I would have waited for you. But then I reconsidered. Why? Because I couldn't. The train was leaving. I watched from the window as you crossed the road. And I didn't feel like I would be able to keep something as beautiful as you for long.

And now here I stand. I had never thought the day would come where I would have to come back. And not on these terms. Why do you dwell on revenge.

You live on an island. Literally. I left and you gained your riches.

I launch my fist into an unsuspecting skull. He'll be unconscious for a while. Why did I have to leave?

My father was in hospital. He was dying. You must understand. I left that note for a reason. I had to choose between the two most important men in my life.

So I run. I run up the staircase. I run till the blood beats from my heart faster than a lightning bolt.

There you are. Your lips as soft as ever. Your blond hair is still just as pretty. You come up to me with your hands behind your back.

You whisper an apology

And you hold up a single red rose.

But my story is different. My story is different.

I spent years trying to find you. I felt like an idiot for neglecting you for even a second.

I found the note. You had gone. I would do all that I could to get there to you. Screw the milk. Screw the car. I was willing to do anything to be there with you.

So I ran. I caught the train. And I realized that I was moments too late. You were crying over his bed. You were screaming his name. You were screaming my name. I thought you'd never want to see me again.

But love isn't like that. Three years after that event I see you are coming for me. Why? Do you want revenge? Retribution? I would accept that. But I wanted you to know that I truly was sorry.

The rose was a key. My specially made safe would only open with the rose. Inside was enough money to keep you going for three generations.

But you didn't take it. You weren't mad at me. And you kissed me and all the pain dropped off like a weight.

And that's why I'd do anything for you, anytime.

So we married. So we kissed. So we love.