I've had people (mainly RL or close friends) bothering me as to what happen between these two since it left off at an evil hanger. So here is a short clip of what happen. Enjoy this and future stories!


Grey eyes widened as he stared up at red eyes which stared back, tears falling from them. Boyfriend? Was he ready to stay tied down with a girlfriend? Sitting up, he pulled her into his arms and put his chin onto her shoulder. Her face was buried into his own.

"I'm sorry..."

He felt her tense up then start to pull away. Her face had a look of horror on it, the tears coming down in small waterfalls. She was about to completely pull away but his hands went to her cheek, holding her there.

"I'm sorry. I should have been the one to ask. I'm sorry you had to wait so long," he whispered before pulling her lips to his.

Kris's eyes widened even more before they closed and she leaned in towards him, kissing him back. She was scared at first, obviously, thinking that he was rejecting her. But he wasn't…he didn't. Pulling away, he wiped her tears but they continued to flow.

"Hey…don't cry. No more sad!" He said, panicking a little.

Kris laughed and wiped her eyes, "They're happy tears this time…" she managed to get out, following by a hiccup.

Havi breathed a sigh of relief, holding her close in his arms. They sat in silence for a little before the alarm clock went off, startling both of them. Kris leaned backwards, Havi holding her steady, and turned it off and resetting it for tomorrow morning. She looked back at him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Shall we get ready for work then…?" she questioned.

Havi shook his head, laying back down and pulling her with him. "Nope. I say we take the day off."

Smiling, she slid off him and snuggled up into his side. "Thank you…"

Blinking, he looked down at the girl in his arms, almost missing what she said. "For what?"

"For not rejecting me..."

He only smiled and pulled her face towards his, planting his lips upon hers again.