of double doors, reveling nothing but lush, green grass, pine trees, sunlight, and fresh air. Finally. My hands felt all clammy and I was starting to sweat when I kept on thinking about me trying to punch one of those guy's, completely missing and then getting a black eye, everyone laughing at me and calling me a girl. I clenched my fists. There was NO way that I was going to let that happen. We stepped onto the grass and looked around. I didn't see any path. "Um, Travis? I don't see no path anywhere. Are you playing on us?" one of the guys named Nathan who had freckles and messy brown hair asked. "Yeah, I don't see no path either!" another guy named Steven said. Everyone started talking and giving quizzical looks at one another. "Ok guys…GUYS!" Travis yelled. Everyone stopped talking immediately. "The path is here." He spread his right arm out showing us nothing but pine trees. Everyone gave Travis the quizzical look. He groaned and gave us a "seriously?" look. "I mean, our path is IN the forest. It's here." Everyone exchanged looks, all different. Some high-fived and cheered saying "Alright, nature battle! We're goanna use mother nature as our tool!" Some of the guys gave these bored-out-of thier-minds looks, saying "Man this sucks…and I thought that we were goanna jump from the top of the buildings." I guess my face said "I'm dead. I'm goanna pass out." I looked over at Eduardo. His arms were crossed, a grin plastered on his face. The cheering and groaning stopped immediately when Travis raised his hand for silence. "Now…before we go on…does anyone have any questions?" Everyone shook their heads… except me. I just stood there like a statue. Obviously we were goanna try to jump them, but somebody would make a noise, probably me, and then we would lose our cover and then we would start fighting, and then some random teacher would come up with the principal and go "OH MY GOODNESS! WHOAH! WHY ARE YOU ALL FIGHTING! YOU ARE ALL EXPELLED! EXPELLED, EXPELLED, EXPELLED!" And then Aunt Sally is goanna go all crazy and whoop my butt everyday calling me a high-school dropout. Travis motioned his hand toward the forest. He wants ALL of us to go in their? Including me? Is this a dream? I rubbed my eyes hard. Nope, I was still in the same place. Eduardo grabbed the hem of my T-shirt and dragged me over with the others. "Come on, it's time to ambush them." Eduardo said with a crazy grin. "Time to show who rules the cheetahs." My feet were digging into the earth. My hands were clawing at Eduardo's hands, but I don't think he even noticed. God…now I wished that I was with the girls.



I was soon surrounded by thick, rock-hard trees covered in turtle green, yellow, orange, and red leaves that sprawled out everywhere, the cool earth covered in branches that have fallen and leaves as Eduardo dragged me along the "path". I kept on becoming even more curious and nervous after every step we took so I asked, "Eduardo…do you even know if we are on the path? What if we get lost?" Yeah, I obviously knew that I sounded like a total wimp when I said that last part, especially when Eduardo turned his head and gave me this look that said "Really, Wolf, really?" He just shrugged and said "I can smell the other guy's scents from the air. I'm like a dog." He gave me a wolfish-like grin when he said that and I could have sworn that I saw his canine teeth look bigger and sharper than before. And then he said "And if we do get lost, then I guess I'll have to eat you when I get hungry." He pulled me along, probably thinking that I didn't have any more questions. But I did. A whole bunch, actually. I couldn't help myself so I blurted out, "Why are you treating me like a friend? Why aren't you beating me up like the other guys would do? Why are you dragging me along with you and not some other guy that's not me?" I said all of this in one breath so I started to cough and gasp for air. Eduardo immediately stopped in his tracks. We both stared at each other for a moment. Then he started to look around us as if there was someone watching us. He looked back at me and then said in a low voice, "I-well the truth is… I actually think you're kinda cool. Not that bad. You seem pretty much like a lonesome person so I figured why not be your friend, right? I mean, there's nothing wrong with that at all… don't ya think?" Wow. Out of all people, he actually wanted to be my friend? This tall, athletic, somewhat quiet, good-looking guy? He gave me a little nudge when I didn't answer. "You know… I actually think that we have something alike. A thing that other people don't have." Eduardo whispered with a tiny grin. I was still frozen like as though time itself was frozen. Something alike? Like what? There was nothing alike between the two of us! He grabbed my wrist and pulled me along through the forest. He can smell the other guy's scents. Like a dog. Did he go through the same thing that I have? Is he part dog or wolf? I don't smell anything but pine trees and other stuff from Mother Nature. Am I even part wolf? Weird, I thought. I was about to ask if he was part wolf or dog when he suddenly stopped. He put a hand over my mouth even before I was about to ask him why he stopped and pulled us behind a raspberry bush with a swift motion of his right arm. He took his hand off my mouth and leaned in close to me saying "Did you hear that?" I leaned in a little closer to the bush and then, right there, I heard a few mutters and laughter. "Who do you think it is?" I said while balancing on the heels of my feet. "No idea…it could be our homeboys or those goons… Wait I heard Travis's voice!" I heard it too. It sounded like he was talking about a plan. Eduardo took a chunk-full of my T-shirt and brought me up to my feet. "Come lets go see. If it's our homeboys, then we join them. If it's not them, then we jump whoever it is. Ready?" I nodded He suddenly burst out of the bush, making me flip in the air. Slam. My face was covered in dirt when I got up. Travis and the other guys were in front of me with Eduardo behind. "Well… that was a…weird way of coming. You guys are just in time. Nice work. Now it's time that I tell you what were goanna do." Travis replied half confused, half serious. I stumbled over to the group of 14-15 year olds while brushing the soil off my face and clothes. Everyone was around this yellow construction paper the size of a poster. There was a doodle of the building our class was in, the building we came from, the forest, and our classroom window that had these really bad illustrations of the goons. Actually, all of the drawings were bad! Seriously whoever drew this (Travis obviously), is probably the worst artist in history, maybe in second place when you compare them to my cousins. Now all they do is give people potato-sized heads, noses the size of cucumbers, really tiny eyes that are so tiny, you can't even see the eye color, messed up hair styles (and Gas wants to be a fashion stylist when she grows up Let's see if that'll happen.), and mouths the size of big, fat, rotten sausages. Travis suddenly stabbed a finger at two thin and lanky guys that were laughing as they were throwing eggs at each other, one with long, dirty blond dreadlocks, and two blue dots as eyes that looked like they were goanna fall out of their sockets, the other with skin as black as coal and an extremely humongous afro that looked like as though you could sit on it. "Eduardo and…Wolf? You both can get those chumps over there. Leon and Derek? You two get those two bulky guys way over at the corner. And don't make a sound! They'll here you and then that will blow our cover. Actually, no, everybody and I mean EVERYBODY…has to be silent. No sounds! We all have to go with stealth and attack them with stealth attacks. Okay so me, Joe, and DJ are goanna handle those three guys on the other side. And then John and Robert will….Hey Wolf! Are you even paying attention?" As soon as he said that, I returned back to reality. I was thinking about the two lanky guys that Travis wanted me and Eduardo to attack. But did he actually want me to try and beat up those guys? Me? Instead of wanting me to go run back to the building and get the principal to tell those goons to go back to their school (even though it is a most likely chance that she would get yolk splattered all over her from head to toe instead of watching them march back to their classes)? Me and Eduardo? Eduardo? A guy far more athletic and good-looking than me? Him? "Oh yeah, I'm paying attention." I reply to Travis's question. He nodded back "Cool. Alright boys, you know what to do. Let's get a move on." And that's when the war began.



