Thirteen-year old Dakota Farce woke up to silence. Not a single sound, not even birds chirping. Strange…she thought to herself. Everybody's usually awake by now…

She tossed over her velvety covers, and stepped onto the cold floor, shivering. Dakota glanced at her clock. 9:47 AM. She yawned, slipping out of her silky blue pajamas, and into a pair of shorts and a tee decorated with swirls, and splattered with colors.

It was still quiet. Dakota ignored the silence, not realizing what had happened.

Dakota headed downstairs, to the kitchen, where she opened the freezer, and plucked two frozen waffles from their bag. Popping them in the toaster, Dakota smiled and bounded off to the bathroom, where she rinsed her face with lavender scented soap and water, then moisturizing her soft, evenly tanned skin with a day cream.

She heard the toaster pop, dried her delicate hands with a towel and skipped to grab her waffles. Her skin tingled as the hot waffles slightly burned her skin.

Munching on the now cool waffles, Dakota went upstairs again, to her room and clasped a golden chain onto her neck, and called out into the empty house, "Mom? Dad? You guys there?" Hearing no reply, she went into the office, and found nothing but a pile of dust on the chair. Brushing it off as nothing, she went into her parents' bedroom, finding nobody and a similar pile.

Strange…two piles of dust, and Mom and Dad are both gone…she thought. Her imaginative mind began to whirr up theories…Mom and Dad were disintegrated…OR they could have been abducted…

Dakota shook those ideas out of her mind, and went outside. She was surprised to see more piles of dust, and personal items littering the ground. Dakota stooped down, filling her palm with the mysterious dust, and it fell through her fingers, like sand.

She called out, "Hello? Is anybody here? …Anybody?"

No reply. Just silence. There was no sign of anything that was living. The wind blew in her face, sending her long ash blonde curls flying into her mouth, and she spat them out, annoyed.

She called out again, more desperately this time, "Hello? Please! My parents are gone!"

Dakota heard nothing in reply. She ran over to her best friend Candice's house, knocking on the door worriedly. No reply. She went into their backyard, expecting to see Candice sketching something. Nobody was there. Just a pile of dust where Candice usually sat.

She knocked on the back door furiously. Yet again, no reply. Oh no! The same thing happened to Candice, as it did to my parents! Dakota's amber eyes lit up with worry.

What happened to them?

Dakota suddenly noticed that a shadow was lurking in the broad daylight. But what's casting it? She moved. The shadow followed her. It can't be my shadow, mine's right over the-…strange. My shadow's gone. Is…is that my shadow? But it can't be…

She danced over to the side yard. The shadow trailed behind her. Creepy…|
She darted into the street. The shadow continued to trail behind her. Okay, now this isn't funny anymore. This is really creepy.

Dakota began to run towards her house, as fast as she could. The shadow increased its pace, stalking her. Oh god, this is scary.
She was ten feet away from the door. The shadow was a short distance away. She fumbled for her keys, fitting them into the lock. The shadow began to creep forward menacingly. Dakota opened the door, slamming it closed and locking it immediately. She breathed a sigh of relief.

Yet the shadow had other plans for her. It wasn't going to let its prey get away like that.

The shadow grasped the door handle, rattling it. She could now see that it wasn't a shadow, it was some type of shadow-like creature. It began to lick its lips, smiling psychotically. The creature had no eyes, just empty holes that bore down on her. It had dark, wispy fingers that were practically see-through. It's probably not going to leave me alone for a while…and I bet it killed the rest of the population. A single creature. Then she saw other shadow creatures creeping up behind the other shadow-creature. Okay, maybe not just one…hundreds.

Dakota began to stumble backwards, terrified. She grabbed a chair and put it under the handle of the door, and began to dash around the house, closing windows frantically. The shadows were rattling at the door, grinning manically.

A single shadow-creature hid in the closet, unbeknownst to Dakota. She stumbled past the cracked-open closet, ignoring the tiny detail of a small, evil grin.

Dakota ran around, shutting the glass windows, and locking all the doors. She had never been so terrified in her life. Breathing heavily, she curled up in a ball in the long hallway, sobbing.

At this very moment, the hidden shadow creature slipped out of its hiding place and into a dark corner. Only its menacing grin could be seen.

Being a clever girl, Dakota began to devise what the shadow creatures did to their victims.

I'm guessing the creatures killed all those people in a few steps. First, they ate the person's shadow. I know for a fact that the creature devoured mine, since I couldn't see it in the sun. Next, it follows you, and I'm guessing it attacks you, and you disintegrate into dust. That's what must've happened to Candice, my parents and the others. Dakota grimaced, wiping away her tears with the back of her hand. She gulped, and stood up slowly. The shadows seemed to have given up. She heard no more rattling. She went up to the door, gripping a steel knife she had picked up from the cupboard in the kitchen, just in case.

