Up in the air,
You see her fly.
Her great wings spread
Across the sky.

The suns rays glint
Upon her back.
And you see the freedom
That you lack.

From her mouth,
She emits a flame.
And you wish you were the one
To have made fire tame.

She is the emperess
Of the sky.
And no one can take it,
No matter how sly.

She is the ancient creature
Of the light.
And forever she will continue
In her dragon flight.

To guard the world
From evil and Impurity.
That is and was
Her one great destiny.

Note: I know this poem isn't all that wonderful,
But for me it is. I'm not a great poem writer,
but I would like to thank The Beast and Angel Padfoot
For inspiering me! This is definetly among my
best dragon poems.
By the way, I know i'm a horrrible speller!! If i
misspelled any words....oh, well!!!!