The plan started at once. Me and Eduardo migrated to the location where Travis said, which was in a tiny corner that was right next to our building. "So, how exactly are we goanna do this?" I ask Eduardo. He gives me this 'are-you-serious?' look. "All we gotta do is sneak up on them and jump them." Eduardo replied knowingly. "Right…and how is that possible when were at the corner where everyone can see us?" I said. Once I said that, Eduardo looked like he was wacked by a hammer. "Oh…well, I guess we just go ahead and…do something." Eduardo replied once he got back to reality. "A signal? Do we wait for some kind of signal or something like that?" I ask. But Eduardo just shrugs. We wait for about five minutes, watching as the goons laughed and started throwing eggs at each other, growing more and more impatient, wanting to just jump out into the air like bird's and tackle down our prey, the crazy urge kicking our heads and stomachs, screaming "Go just GO ALREADY, FOR GODS SAKE!" for a gazillion times until finally it came. A message just goes through my head. No wait, not a message but…a sound. The sound of feet shuffling against dirt made the hairs on my neck stand up. The smell of salty beads of sweat, the strong scent of POLO cologne, and AXE spray-on deodorant exploded in my nose like dynamite. Bolting right towards their targets, I know that John and Robert are now about twenty six feet away from their targets. And I also know that, not only John and Robert, but that everyone else was charging like crazy bulls towards their targets. "We gotta get ready now." I say brushing the dirt from my knees and positioning myself into a running position. But Eduardo just looks at me with this look that says 'are-you-kidding-me?' "Come on, the others are heading toward those goons right now." I say. I offer him a hand but he still stays put in his position. "How do you know?" Eduardo says with a quizzical look plastered on his face. "How do you know that the others are heading towards those goons right now at this very second?" And that's what hits me. How did I know that? The smells could have come from the guys in front of us or Eduardo himself. The shuffling feet could have came from the goons walking around. There were guys in the corner that were about twenty six feet away from us. But for some reason, I know that the sounds and smells were coming from our classmates, not the goons. I could feel it. The crazy urge was once again kicking my head and stomach saying "It's them, IT"S THEM AND YOU KNOW IT!" And that's what I say. "It's them…it's them and I know it." I stare at Eduardo with my hand still set before him. At first, he just looks from me to my hand to the goons and then back at me. And then, to my surprise, he grabs my hand with a tight squeeze and pulls himself up and then raises both of our hands up into the air and said "I know you know it. And I do too." A wicked grin curls up at the corners of his mouth. He gets behind me and says, "Well, if you know what's what, then I guess you're leading me now." I nod and then turn my head back to the group of goons. The others were now twelve feet behind. Guess they were held up by something, I thought. Suddenly, they were three feet away from the trio. "Here they come." I say in a whisper. And then, like a panther making a great leap into the air, they jumped from the bushes and tackled down their enemies, while some of the guys actually went ahead and attacked their assigned targets with strength and speed by their sides. "Let's go!" I yell, about to jump up into the air until I suddenly feel a pair of strong hands grab me and hoist me up. "Hey, uh Eduardo? What the heck are you doing? Can you drop me? Wait, Eduardo-!" Eduardo suddenly pulls me down to his right hip and runs forward right towards our enemies with shocking speed. While I'm still hoisted to his right hip. "Torpedo!" Eduardo yells and throws me into or targets like a rocket bursting out of a rocket launcher. SLAM! I split the two goons apart like tectonic plates moving away from each other. I'm dazed for a moment, wondering what the heck just happened until a bony but strong hand lifts me up into the face of the boy with the blond dreadlocks. "Who the hell are you?" he says with a raspy voice, probably because he was smoking. And I'm pretty sure that that's why his voice is so raspy and scratched. Because one: his breath smells like cigarettes. And two: I can see a pack of Malabro cigarettes peeking out of his back pocket. "Well? Are you gonna answer me or not? Who the hell are you? The blond dreadlocks boy shakes me harder this time while afro boy snickers behind him. But I still say nothing. "Remember Wolf, if anyone that you don't know asks you any of personal information, don't. No matter how mean or threatening they are, don't give it to them. Just don't." my mother told me every day before I got on the bus for school when I was a kid. "Okay mom. Geesh, there's no need to worry about me. That's not gonna happen. See? I'm perfectly fine." That was the only reply I gave her whenever she said that. The only one. Nothing else. No change in the words. Nothing at all. "Well, you never know Wolf. It can happen any day in your life. Whether you're young or old, it can still happen!" she'd say while I'd walk towards my bus, shaking my head in annoyance as my mom would call after me. Well…I guess she's finally right. "WHAT THE HELL, MAN! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!" He threw me to the ground and started punching me while Afro boy cackled. And then that's when it happened. A sudden blur went across the Afro Boy and then… he just fell. He was just standing right behind blond dreadlocks, cackling like a psychotic hyena and then, plop! He just fell on the roughly-cut, aging yellow grass, moaning in pain. "Huh? Darius! What the hell man! Get up, bro!" Goldilocks was about to turn around to go and help Darius when suddenly he fell to the ground and gasped for air, rolling on the dirt while clutching his stomach like a little girl and her teddy bear. It seemed as though I was dreaming when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I jumped in shock and surprise when I found Eduardo towering over me like a monster. A calm one, that is. "Are you on break? Because I see that there's other guys we gotta jump before we can take a nap." For a moment there, it seemed as though time froze. It seemed as though someone put the temperature low and made everything turn into ice. Just like the mansion. And it looked like Eduardo himself transformed into…some other person. Everything was turned from shades of greens and browns and