The shadows were gone. Or they could just be hidden from sight…Dakota decided not to take the risk and go outside. She could hide out here for a few more hours, see if the shadows really were gone.

Dakota flopped onto the couch in the living room, and flipped on the TV. It beeped, blinking "No service available". The screen was static. Figures. The creatures must've messed with the cables.

She shuffled upstairs, grabbing her iPod Touch from her bed stand. 100% battery. At least the creatures didn't mess with the electricity.

The lights flickered off. Great. The electricity's gone. It's as if they read my mind…oh god can they read minds?

Dakota went downstairs and sat back down on the couch again. Her iPod read 12:23 PM. Huh…that much time passed. She put the iPod on Shuffle, left it on the table beside the couch and went to the kitchen for a snack, the music blaring loudly.

Grabbing a bag of chips, she sat down on the sofa, munching the chips and rocking out to the music like a normal thirteen-year old would.

Over the blaring music, Dakota didn't hear the shadow creatures rattling at the door, and there were more of them now, thousands of them. The creatures were at every door and every window that they could reach. Dakota was too focused on the chips to notice a shadow creeping closer and closer to her.

But to her luck, her iPod beeped and shut itself off. Then she heard the rattling, and saw the creeping shadow. She screamed, and raced upstairs, but the shadow inside the house didn't follow her. It knew her plan.

Dakota heard glass breaking, and shadows poured in from the windows. Adrenaline pumped through her veins, and she sped up, reaching the top stair in a few seconds. Dakota ran to her room, and seeing no shadows by the window, she quickly broke it with a book and climbed onto the roof. The sharp glass cut her skin, and blood gushed from all the cuts.

Dakota almost slipped off the roof, but she balanced herself and crawled to the edge, looking to see how far the ground was. Around 20 feet…I'd get hurt if I jumped, but the shadows would get me either way. Might as well jump, at least then I have a chance.

Dakota backed up, ran forward and jumped, bracing herself from the impact. It was just as bad as she expected it to be. She slowly got up, limping. The shadows were close behind her. She began to run as fast as she could, with her limp. There had to be other survivors somewhere, in hiding. Hopefully…

She turned onto another street, and her foot was sending jolts of pain every second. It was torture. Dakota stopped to take a break for a second, looked behind her and saw that the shadows were taking their time. They think I'm weak! She thought to herself, but then she concluded to herself, You are weak! You hurt your ankle, and you're bleeding everywhere.

Dakota could see the shadows grinning, blood dripping from their lips. Oh nasty! Did they seriously just drink the blood I lost? It was an unnerving thought. She began to run again, picking up her pace as best as she could. Her ankle felt like it was on fire, it hurt so bad. Her cuts stung, and her salty tears weren't really helping. Dakota tripped and fell; a pothole had snagged her foot. The shadows were gaining on her, floating above the ground and grinning menacingly.

Dakota tried to get up, but she fell to her knees. My ankle was going to be my downfall. I'm going to die because I sprained my ankle. She got up, staggering. As soon as Dakota got her balance, she began to weakly limp quickly, desperately trying to escape the creatures. I should never have left the house. She turned onto another street, hoping to get to the church. She thought to herself, Maybe, just maybe these are demons and I'll be safe in the church. After ten minutes of agony, Dakota arrived at the church, and to her dismay, she could see hundreds of shadow creatures gathered inside.

She turned to go the other way, but shadows were approaching her from that side. She spun around, seeing that she was corned. She began to whimper, "I don't want to die! Oh god, please don't let me die!"

The shadows grew closer and closer. There was no escape. The shadow creatures surrounded her, in a circle. Dakota was in the middle, sobbing and wobbling on her one good foot. The shadow creature, the one she spotted first, spoke in a low voice, "We will end your pain."

Dakota screamed, "I don't want to die! PLEASE! OH GOD PLEASE! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" She sobbed, and fell to her knees. The shadow reached out to her, embracing her firmly. The shadow's fingers were cold against her back, and she tried to resist, thrashing about, but the shadow was powerful, and Dakota was injured. She screamed, "NO! PLEASE!" and her body crumbled, forming a small pile of dust.

Dakota's chain clattered to the ground. She no longer existed in this world. A new world was waiting for her, and Dakota was ready.

Dakota woke up to birds chirping. She yawned lazily. It had all been a dream. Or had it?

Note: Yes, it's cliche, but I don't really know what else to end it with. It's either killing Dakota or making it all a dream...
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