Deep in the Burrow

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It was mating season in the Forest of Albay. All sorts of Nekos were itching to find the perfect mate that would pass on good genes to carry on in generations. Jairo, on the other hand, was just looking for a Neko that would hold him late at night and stay with his forever. Not many of those were around though.

Jairo was petit, mostly mistaken for a female than a male. He had long ears that stuck out at the top of his head, sprouting seeming from nowhere in his shaggy golden fur. He had big blue eyes that shined with any emotion. His lips were plump and looked very kissable. Jairo was a very pretty Fox that took innocent to a whole new level. Most of the Foxes in the pack were very promiscuous, leaving very rarely any Neko innocent for long. He, however, had preserved himself for the one he felt was right.

Tonight was the mating moon, one he had been waiting for. He had a feeling about this one; he had such a strong feeling that he was going to find someone and he couldn't wait. All the times that he was left allowed without a potential mate had made him feel as though he was not able to mate.

Tonight I'll find one! I swear I will! Jairo thought in determination. He watched others getting ready, washing their fur and cleaning every spot they could. The females were going crazy as they tried to look their best. The males were posing looks for each other to see if they thought that it was manly enough. Jairo sighed; he wasn't like any of them. If anything, Jairo was a beta; he had always wanted to have someone protect him. So his mate had to be a male.

"Everyone!" The chief announced, smiling. "It is time to find out your mates! I wish all of you good luck!" With a wave of his hand, the chief bowed and Nekos began to move about, sniffing and touching to find their perfect mate.

Jairo sighed and began searching, touching and sniffing as those around him, but never found the right scent of even comfortable feel. After an hour of searching and coming up empty handed, he sighed and left the open field where the mating took place and left.

He traveled down to the river that was just over the border to the next territory. Sitting down at the river side, he stuck his foot in the water, twirling it with his head in his hands. "I'll never find a mate, will I?"

"I wouldn't say that." A voice called behind him. Jairo spooked and twirled around only to come face to face with a handsome Fox with stunning white fur and eyes. He had big ears that stuck up like his did and a combed out tail that twirled with curiosity. His body was lean and he wore only shorts, like most did on the mating night. His eyes were captivating, the pupil was black like all others and it had the white outside too, but the color where most would be brown, blue or some other color, was a pure white color. Jairo liked that.

"Oh?" He said shyly. His ears fell to the sides of his head and his tail wrapped around one of his thighs. The other Fox smiled pleasantly.

"Everyone has a mate; you just need to search harder." The white Fox walked up to him and stood only a foot away. Jairo almost couldn't breathe. "So who are you?" The Fox asked with a deep look in his eyes.

Jairo swallowed a lump in his throat. "My name is Jairo. What's your name?"

The Fox smirked sexily. "It's nice to meet you, Jairo. My name is Ace." He bent down and grabbed Jairo's hand, kissing it softly before letting it drop back to the other's side. Jairo felt his heart race.

"Shouldn't you be with your mate… Ace?" Jairo asked. Surely Ace had a mate. There was no way that such an attractive Neko would have no one to go home too. He had to have at least a few little ones as well!

"Don't have a mate. I came here to find one, but no one I met before seems to… catch my attention." Ace's eyes trailed across the lean body in front of him. "I was hoping for someone at least capable of holding a conversation with me without drooling, but…" Ace pulled Jairo into his arms, shocking the younger boy. "You seem to be just as lonely as me, where could your mate be?" Abe used one hand to lift Jairo's chin up, as the golden Fox's ears flicked back in a shy motion.

"I don't have a mate!" Jairo joked quietly. "I was hoping to find one too." His tail twitched for being so close to potential mate, his hormones were going crazy at the potent scent coming from the other male. A purr came from his throat and escaped before he could stop it. His face blushed a hue of red.

"Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to get to know you better, Jairo." Ace let go of Jairo's chin and cupped his cheek, rubbing his thumb on the baby soft skin. Jairo's heart began fluttering as he heard the precious words.

"I wouldn't mind." Jairo looked at Ace's lips pointedly, licking his lips. Ace chuckled and leaned forward and placed his lips on his. They were slightly chapped, but the kiss was exactly what he always wanted.

Jairo let a tiny moan escape, but it sounded like a blare horn to him. Ace took the chance to slip his tongue in the other's mouth, twirling it around while also sucking on Jairo's lips and tongue. Jairo arched into the older male, creating a hardness to poke at him. He gasped and backed away a little.