yellows and reds into shades of ice blue. Everyone froze into ice statues. Snow fell from the sky. Eduardo's face was cloaked by a hood and he looked…taller and…stronger. Like this assassin from this video game called "Assassin's Creed". And I suddenly felt weak. Like someone drained all of my energy from me. And it seemed as though he never said anything about breaks or helping the others. It sounded like he said "You're next Wolf. The only difference is that you will NEVER get up or take another breath." But then the odd scene stopped. I was once again in my same status, full of energy, the bruises once again on my arms from the mansion and goldilocks, everything was back in motion. "Ummm, Earth to Wolf? Repeat. Can you answer me?" Eduardo nudged me with his foot. I silently pulled myself up and stared at him. Did he do that? Did he freeze time and made everything change? "Alright, what's with the creepy stare?" Eduardo said, waving his hand in front of my eyes. "Nothing." I mumbled as I stumbled ahead to one of the goons who had his back turned. I was just behind him and started to raise my fist until I felt a hand twist me around and a fist crash into my face once I was stopped. Stars appeared over my head and the K.O sign hovered over my head for a moment before I raised my head to find a pair of feet charging towards me, one raised in the back. Without even thinking, I rolled over to the side, just before that foot met my face. I look up to see Darius's hand come towards my neck to choke me but he never gets the chance because right at that moment, I swing my foot and send him toppling onto Steven who yelps and gives him a hard jut with the his knee. "Way to go, Wolf!" Steven says as he flips his target over with another kick. And then I just realize that Eduardo isn't there. I do a full 360 turn, but he's nowhere in sight. Great, he left me. Again. I hear the shuffle of feet and hands rubbing together. "So…your name is Wolf, huh? Well Wolf…my name is Tie. Most people call me Tiger for some reason. But I like it." Goldilocks said, a grin that was once occupied with nasty yellow teeth now had razor-sharp teeth that were covered in red stains covering a few of them. And then the world stopped again, the same exact scene just like the one with Eduardo. Fur erupted from Tie's arms and face, his eyes turned from blue to a pair of emerald-green eyes, his face sticking out. He fell to the ground, breathing painfully and growling as the rest of his body transformed into a cheetah. And then he just got up which made me collapse onto the floor when I saw how freaky his face looked like. "What the he-." I stammered but then he pounced on me and started scratching my face with his claws. "Arrrggh, what the-." I yelled into the frozen air but then he transformed again, his upper torso belonging to the Tie I first saw with blue eyes and dirty blond dreadlocks, the rest of his body still a cheetah. "Sata was right. You sure are as clueless as you look. Just like her daughter. Her stupid, clueless, horrible, idiotic daughter." Tie growled as his hands went for my neck but I immediately pushed him off. "What do you want? What does Sata want? How do you know her?" I yelled at him as I scrambled away from him, determined to put as much distance from him. "Sata and I go waaaayyyyyy back. And I mean way, way back." Tie got up with ease and started walking towards me. "Even before you were born. All she wanted me to do was tell you that your time is running out. Your life changes today…permanently." Well geesh, does he think I'm stupid? I've pretty much noticed my life is changing. Tie came closer and was soon just inches away from my face. "Huff…all I wish I could do just kill you now. That way you wouldn't have to deal with any more changes. No more hate. No more annoying people. And you wouldn't have to be so clueless or having to not know the answers to all of those secrets people don't tell you about." He took a breath of air before he started his odd talking again. "Seriously, if you want, I can just stop all of this nonsense and hate and curiosity right now. Quick like light…or slow like sunrise, your choice." Then he once again pounced on me, reforming into the cheetah. "So…what will it be? Fast or slow?" Tie half growled, half spoke. I looked at him with a cold glare. But he did have a point. I mean, almost everyone does hate me. They all seem annoying. None of this junk made any sense. And I don't like the fact that Sata is kinda stalking me (wouldn't you find it annoying if some witch was sending you creepy messages and stamping some wolf emblem on your back and sending some immortal dude to kill you?), Eduardo is suddenly treating me like a friend (It's not like I hang out with him or talk to him so its kinda fishy), and how Tie is saying that my life will change permanently and wants to kill me ( I don't even know this guy for God's sake!). And yes, allot of times I absolutely hate my life. But still… "Wooolllfffff, time is running out and I'm getting very, VERY bored right now. So what will it be?" Tie asked with an edge on the end. A cold one, that is. Remember Wolf, no matter how bad your life seems, there's always a surprise somewhere in your life. A surprise that's hidden among layer and layer of your events that's in your life. Always." My mom once said that when I was eight and I skinned my knee while riding my bike around the neighborhood. "Yeah, I bet that'll happen, mom." I said as she cleaned my wound and placed a band-aid on my knee. "I'm pretty sure it will, Wolf. You never know," my mom replied as she kissed my forehead which I swiped off. Well, I don't know if she meant that this was the surprise or not…and maybe there might be other surprises out there in my life. I looked back at Tie with an icy hot glare that erased what looked like a smile. "I chose none of those freaking answers, you freak." I growled. I gave him a punch across the jaw, making him fly off to the side. He turned back into a human before I knew it…but had the most horrible expression plastered on his face. Part of his face looked as though it was burnt off, the other part had black swirls starting covering his face except for his eye. "What the hec-." I sputtered scotching back to a frozen-still Steven. Tie covered his face with his hands, rolling over on the grass, yelling "What did you do, you freak!" And then all of these black swirls erupted from the dirt, curling over him like a blanket, drowning him into their home. "NO, I MUST KILL YOU, GET RID OF YOU, DESTROY YOU, TEAR YOUR LIMBS APART!" He screamed, clawing at the dirt. Then he was taken into a place I didn't know.



