Chapter Four: Knowing

Yan wore the smile that somehow annoyed his teacher. But he wasn't by her at all for he was listening attentively. His seatmates noticed it too but they didn't ask him why yet. The bell rang and lunch time was taking over. Yan reached for his bag with the smile he worn. To his surprise, his lunch was missing. Afterwards, he realized that he didn't bring any lunch. He felt that his tummy would be an empty stomach throughout the day.

"Geez, I forgot my lunch! I'm a goner!" uttered Yan in a heavy depressed manner.

"But you are still smiling, am I right?" asked Vince who was already eating. "If you want, you can eat with me in exchange for some information about Eileen and why she helped you yesterday!"

"Yan, I really wonder why you are very happy today despite the fact that you have no lunch to eat today. Did something good happen?" asked Robin who was also savouring a lunch made by a girl who admired him. "This is really good! I think she'll be a great cook someday."

"Feed. Me. Food. Hungry." said Yan who was begging in a very weak manner. "I. Tell. Later."

While his two seatmates were continuing to torture him, a person who was sitting in front approached the three.

"Uhm, excuse me for my intrusion but I overheard that Yan forgot his lunch." said the girl who was carrying her lunch. "If you like, Yan, you can share with me since my mom prepared a lot."

"Mira!" uttered Yan while in tears. "You're an angel sent to save me from these two demons! I will surely accept your offer!"

His two seatmates couldn't believe that Yan managed to befriend a very beautiful and cute student like Mira. At the moment Mira joined them, Robin began his move. He reached for her hand and whispered, "I never imagined such beauty existed in the four walls of this classroom. I'm Robin, you're humble servant."

Before he was about to kiss the back of Mira's hand, Yan separated them. "Let's eat first. I'm hungry. I'm sorry if I caused you trouble, Mira!"

"Hey! You're holding her hand too much! I thought you're hungry?" argued Robin who didn't like being interrupted with his girl attacks.

Their lunch was rather noisy but lively since a rose existed among the thorns. It was slowly becoming crowded when a few more people arrived. Yan was hit by someone in the head. "Chloe? What did you do that for?"

"You're harassing someone again! Here! Your mother went all the trouble for you to get your lunch!" said Chloe while handing Yan his forgotten lunch. "I should be eating with my friends now and they even went here to accompany me to deliver your lunch! You should thank them!"

"Eileen! Sarah!" uttered Mira who greeted the two girls near the doorway. The two eventually went inside the room and chatted with Mira. "I didn't know you two are also students here!"

"That's a no surprise if you see me here. It's Eileen that you should be surprised with." commented Sarah while carrying her packed lunch. "She is supposed to be studying in the city but rather she chose to stay here."

"I didn't know you knew each other!" said Yan and Chloe in unison which caused them to be a little bit embarrassed.

"Yan, they were my classmates last year so we know each other!" explained Mira who was happy to see her old friends. "It's quite lonely because I got separated from you guys."

"Since it looks like everyone is connected, we don't we all sit down and eat lunch together!" suggested Vince who seemed to be fully recharged because of the girls around him. They all agreed and joined the lunch. They all got acquainted and knew some thing or two from one another. Yan, on the other hand, was nervous because the two girls who he liked were in the same room and were in front of him. He fell quiet as his two seat mates took over and made the lunch interesting. Afterwards, they went back to their respected rooms and places.

The class ended in an instant and Yan decided to hurry his way home. He bid his goodbye to Vince and Robin who were a part of today's cleaning group. He didn't noticed Mira inside the room so he assumed that she left already. He felt the urge to draw once again.

He felt like running but he decided to walk his way home so that he won't be that tired. As he went pass the gates, he decided to buy some of his favorite shortcake from the bakery a few streets away from his residence. On his way, he noticed some commotion near the park which was next to his school. It appeared that a girl was in trouble because she was surrounded by male students who appeared to be the seniors of his school. Short black hair, fair complexion and a height of five foot and three inches, he recognized who she was. It was her again.

"Eileen, why don't you want to go out with me? I'm not that bad!" said the tallest guy in the group. "And I think, I'm your type."

"Yeah, any of us should fit you right so what is the reason why you don't even care to know us?" asked the second guy in the group.

"I already told you guys. I already like someone and I'm really sorry!" explained Eileen who was nervous and scared of the boys around her. "I really need to go home now so please let me pass!"

"No way unless you tell us who that guy is so that we can see if he is worth fitting for you!"

"What kind of request is that? Why would I tell you that?"

He couldn't stop himself anymore so he decided to come to her aid even though he was also scared. He stood in front of Eileen and requested while bowing his head. "Please let us through. We really need to go home now or her father might scold her."

To her surprised, Yan came and she felt protected. She never thought that he came to her aid. But the senior students wouldn't let them pass.