Ace licked his lips and smiled at the shy, but very curious look on his new mate's face. "What's wrong, kit?" He asked saucily. Blue eyes flickered up to see him and then looked back down.

"Are… Are you…hard?" The golden Fox whispered. Ace felt his thickness twitch.

"Yes, and it's all because of you. You're just… so…" Ace didn't finish what he was saying, instead, he bent down and licked at Jairo's neck, backing him into a large oak tree to prevent him from escaping.

Licking down the boy's neck, Ace reached a hard nipple, begging for attention. He kissed it gently, then nipped at it, causing said boy to arch and cry out in pleasure and shock. Taking it in his mouth, he rolled the nipple with his lips, pulling and twisting. Hands tangled in his hair and forced him closer as he assaulted the tan chest.

"Mmm… Do you want to feel really good, Jairo?" Ace asked, slightly breathless. Jairo looked down at him with hooded eyes and a cocked head. Ace smiled wickedly.

"Yeah, I want to feel really good…" Jairo admitted. He blushed tomato red when his shorts were pulled down, his tail slipping through the hole that was made for them, and watched them pool around his ankles.

"Good." Ace pulled away from the tree and bent him down on his knees, ass in the air. Jairo turned his head to look back with his elbows supporting his body along with his knees.

Ace gripped the hips in front of him, rubbing the plump ass and spread the cheeks. The tiny, pink virgin hole twitched from being exposed. Ace leaned forward and placed his lips on the hole, kissing and then opening them to let his tongue come out and play.

It massaged the skin, while Jairo moaned uncontrollably. He dug his nails into the ground and his body twitched. Jairo's erection was starting to leak, dripping down the shaft and onto the ground as he rocked back and forth. The tongue inside him was going deeper, massaging the inside harder.

Jairo suddenly felt like some gooey liquid had leaked out of his ass and gasped as Ace pulled back chuckling. "Finally, it looks like your body really wants me." Ace used one hand to grip his cock and push the tip against the virgin opening. He rubbed it hard and then teasingly soft.

"Please!" Jairo didn't exactly know what he was begging for, but he wanted it so bad. Ace laughed and positioned his cock just right, taking the thin hips in hands, then with some force, pushed his way through the tight ring of muscle. "Ahh!" It didn't really hurt, but to Jairo it felt something strange.

It stretched him in such delicious ways that he thought he was going to cum right then and there. The cock went to the hilt, twitching inside of him as it got used to the strange, new hot environment. Ace, moaned in pleasure, feeling the constricting heat surrounding his length.

"You feel so good, Jairo." He pulled back until the mushroom head was still in the younger, and then thrust back in, hard.

The movement when on for a while, thrusting and panting intertwining with each other. Ace grouned their hips together and laid across Jairo's back and he fucked him hard. Twisting their necks, they were able to get a few moments of lip contact until their movements limited them to just tongues, playfully poking at each over.

They moved so crazy that they ended up falling over on their sides with Ace still trusting inside him. Jairo still clawed at the ground, his ears back in submission as he was assaulted with such pleasure. One of his legs was high in the air as Ace got into a comfortable position.

"Fuck!" Ace growled out as he started going faster, trying to find completion with his new mate.

"Please! Oh, Ace…" Jairo panted. "I… I need to-" He broke off and suddenly let out a loud scream that would have alerted the whole forest of their mating. His cock inflated and then burst, spraying cum everywhere; his stomach and face included. Ace watched in utter fascination and felt his own release coming on.

Thrusting with all his might, Ace licked Jairo's neck, reading to place his mating mark on the Fox. As he prepared to bite down, he thrust hard once more and released deep within the submissive Fox, who gasped at the feeling of being filled up. The bite didn't seem to even register to Jairo as he lay there panting.

They lay there, tangled together by limbs and stuck together by Ace inflated in Jairo. "We're going to have kits, Jairo. Lots and lots of kits." Ace said, slightly mumbled. He was licking up the blood that had spilled from his mate's neck.

Jairo chuckled, "Yeah?" That was what he had always wanted; a strong, handsome mate who would give him kits to love and cherish. With Ace, he would get just what he wanted and more.


Sooo, yeah. Sorry for taking so long! It wasn't really how I wanted it to end, but I wanted to get this up because I was kind of distracting by Faraway Land. Thanks for reading :)