I stared at the area where Tie was taken in, still next to Stephan. Was that place cursed? What did I do to make Tie's face look all…creepy? Did I even do that to his face? Why did he want me dead? I didn't even know the guy! I just noticed how cold everything was and the fact that everyone was still frozen and ice blue. I got up, shaking all over and touched Steven's arm. He fell onto the ground with a thud. "Steven, wake up!" I shook him as hard as possible. Nothing. I checked his wrist for a pulse. Noth…ing. I ran over to Travis, who's leg was frozen in the middle of about to kick a guy with shaggy blond hair. "Travis?" I barely touched him…and he just fell. I flipped his bulky body around and around, checked for a pulse, I even slapped him. But nothing happened. He didn't wake up and tackled me down. He didn't breathe. Noth…ing. Just like Steven. "Guys…wake up…please!" I yelled. Noth…ing. I bolted into the school and yanked open one of the classroom doors. Everyone was frozen in either mid-sentence or movement. I looked in other classrooms…but it was the exact same scene in each room. People who aren't…breathing. I ran out of another classroom, making my way to the principal's office when a shadowy glare catches my eye. When I turn, I'm surprised to see Sata floating before me, a cold smile on her face. "You! What did you do to everyone, you witch!" I yell, my clammy hands turning into raging fists, eager to punch something. "Oh I did nothing at all, sweetheart. Nothing at all." Sata cooed as she landed softly onto the tiled floor. "Yes you did, you freak!" I yelled back stomping towards her. I didn't care anymore. I didn't like the fact that this woman didn't make any sense and was sending all of these curses and spells on me. Sata suddenly disappeared, and before I knew it, she was behind me, placing a hand on my shoulder. "Shouldn't you go and check on your friends now?" she sneered as she cat walked away from me. She disappeared with black feathers floating in her place. "Quit it with the transporting and stop it with the riddles!" I yelled when she appeared in front of me and started twirling around and around like a 5-year-old, cackling. Once again, she disappeared and black feathers took her place and she was inches away from my face. "You're time is almost up, sweetheart…and you didn't even go ahead and run back to your classmates. Might as well run to them now…before they disappear." Sata disappeared into the air leaving not feathers…but a sheet of notebook paper that had "Start: 11:00p.m, End: 12:59a.m." scrawled on it. I threw the paper to the side and ran out of the building towards the battlefield. I pushed branches out of my way and leaped over logs. And no one is there when I arrive. I look up and gasp when I see my classmates rising up to the golden sky, into the clouds. "Guys! Guys wake up! Please wake up!" I scream. But they don't. They just keep on hovering up into the air, no sounds from their mouth. And then I hear a growl from the bushes and everything feels cold and turns blue again. Then, out of the blue (literally), I'm surrounded by birds with razor sharp beaks, dragons with humongous jaws, gorillas with hands the size of kiddy pools, and more random animals, each with ferocious expressions and…no color. Just white, with black outlining their bodies. I find myself backing away from the crowd, each creeping closer as the others kept on floating towards the clouds. "Wha- wha, who-who are you guys? Wha- what do you want with me?" I sputtered while stumbling over a rock and scotching back against a tree. The animals just snorted and screeched and roared into the air as though they were laughing and then back away to reveal the cloaked boy. "Wolf…you're time is running out. Soon your new life begins and then everything changes…depends if you survive the race though," the cloaked boy said. He sounded a heck lot like Eduardo but a bit more different. His voice sounded a little huskier, kinda manly too. The hooded Eduardo balanced on his heels as he knelt before me, his face still covered and un-seeable. "And soon, once you're life changes, mine will too. I'll have to do something that I might regret doing…or not." The hooded Eduardo whispered. Then he back flipped onto a dragon and rose his hand into the air "But now it's time to end this message. Now Animan's…CHARGE!" The hooded Eduardo yelled. The animals roared and screeched and charged towards me.

