The lights start to flicker

And we can't see the stars

At least not anymore

And you get lost at bars

But your life's still too hard

When you wake up to black

And teeth as sharp as tacks

That devour all your love

And rip up all you have

Stale blood tastes bittersweet

When you crave for revenge

It seems like a defeat

To only leave fists clenched

But what can you demand

That doesn't cost a hand

Or maybe even an arm

And won't bring you to harm

Or just half defend you

From all the glaring views

And quiet suspicions

Hidden by opinions

It would hurt so much less

If it wasn't a guess

About what they might be

Trying to say to you

So you've gotta believe

That I've always been true

And I never tried to

Be so damn cold hearted

That's just how it parted

And it might've made it

But it won't work this way

So I've just gotta say