Anna Kennett had her bag in the backseat of her car. Her cd player had been blasting one of the albums from her latest favorite band, the Cadillac Black, as she had left her grandparents' driveway to head to school for her first day of school, for which she had just transferred to. Back home her parents were working out their marriage problems, and she decided to live with her grandparents so she could, with any luck to do so.

"New student, day one," she said to the windshield as she pulled out onto the main road. The cd continued to play. She was thinking of the friends she had left behind, and, for some odd reason, her ex boyfriend, Charlie. She was also sure that she could handle being the new girl, after all she was already registered.

She knew where she was going, she Googled her school on the maps, and even checked with her grandmother just in case it was wrong. On the way she decided to check out the scenery. She was new so why not. She wanted to find places to eat, places to possibly get a job, not that she needed one but still. Maybe even a book store or two. She turned onto Parsley Street, and noticed a diner. This was also the street that had lead to the school according to her directions. She was doing good. She would have to keep that place in mind, not that she could forget where it was.

"Well here I am," she mentioned to the steering wheel as she pulled into the student parking lot. Here she had seen a few of the other drivers having out before class. They didn't ask or say anything, they were used to the new student drill. Another student who wouldn't be a part of their crowd. They had all the cool students that they had wanted. A bit further near the court yard she had spotted the skateboarders. They seemed to be everywhere. Finally she got to the inside of the school, and found the lockers. 314. Now she just had to find that and she would be great. Eventually she did find it, about fifteen minutes later.

"Good thing classes don't start for another fifteen minutes," came a voice from the locker opposite hers.

"New huh? I can tell," he mentioned. His hazel green eyes meeting hers. She smiled.

"Yeah, transferred, first day," she said as she shut her locker, and pushed her bag over her shoulder to head to her first class. English. She pushed her sandy blond curl by her ear behind it, and headed towards the boy that was just aside her. She had to admit secretly to herself that she did like him almost instantly. She really did hope that she wasn't blushing to give it away.

"What class you have. I'll show you around if you'd like," he offered.

"English with Merle, comma Geraldo," Anna announced as she finished pulling out her schedule. "From 8:45 to 10:15," she finished as though she hadn't seen the time frame earlier.

"Epic, that works great since I'm the classroom next to you. I have math," he answered. She had wondered why he hadn't told her his name yet. Then again on fair game she hadn't told him hers yet either. As they continued to walk down the hall towards the class, students who were on last minute to get to their class still hung around their lockers or were running down the hall before the bell went off. She looked down at her watch. Three minutes. She did know that it must have been on the same floor since neither of them had taken the stairs. Finally a hall and a half later, they were there.

"You're there and I'm here," he said as he pointed to the left and the right classroom doors. "by the way, I'm Jamie," he told her as winked to her and went into the right side room. She smiled. She finally knew his name, he didn't know hers yet. He would right after class. She made sure of it.

"Well good morning class," announced the fat balding fifty something year old teacher as he saw that all, if not then close enough to all of his students were in class.

"Now for those of you that think I'll let you off because you stayed up watching who know what on the CW last night, and decided not to do your homework, well guess what; this isn't a thirty minute tape of High School Rock," he added after scanning the classroom just in case he had missed anyone earlier. Obviously he hadn't because he kept going. Anna was thankful that he hadn't noticed she was new and had her stand up in front of the class.

"Now for the next bit of class time, I am going to hand you these composition notebooks. These are for your homework assignment," he mentioned to the class as he had handed out the classroom. He heard their sighs. Then he continued. "However there is a twist. He heard the silence for a moment. "Write your names on the front page. Nothing else for now," he added as he went onto the last row of students. "These journal are notes. Not notes for class, but whatever you would like," he concluded.

"Kind of like a journal or blog?" asked one of the students from the left.

"Yes, kind of like that," answered the teacher. "Now the twist; you bring it each day to class, and each day we exchange it to the person on your left, and at the end of the year, you leave them in your locker," he finished when he got to his desk.

He only spoke one word afterwards: "Begin". The class went silent.