W * Z * W * Z

My head felt as though someone went ahead and tried cooking soup in it, swirling my knowledge and thoughts and emotions around and around, sprinkling new images and questions in my head while taking some out with a sip or two. I hear…laughter and…whoops of victory. I try to open my eyes but they feel as though someone super-glued together. Stuck forever. "Woooolfllflfl…ddddooooo yyyooooouuu hhheeeeeeaaaarrrr mmmeeeeee? Wwwwoooooollllfffff?" That voice sounds awfully familiar. I finally get my eyes to give in and reveal the secret images they were trying to hide away from me with a flutter of the tiny feathers on my eyes. I see three boys my age, each with different genes and charestics. "Hey, you alright Wolf. Man you look like you goanna barf, dude…are you?" The guy in the middle asked me "Ummm…yeah I'm fine…Travis…what happened?" I croaked after searching through my mixed up brain for the names and answers. "Can you believe it? Dude, you totally OWNED those goons! They ran back to their stupid school with freaked out written on their heads!" the guy with wavy blond hair named Steven laughed revealing an image of more kids my age laughing and cheering and yelling "We won! We won," behind his back. Then this memory jutted in my head. A memory of me punching and kicking and flipping and body slamming a whole group of guys not from our school. "Oh yeah, now I remember." I replied. But I still wasn't sure about it. It didn't feel right. I remembered…but I didn't. It didn't feel like I did anything. I tried to go out of the small, clueless bubble, trying to spread out and make room for myself, thrashing from side to side, but nothing. It's like running in a maze, looking for the exit but only running into walls. I slowly got up, and then like a switch, the other kids ran towards me and lifted me up into the air bouncing me up and down while screaming "Wolf, Wolf Wolf!" I couldn't help but smile and cheer too. I was soon dropped down and had water splash down my body. We laughed and spilled water all over each other since that one of the guys bought a cooler of water bottles from one of the classrooms (wonder how he got that from a teacher.). The bell rang which meant we had to go to our next class. Everyone talked and laughed as we went our separate ways to our next classrooms, the other students not seeming to mind the fact that we were soaking wet. And then another thought came in my head I remember there was one guy. Looked tall and strong, tan skin and slick, black hair. But then it left. Just like how I grasped it from the air, it left me. Leaving me even more curious. Who was that guy? He looked…familiar. But then…blank? What was I just thinking about? Just at that moment, Travis came up to my side. "Yo Wolf, you were awesome there! Ka-bam, Boom, Pow! Where did you learn all of those moves, bro?" Travis asked while fist-bumping one of his friends. "Nowhere, I guess." I replied while dodging a girl with platinum blond hair that was streaked with hot pink and red. "Well god man, you sure know how to own those guys. I mean seriously, you should have seen yourself! You were giving those guys a taste of pain the whole time! And I can't even do that!" Travis placed a big, rough hand on my shoulder.

"Maybe you can be in the army. You don't even need any guns! You can already make those guys cry for their mommies, I bet!"

"Yeah, but maybe a guy might use a sniper on me." I said while laughing a little under my breath. "Well I gotta go to Mr. Sung's class so I'll see ya later." Travis replied while making a turn towards another hallway. I nodded and then made a turn myself towards another hallway. Soon I found myself standing in front of the scratched and finger print smudged door that separated me from biology class. I took a deep breath and twisted the handle. Everyone looked up from when I arrived, giving curious looks as to see who came. When they saw me, some cheered "You saved the school!" Others just gave me a smile or a thumbs-up, while some did nothing. I plopped myself in my seat. For the rest of class, we talked about sponges and corals and then did worksheets for the rest of class. When I looked up, I would see about eight of the students look over to me with grins plastered on their face. Except for . No, instead her expression was totally different. Instead of the smile I knew…there was a blank face. But there was something in her eyes. They kept…flashing these purple symbols, on and off. I looked around to see if the others noticed but everyone else looked like they didn't. "Alright class…now turn over to page 272 and we shall discuss about….." said. But then she said it again, this time with different words. "Wolf Zarcode…please hurry and save us." She trailed off with more symbols flashing through her eyes. "What? are you o-." I replied with alarm in my voice but the she started again. "You must….stop this curse before its…too late." She trailed off. "The cure…must be found…to save all humanity." She said. She suddenly fell over on her side. "!"I yell as I leaped over to her side. "Save us…Wolf…" she whispered as I rolled her over on her back. "How? What are you talking about? What do I do?" None of this made sense. The fact that everyone is starting to think of me as a hero even though I really didn't know how or what really happened and when Sata kept on telling me all this random stuff and the fact that has all these symbols going through her eyes and that she's telling me to save humanity…I just didn't get it. None of this junk made sense. None of it. My mind zoomed back to when she suddenly grabbed the collar of my shirt and her lips moved, trying to form words. "You first…have to…pass the run…then…find your animal…then…then." I leaned in closer to her trying to figure out what it all meant. "What? What do I have to do then?"I whispered. She pulled me closer as though trying to make sure no one heard what she would say…even though everyone was frozen still. "Then…you must…destroy…Sa…ta." She said with a final breath. Her grasp released, her hand lying in my lap. And right at that moment, a hooded man came. "You must go now, there's not that much time. Go…run," he said, his voice sounding husky, but urgent. Like as though he was trying to do something…or stop something. I leaped up, anger suddenly filling me. …why did this happen to her? She can't be…can she? No, no she can't be…but what if? "Who are you? Can you at least tell me what's going on? I mean first, I have to fight these kids. And then I don't know what happens, everything goes blank. And then everyone thinks I'm a hero, and I don't know how. And now this happens!" I yelled. The hooded man raised his hand and an ice blue orb bursts out of his hand into my head. And then…everything seems to be back in place. Suddenly the false memories of me body-slamming a goon bursts to reveal Goldilocks suddenly turning into a Cheetah. The guy named Tie. Tie, the one who was suddenly swallowed up by swirls of black. The memory of me yelling as I threw myself onto another one of the goons suddenly threw itself out to reveal the memory of my classmates floating up into the sky and Sata twirling around me. Bit by bit, my memory suddenly came returned and everything seemed to make a little more sense. "I'm sorry about drugging your memory, but can you please go now? It's an emergency. You have to run away. Now." The hooded man said while pushing me towards the door. But I twirled over to the side. "You drugged my mind," I said, the question hitting the hooded guy like a huge chunk of lead. One that's on fire. He sighed. "Alright, look. I basically did that to everyone in order to stop from Sata getting to you. She tried to kill your classmates by sending them to space, don't ask why. I pulled them down, but right at that moment, Sata left you. So while you were unconscious, I drugged all of you guys, that way you wouldn't know." He pointed over to . "Sata tried to curse into…well something that I don't know. You saw those symbols right? That's the curse. So now I have to break it. And now you have to start the run." He grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the door. "Wait, you still didn't tell me who you are. And what is the run?" I said turning towards him. "First of all, you'll find out who I am sooner or later. Second of all, the run is actually called "The life change chase". Just don't look behind you, run towards the end of that mansion, and cover your ears, the trees scream like banshees." Then he closed the door, the thing that was once again the only thing separating me from my biology class.