"Who the hell are you?" asked the tallest one. "Are you her bodyguard or something? I can even beat the hell out of you."

"Please, we really need to go." said Yan as he grabbed Eileen's hand and went pass through the group.

"Who the hell are you and why are you dragging her like that?" asked the tallest boy as he watched the two walked away.

Yan paused and turned around to face the group. He was still holding Eileen's hands which felt amusingly cold. "It doesn't matter who I am!"

"What kind of answer is that?"

"If you guys really care about her, you should just be happy for her. If I'm right she already told you that she likes someone already. So please don't cause her anymore troubles!" shouted Yan from the opposite side of the street. "If you still persist, you'll only make her cry. I don't want her to be sad because..."

The seniors were beginning to understand what he meant in his words. Eileen never felt so nervous of the moment which made her face turned reddish."She is my responsibility!" shouted Yan as he dragged Eileen and ran away with her. The senior students were moved of what he said, pointed out their mistakes and they all went back to school.

'I'm so screwed. I shouldn't have lied too much. Being in this bench and sitting next to her is really making me nervous. I wonder what she's going to say to me after she insisted that we come to this park.'

"Yan?" asked Eileen who was sitting on the left side of the bench while embracing her shoulder bag. "I'm really thankful that you came to save me and I even made you lie."

"It's really nothing! Anyone who knows you would help you! It was just a coincidence that I was the one to see you in trouble!" explained Yan who was nervous and flustered.

"I somehow feel happy that it was you who came to rescue me. I never thought you'd do that since you were so quiet during our group lunch. That's why I never thought it's going to be you to stand and defend me. You are really cool back there!"

"I was so nervous so I said all those weird stuffs so that they wouldn't bother you and dragged you away from them. I just felt the urge to help you even though it turned out to be full of lies!"

"What if we make it real? Would that cause any problems?" asked Eileen as she smiled at Yan who was shocked by the sudden proposal. "Just kidding!"

"I know." replied Yan in a low tone. "You are in love with someone right now. I overheard yesterday when a boy confessed to you."

"That's true. I am in love with someone." said Eileen as she gazed up the reddish-orange sky. "But he doesn't know about it."

"Why don't you tell him then? Maybe he likes you too and you'll end up with each other. Then you can depend on him to protect you from events like the one earlier!"

"No. I won't do that. I just want him as he is right now. It would only ruin our friendship if I rushed things. Maybe he'll realize that he likes me so I'll wait for him to confess because I want him to be my first and last boyfriend. I may sound so cheesy and this is embarrassing but this is me! I'm sorry if I am telling you all of this."

Eileen noticed that Yan on her right was moved in tears. She was surprised how deeply he was moved when she opened up to him. It was her first time to see a boy who cried for her.

"I'm sorry." cried Yan. "I was moved by your unrequited love for that boy you like. I just hope things would get better for you!"

"It's okay! I'm not feeling depressed that my love for him isn't recognized. Besides, I still have a dream to fulfil! I want to be a baker so that I can continue our family's line of great bakers! How about you? What's your dream?" asked Eileen who stood proudly of her dream.

"I'm not that sure right now, but I think I want to be an engineer or a writer or maybe a painter someday!" answered Yan who was cheered up.

"Wow! That's a very nice dream that keeps you alive. Everyone needs a dream to continue living. If you can't decide, why not fulfil all those three?" suggested Eileen as she grabbed Yan's hands. "Let's pursue our dreams and grow up to be professionals!"

"I'll be looking forward to that! You are really great, Eileen! I'm so glad I had this chance to talk to you personally. I feel so lucky!" said Yan who felt motivated by Eileen's encouragement. "I just have one question I want to know but its okay if you won't answer it."

"Sure. What is it?"

"I heard from Sarah that you aren't supposed to enter high school here. What's the reason that you decided to study at our school?"

"Oh that? Hmm. I just wanted to try to spend my high school here but more to that I just heard that he will be attending this school so I back-out the last moment entering an all girls' school in the city. I just wanted to test my luck if I can be with him."

"Wow! You went all the trouble for him! I'm sure he'll be pleased to know that! But I promise, I won't tell anyone!"

"I can trust you so no worries!"

Eileen heard Yan's tummy growling. She laughed and knew that he was hungry. Yan, on the other hand, was embarrassed to death.

"I was supposed to buy some shortcakes of Patty's Bakeshop and now my tummy blames me because I didn't feed him on schedule."

"You're funny, Yan!" said Eileen while laughing. "It's great to hear that you are buying cakes from my auntie's shop! So let's go there and I'll buy you some! C'mon! My treat!"

Before he could ever refuse, he was dragged by the girl he felt he owned.

(To be continued)