Hi, so this is my first story I've been brave enough to upload. It's entirely of my own creation. Reviews would be much appreciated, even if its critical I'd love some advice.

Hopefully enjoy :)

I watch with dry eyes as the grey dawn breaks across the rooftops. The tea is cold, made hours ago. As the chill of the frosty air nips at my neck I draw the rug more tightly around me. Like still slides, the memories flash across in front of my eyes, the feeling alternating between despair and terror. The screaming and crying sounds like they're right beside me. The distant hum of early morning traffic wakes me from me vicious visions.

The minutes tick by ever so slowly, every second feels like an eternity. As the rest of the normal world goes about their business, I remain trapped in this nightmare, this endless cavern of torments.

I see the girl's face, tears streaming down her face as she screams in agony. Her thoughts fill my head, escape, that's all she wants. As she tries to fight back she just cops another blow over her head. This time she doesn't get back up, this time she just lays there, no more tears, no more resisting. A malicious laugh breaks the silence.

As dusk approaches I become tense, every little noise startles me. As my eyelids unwilling droop, I succumb to my fears once again.

As I materialise into a world of chaos, the noise of sirens shocks me. As I walk through the woods towards the source of the noise, the blue and red lights cast eerie shadows on the tree trunks around me. As the trees thin out I can see an ambulance with a stretcher being loaded into it. There is a girl with auburn hair right in the middle of the fray, blood is welling in many places but everyone just walks by. I run over to her to see if I can help. Blood is gushing from a cut along her brow. I grab the nearest paramedic and scream at him to help me save her; he looks at me then pushes me into the mud. I lay there stunned. I get back up and rush to another medic, she does the same thing. I run to the ambulance that has the back doors open and search for something that can stop the flow of blood. Two hands grabbed me roughly by the waist and hauled me out. I landed once again on the ground, this time the man looked at me,

'You can't save her; only she can let you help…you can't save her'. These words echoed around my head. I ran to her pleading to let me help her.


My own choked screams save me from myself. My eyes wide with horror at what I'd just witnessed. As the images flash back, the shaking starts again. Another sleepless night…

I know its short, but thats how I roll.