Like as though instructions have been downloaded into my head like a robot, I immediately bolted off towards home. Through the corner of my eye, I noticed that everyone was still frozen in place. "7 minutes before time resumes, hurry!" Weird. Looks like the hooded man has sent me a message. I ran even faster than I thought I could. I slam the double doors that led to the first building, the closest exit which was waiting for me on the first floor. A few of the students and teachers were frozen in mid-walking. No time, don't think about them, hurry!" Another message. I slam into another pair of doors and ran down the stairs, three-by-three. I speed off towards the main office, my exit to outside just a few yards away. SLAM! I crash through the doors, a windy breeze brushing hard against my face like a freezing 'welcome-back'. "5 minutes, hurry!" As I ran towards the neighborhood before I squeal to a stop. There is no way I can make it back home. It's like, 45 minutes away from here. And I only have 5 minutes. I suddenly feel the electric/freezing sensation seize my body, making me collapse over to my side. I suddenly feel myself stretch, my arms and legs becoming thinner. Tufts of fur erupt from my skin. My face suddenly grows, my ears going to the top of my head. Finally the sudden transformation stops. I look at myself and, holy crap! I'm a wolf again. GO, GO, GO, my brain seems to scream at me as I look at myself in total confusion. I run towards the bus stop, turning towards a short cut…wait a minute. Can't I just run to my house by following Aunt Sally's sent? "Naw really, Wolf," my mind answers me. I speed off towards another pathway while following the scent of Aunt Sally (it smells horrible, let me tell you that. She smells like mothballs and rotten food and other junk.). "2 more minutes and time starts again, Wolf. Hurry!" I run even faster while almost tripping over a rock. Before I knew it, I find "October's Shady Homes" written in copper letters in front of my eyes. "30 seconds and the chase start's. Hurry, hurry, HURRY!" I make a sharp turn and sped off towards the pathway that I took that led me to the mansion. The one that led me to all of this. I raced down the path so fast, my legs felt like burnt rubber. "Time is up, the chase has begun," suddenly booms through the sky instead of my head and that's when the sky suddenly turned midnight black. The life change chase has begun.



The hooded man sighed and concentrated as hard as he could as he continued on with helping the teacher come back to Earth while being healed of the curse that the witch has plunged her life in while trying to keep time frozen. If he stopped now, not only would the students notice him, but the life change chase would begin unfolding under Valaduse's feet. Which would make matters even worse. He swiped the sweat that was dripping down his face. The only thoughts in his head were of the teacher, Valadus, and the horrible which that caused all of this chaos. Well, at least most of it. Suddenly, the air suddenly turned warmer than before. Allot warmer than before. The hooded man stood stiff in mid-movement. The hairs on his neck sat straight up like cold needles. A single black father floated in the air before resting down before him. He knew who it was. "So…have you come to kill the teacher yourself? Or are you once again looking for him," The man asked with a bone-chilling tone. A cackle came from behind him. "Oh Growle, you know I'm not here for neither of those things, don't you? I just came for a quick little visit. Nice and short." The witch replied with a dark edge to the word "short".

"Hmph. At least Valadus destroyed that horrid warrior of yours. He doesn't seem so clueless now to you does he?"

"That was only a lucky shot. Besides, I can bring him back if I wanted to…once I get rid of Valadus that is."

