Chapter One: To See the World through Girls' Smiles

Slowly, the image of what would shelter one of his important life experiences came to his sight. At long last, he entered his high school life with hopes that it would be memorable as what he was told about. High school days are the most promising and most exciting part of life while studying. This would mark the start of something new as he looked at the bulletin boards which were a few distance away from the schools gates. It was time for him to know which class and which room through a crowd of freshmen.

'1-C Room 303, I guess I better check it out first.'

He idly walked his way up the stairs as his eyes swayed around the school's background. He was trying to memorize its distinct characteristics such as the walls, doors and the plants on the pots. It was different from his previous school. As he strolled around the corner while unintentionally getting bumped from other students, he finally had his first gaze of the stairs. The black staircase in his sight supported a lot of students with dreams that may or already reached the heavens. It was good that it was well maintained.

'I don't feel like going to the classroom yet. Maybe I should look for something worth remembering.'

Descending down from the staircase, he checked for the time on his wristwatch. He was an hour early for the opening ceremony. He went back near the location of the bulletin boards but it was too crowded like he left it.

'This is really boring. Maybe I'll look for some new inspirations for my ultra super-duper secret artwork. It would be a shame if this school would not have any pretty girls that can be useful materials. I mustn't give up too early. The good thing is she hasn't arrived yet. Stupid girl being late on the first day.'

Then, he heard some commotion among the students looking at the boards while standing near the entrance of the hallway. The male students couldn't believe their eyes one what they were seeing. She was like an angel that descended down from the heavens and stole their hearts. Her short black hair, her fair white complexion and her slender body instantly marked the memory of anyone who laid their eyes on her. Such beauty was like a grit of sugar in a sea of salt. Her blue sailor uniform that fits well with its red tie suited her beauty as well making her looked like a school model. Indeed, the town's famous elementary student, Eileen Lopez, entered Wayne Frenzel High school.

'Why the hell are they getting excited like that? Huh?"

"Please excuse me! I need to go through! Thank you!"

Instantly, all the boys were alerted by the new queen of their hearts. They quickly made a way for Eileen to get through. It was the first time he saw the girl that conquered the male students face-to-face. Relying on his self-proclaimed ultra-duper sharp photographic or pornographic memory, it was his first time seeing her. That was how far he can remember.

'Who the hell is this girl? She's pretty but can't she even smile? I'm pretty sure that with a face like that she...'

She waved and smiled at his direction. He was caught off-guard by her charms. His thoughts were quarrelling inside of him like they were arguing over a very serious matter. And in addition to that, his heart wanted to burst out from his chest. The angel has laid her eyes on him.

'What should I do? I should smile and wave back right? But with that smile of hers, I feel like I've seen it before but I really can't remember. Well, here goes nothing!'

He smiled and waved back at the girl with the sweet smile. It was never wrong to return it anyway he thought. He also thought that this maybe the start of his high school romance so it wasn't wrong to grab the opportunity. He didn't care if he would get mobbed afterwards because of the attention he instantly received. Of all the handsome and cool boys around her, she noticed on him in his thoughts.

'I'm so lucky that I won't care if I get petrified!'

"Hey Sarah! I'm here!" Eileen greeted the girl with the long black hair and reading glasses who was near the entrance to the hallway. He was petrified like he wished. It wasn't him she was looking at. He thought it was soon going to be a good start but it was the start of his first high school life embarrassment. Slowly, Eileen walked towards the entrance to meet her friend. He wasn't able to move from his waving position and he really couldn't react.

"Hey Ei! It's been a while! It's a good thing that you have chosen this school." Sarah greeted. "Just as usual, you're already popular here. What class do you belong?"

"We're in the same class! 1-A! Isn't that great?"

"Uh, Ei? Do you know this guy? It seems like he's greeting you as well." Sarah uttered while pointing the boy next to her. "He's been waving for quite a while now and I think he's drooling."

"Not really." She smiled mischievously like she knew something. "But I should greet him back, right?"