Growle knew what was soon to come. Immediately, he got up and thrust his hand to the teacher which made her slide towards the other side of the room and spun around with a swift motion of his left foot, just in time to catch a small dagger that was dripping with a purple inky-like substance. Poison, he thought. Grechendu ink poison. As if reading his mind, Sata sneered "Grechendu ink poison. Coming from the Grechendu itself. Mixed with ink to make it used for pranks. Don't little kids back at your planet use it to kill other children with it?" Growle growled, his teeth turning sharper and jutting out from his mouth. While trying to concentrate on keeping time frozen, Growle allowed a spicy, flaming hot fusion take over his body from head to toe, transforming him into a Red Wolf with glossy brown fur and brown eyes. With the dagger's handle in his mouth, he twisted his head back and threw it towards Sata, just slicing off a chunk of her dress at the foot of her feet. With a ravenous bark, he lunged forward at her, determined to rip off her make-up covered face or rip her arm off. Like as though she was controlled by a toddler using a remote controller, Sata spun wildly on her heel to the side of the room where the projector was. Growle immediately took the chance and pounced on her, biting at the hem of her dress. She screamed and shot a thick, long, black line that separated into a million tiny specks of black flames. Growle yelped and suddenly flipped backwards, turning human again, then kicked Sata to the other side of the room with a satisfying slam. He jumped onto Sata, letting his powers take control of him as he gripped Sata's throat. "GAHHHHH! YOU FOOL! HOW DARE YOU!" she screamed slapping him super hard against the cheek. He somersaulted several times before doing another perfect back flip and landing perfectly on the ground next to . Growle brought his fists into the air, crossed and then thrust them to his sides like in Dragon Ball Z, unleashing a fiery energy so fierce, he got on fire himself. "RAHHHHHHRRRRR!". Sata raised her hands into the air and floated into the air. She spun in the air, black bird wings replacing her silk covered arms. Her eyes suddenly became sharper and more narrow like instead of sly and covered in layers of eye shadow, eye-liner, and mascara. She swooped down and raced towards Growle. An orb of fire was cupped in his left hand as he ran towards Sata, the orb growing bigger and bigger after each step. The same thing was happening to Sata, an orb of black and purple in her hand instead of fire. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as they sped towards each other, the seconds seeming even longer than usual, like minutes as they made another step closer to each other. Finally they met. Immediately, the two brought the hand that was cradling the orb of energy to each other, now the size of boulders. A sudden wave of crazy energy erupted from the two, red, black, and purple flooding everywhere in its path. The floor beneath them cracked, but still held the sudden energy that erupted from them. Suddenly the color swarmed back in towards the two, creating an explosion between the two that send both them somersaulting backwards towards the sides they have come from. Ash and flecks of red and purple stains covered the tiled floor and walls. Growle got up slowly, gasping for air and stumbling as he got up and walked towards Sata who fell limp against the wall, her head dipped forward with her hair surrounding her like black curtains. He took Sata's dagger and pointed it towards her heart, making sure none of it dripped onto his skin. "You have caused enough evil, Sata. Now your time is up." Growle cocked the knife up until out of know where, Sata disappeared and suddenly reappeared behind him. She slammed her palm onto his back. Black fire erupted from his back to his hands and feet, flames linking together like chains. Growle screamed and howled in pain, trying to find a way out of the torture, but it was no use. Black flames swirled around the two of them as Sata cackled "My time is not up just yet, Growle. It's yours that's up." And the two vanished with the flames.



At first, I was confused when the hooded man said "Time's up, the chase and begun," and when nothing happened. I looked behind me at the rest of the woods. Nothing changed. "Probably saved me more time," I thought as I walked along the path feeling a heck' load relaxed. But there was still something that didn't feel right, the odd feeling nibbling at the corner of my brain little by little, making me even more concerned. What if something happened to that guy, making time frozen forever? What if he left or something. What if he was lying to me about the whole life changing chase junk? Thinking of it as a pretty good prank, or he was probably wanting to see if I fell into some random portal of his? At first I was thinking about running over to him to see if he was still there, but then the skies suddenly turned pitch black dark, no stars in the sky to shine off some magic, radiant light onto me. Not even the moon. A flash of dark lightning suddenly blasted into my eyes (at least that's how it felt like.). Once I opened my large, sharp-like eyes, everything changed. The trees had faces carved onto them. And they were moving. And talking. "You'll never make it alive. Never ever. Never ever never. Never ever never ever!" The ground suddenly turned into a rainbow of neon, sci-fi colors beneath my feet, suddenly feeling like clear glass, cracks suddenly erupting all over the crystal clear perfection. Auras suddenly went across the sky in a wild eruption of colors of all kinds. The glass beneath me shattered and flew to the sky becoming stars, the most beautiful, perfect stars in the world. All shapes and sizes. What a wonder. At first I thought it was a dream, the most beautiful one in the world. Like the perfect night time in a world of dreams and nightmares…and I just noticed that I was basically falling into nothing.



That's right. I was basically falling into a world of black and white while thin beams of colors (stars) flew past me. Suddenly time seemed to stop and I landed on air…literally. Three pure amazingly beautiful hearts suddenly came into view. One turned black and shriveled into nothingness. "Two lives left, Wolf. Not good! Remember, no matter how beautiful the place looks, keep running! That's the distraction…but there's more to come," a voice that did not belong to the hooded man boomed through…some random place. I suddenly found myself flipping through the air into the air, this time I was floating past the stars, beating them at the race towards the beginning. Everything was back just the way I left it, beautiful and unforgettable. Then the stars suddenly grouped up together and formed 'ready, set, go!' sign, something that I never noticed before. "Remember Wolf, a whole lot of distractions will come up. So think fast, dodge, ignore, and DO NOT look back," the unrecognizable voice boomed inside my head like an earthquake. The words flashed grabbing my attention again. "Ready." I instructed myself into a running stance. "Set." I clenched my fists, ready for anything. My feet churned the ground beneath me, anticipating the moment when I blast off towards some destination. My legs were full of power that kept on building up. Nothing happened. "GO!" I kicked off my back feet (I'm still a wolf, remember?) and ran. The trees vanished from my sight on and off, on and off. But from the corner of my eye, the faces of random people transformed into the faces of people I hated, Sata, Aunt Sally and the twins, Kentrayl and his gang, and the rest of the students at school. I ignored the faces as the taunted at me.

"Good luck, Wolfie!"

"Fool, pathetic child."

"If only your mother taught you your manners!"

"Ugly child. What an ugly teenager!"

"What is he, emo?"

I gritted my teeth as I sped as fast as I can away from the voices, trying to put as much distance from the us but it was no use, they were still there, screaming in my head on and on. I wished it stopped, wished I could just fall to the ground and sleep, wished I could click my fingers or something and make it all disappear. Whished my mom was here and take care of me whenever I had nightmares when I was little. For some reason, she actually made my nightmares stop. Like make them go away and never come back. But no that was impossible. Because one: she's dead. And two: This is reality, not another nightmare. The ground suddenly crumbled beneath me, separating into large chunks of Earth. I leapt in zigzags, avoiding getting hit by one or falling with a chunk. I zoomed off feeling for some reason, unstoppable. Like as though I was Batman or someone like that. "Level 3, Final level. Keep it up Wolf, you're doing great," the voice boomed inside my head again as I rounded off to the side to avoid a humongous chunk of Earth in mid-air. A small orb of a brilliant, radiant white light shone far away. That should be the final destination. At first, nothing happened. No crazy screaming, or moving Earth. Nothing. But the faces on the trees were still there, giving me their most ferocious looking glares they can settle on me. And then they just jumped off. Like literally jumped off from their cocoons and landed on the ground. Each and every one of them giving me blood-thirsty looks. Uh-oh. I'm probably goanna find myself in a large pot with vegetables. Damn it. And I thought it was over. A perfect clone of the dark magic wielding Sata blasted a flame of black fire from her hand, aiming at my jaw, but missing just inches. Rocks and pans were thrown my way along with salt shakers, fists, dark magic and toys. "Come on, faster, faster, faster," I thought as I bolted down the path. The trees themselves sent their branches at me, trying to wrap their branches around my legs, trying to make their leaves a distraction for me. I jumped this way to that, the orb of light becoming bigger and brighter than ever, wanting to wrap its light around me like arms of a human being wanting a hug. I ran faster, my legs throbbing from running so fast and the branches scratching my feet. "No…no they will not have me. They'll have to try," I thought as I raced them to the light. A snap comes from behind me and something that definably did not feel like bark wrapped around both of my legs, pinning me down to the ground. More hands clawed at me, wanting to rip me up from limb to limb. I strained my neck around to see the clones of the ones I hated pulling at me, pulling me away from the light. No, no, no! No way! I tried to kick but that wasn't goanna work since that I'm a wolf. Sata had the most blood-thirsty look I have ever seen, desperate to see me cry for mercy as she and the others would put as much torture on me as possible. Just looking at her face made me want to barf or do something like that. Anger boiled inside me, giving me the most ferocious energy I have ever felt. "Now let it all out, Wolf. Show them that you're strong, not clueless." That voice. It sounded so familiar now, but I still couldn't put my finger (More like paw) on it. I set all of my anger out at them just like how the voice instructed me to do and the most amazing, shocking, insane thing happened. An electric blue wave suddenly erupted from my mouth, surprise on everyone's face. They were all sent back far from me with O's on all their faces. Whoa. I didn't know I could do that! Does other stuff happen to me later on? The tattoo on my back seemed to freeze with an electric tingle. Odd. What was I supposed to do again? "Are you dumb? Run you fool!" Oh right, now I run! I scrambled up and started running as fast as I can to the orb of light, wanting it so badly just like how it wanted me. Just like how fast I sent them away, the others came back at me, clawing at me angrily. An arm went brushed my right leg. "Run faster, faster!" A grubby fat baby soft hand grazed my ear, trying to pull at it. Other hands went for my head. I couldn't lose. There was no way I could lose. The ground shook violently underneath me and the white light transformed into an elegant door, trying to pull me close to it. A blast of black fire burned my back slowing me down. I felt myself losing to the pack, falling into their finger tips. I lunged myself at the door before everything went black.



At first, nothing happened. I thought I was dead. Maybe I was alive. Thought I was eaten up for dinner…but I found out I wasn't. I looked down at me. I had my human body back. My old, perfect human body. I looked behind me. A door that was plain wood stood before me. I turned my head forward to see an elaborate, shiny, sleek door before me. Okay, two doors, now what? A single sheet of folded up notebook paper floated from thin air into my hands. I unfolded it and read.


There are two doors, one ordinary, one not. Choose the brown one, and you will go back to the same world that you lived in, only this time, you won't know what is happening. You won't remember any of this stuff like this...but Sata will try to put the curse on you again and there will be no one there to save you. Simple. Choose the white door, and your life will change. There won't be any of those from Earth. Just you in a whole different world. There, you will learn about what is happening to you and Earth. Complicated. But it is all up to you. You can know allot of things, or you can be as clueless as dirt. Simple and complicated. Your choice.

I let the paper fall from my fingertips. I craned my neck to the brown door to the white one. Matrix. This is just like that Matrix movie except there was no blue or red pill. Just an ordinary door and an elegant one. Tears started to well up in my eyes like as though a flood was starting to form. "What do I do," I said out loud. "Where do I go?" I wanted my old life. I didn't care if I was hated or loved. I didn't care if I was clueless or not. I just wanted everything to be back to normal. I fell to my knees and sobbed. Where do I go? What the hell am I supposed to do? I looked at the brown door. I go back, I will have to face Earth again and try to remember everything, but this time, I won't know anything. I turned towards the white one, its beauty insanely mesmerizing. If I chose that door, I won't be living on Earth anymore. I'll be a newcomer, not knowing what to do. "Life is like a once in a lifetime gift that everyone gets, Wolf. It's like the best present ever that's stuffed with other smaller gifts." Mom. She said that. Said that my dad said that. I was angry on that day when someone punched me in the eye because I kept on beating him at basket ball. Wanted my life to end because I thought I was hated by everyone. She was trying to calm me down and use some of her sparkly magic on me to make me go to sleep. I looked back at the brown door. My life would eventually end from Sata or from one false mistake like…I don't know. I would die. I got up and faced the white door. "Maybe I would survive in this door," I said to myself. I walked towards it and rested my hand on the handle. The freezing electric feeling burst up my arm to my head, but it didn't feel painful anymore. Instead it felt…comforting. Wonderful. Powerful. I looked back at the other one. "Goodbye, and Eduardo," I whispered before turning the handle and entering the pathway to a new journey. A new life.

To Be Countinued On Part 2