The girl faced him and greeted, "Hi! My name's Eileen, Eileen Lopez! Thanks for the "wave" I guess? Let's go, Sarah! I want to see our classroom!" The two girls left him and headed upstairs while he was still in his petrified state. Whenever he was embarrassed, he'd be petrified.

'Where am I? What happened? Where did she go?'

"Getting petrified again, Yan?" A girl's familiar voice called his attention. The girl tried to fix the waving arm of the petrified boy named Yan. "How long are you going to wave like that? They'll think you're retarded!"

"Wipe! Drool!"

"Chloe! Oh... It's only you Chloe." Yan said while returning to his normal state and wiping his drool.

"Only Chloe? What the hell does that supposed to mean?" Chloe shouted while delivering a karate chop on Yan's head. "After all the things we've been through, you still treat me like that!"

"That hurts!" Yan protested while scratching his head with both of his hands. "An early quarrel on the first day? Let's stop this now Chloe. You might want to check your room. You'll be staying at 1-a"

"How did you know that?"

"On those boards? Didn't you look?"

"Oh! So that's what they are for." Chloe said upon realizing the boards' purpose. Yan sighed at her stupidity sometimes. They had known each other since they were in elementary school. They both saw each other grow and they were like siblings and best friends in one.

What Yan admired about Chloe was her firm disposition and sometimes her cantankerous attitude. They used to quarrel about school, why Chloe doesn't want her long black hair to be trimmed short, the poems Yan created for her family's business and many more. But despite of that, they are still best of friends.

"Your hair is a mess again, Yan. I told you many time to put some wax or gels!"

"I don't want those stuffs! It's time consuming! And besides, most of the artists that existed looked like a mess because that keeps their artistic powers!"

"With that kind of attitude and way of thinking, you'll never find a girl friend!" Chloe said while shaking her head out of disappointment. "And who don't have someone you like so make sure you have or your high school life would be a waste."

"Look who's talking!" Yan countered her statements. "You sound like you can get a boy friend huh? With that quarrelsome attitude of yours, you won't! Hahahaha!"

"Whatever! I don't care!" Chloe said with an angry tone. "Being unpopular is not a problem! It's peaceful!"

"I guess you're right." Yan felt another surge of depression. "But we won't know until we try right?"

"Huh? What are you talking about? Don't tell me you already found someone you like?"

Yan squirmed out his cheesy feelings to confirm what Chloe just asked him. Even his eyes were sparkling while looking at Chloe. This gave the chills to Chloe.

"Stop squirming like that! It's so gross!"

"What's wrong with being in love? I never thought it would feel so good? Aren't you envious?"

"What the hell are you saying?" Chloe protested trying to hit Yan but he evaded her attempts. "So, what's the name of the one you like?"


"Don't "huh?" me! I just want to know who she is, the one you like!" Chloe saw Yan's sweaty expressions and realized the whole picture. "Don't tell me you don't know her name? Hahahaha! So it's love at first sight? Typical way for you to fall in love!"

"What does that supposed to mean?" Yan shouted out of his irritation.

"Silence!" A woman's voice interrupted the two's argument. "This is a hallway and you shouldn't be shouting a loud like that. First years should have at least some manners."

"Sorry Miss!" They both said in unison while bowing before a teacher they assumed.

"Being scolded at the first day! This is all Chloe's fault provoking me like that! But I didn't even get her name, did I? Man, I really don't know! I'm really hopeless!"

Chloe began to walk away. "Listen Yan! I'll talk to you later. My mom said you should go at our place after school. She has something to tell you. What was my class's room no.?

"301, I think?" Yan replied.

"Okay! Thanks! See you later!"

"Should I go see my room or go straight to the school's stage? Maybe I'll skip class. Uh! No way. I need to see that girl again. At least I should get her name. That would be a nice start. Alright Yan! Be positive! At least, I still remember her smile. It's so cute! I'd definitely draw her!"

(To be continued)