A/N: I am going back to ANNA chapters for a while. Honestly, I will throw some of the other characters back in. However, I admit, I just might change this story, and leave this one as a draft, being as if you haven't read Leo's first story, I am planning on a re-write on that was well.

Chapter 7


"You going to tell me what's wrong?" asked Leo as class ended. "Do I need to beat the crap out of somebody?" he added before I had a chance to even answer. I looked down the hallway a little bit as we exit the classroom. Why the hell was I doing this anyways?

"I have, oh never mind, I see your girlfriend coming to catch up with you so, I'll talk with you later," I tell him as I scrunch the strap to my backpack and head towards my locker. I was hoping that he didn't get the idea, with him having a girlfriend and all. Finally I found the destination known as my locker. Gaven was there. Jesus, he was never there without Jamie or Iandrew.

"You could say to me, I mean, well yeah, you know what I mean," he told me. I did. He held his skateboard in arm, and his messenger laid on his shoulder. "Totally, seriously, you should watch Glee with Iandrew. He hasn't shut up about it, and honestly he likes you," he told me as we started walking together towards the courtyard. I smiled quick and rolled my eyes.

It was quiet for a moment and then he asked; "what were you doing with Leo?"

I answered honestly. "We were just talking about class. He sits right beside me," I tell him.

"Well be careful, he's trouble," he warned as he went into the library.

"Really, you read. I never would have guessed," I mention to him sarcastically.

"No, but Iandrew does. Just figured I would throw that out there," he tells me as he sits down at a study table and cracks open his books. I wondered if he ever placed his skateboard in his locker. Instead of asking I just decided to turn my books in and grab something new.

"You should totally read Harry Potter," I heard a voice beside me announce. I turn around and hug him. I don't know why but I did.

"Whoa. What was that for?" Iandrew asks, and then snickered quickly. His eyes met mine, and I let my hand wrap around his wrist. I couldn't do it any longer. I had to do something to show that I wanted him. But how? Honestly he would be my first boyfriend if I was lucky.

"Yeah, and why would that be?" I ask him avoiding answering the hug question. I didn't want to answer.

"Because you owe me a Glee date, and your into Sci-Fi, fantasy, you know the work," he tells me like he had already known me for months. Then he grabs my hand, and doesn't want to let go for a few minutes, but he has to. Finally I give in.

"Fine, but have the books, and Pepperoni and BBQ Chicken pizza ready when I come over," I fake scold him. He looks at me and giggles such a school boy giggle.

"Done. Deal. You do know that this isn't a date, right?" he asks as he leaves to work some more in the library. I grab my bag and head to class. Or I could skip. I had two classes left and they were the most boring of all the classes. I despised art and often wondered why they placed me in Spanish, I mean, weren't able to make your own schedule? Perhaps I was wrong. Anyhow I was really not at all talented in art compared to other students work I have seen in the hall. I only had two hours and forty minutes left.

I got home, and pulled my school stuff out of my bag. Somehow I had totally forgotten about the notebooks. I didn't know whose notebook it was previous that I had, but I was about to find out. I opened to the previous page that had been written in.

I'm seventeen, and I just found out I'm pregnant. I 'm not sure as to who the father is. I'm scared to know, mainly for the fact, in which I'm afraid I won't be accepted afterwards, and I found out right smack-dab in the middle of my parents getting a divorce. I know I was stupid to do it. I should have listened when they told me to wait until I was ready. I don't know where to go from here. Nor do I know who would be willing to help. I wish I knew. So freshman, at homecoming when that hot senior tells you that you look amazing and beautiful, be careful, on how you fall for his charm. Don't believe the you won't get pregnant the first time myth. You could, and in this school, people will know soon afterwards. Teenage pregnancy is very common, so be smart and if want to have sex, don't be afraid to ask about it, and just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean you have to.

Yes, I am still keeping my baby, and yes, it will be hard, but I am also applying and hoping to be accepted into college. - KaJay.

Anna didn't know what to think afterwards. It had been the first time one of the notebooks had actually made her almost cry and she felt bad for this Kajay girl. She didn't have much time to deem about it though, being as she was now behind on homework, and had to get to Iandrew's house. She looked at the directions that he text her, and she went downstairs to let her grandmother know.

"I'll be home before ten-thirty," Anna had reminded her grandmother. "I'm only go to a friends house to do homework," she added as she stepped out of the apartment. Her grandmother said something and then Anna started her car, which was playing Awol Nation, and she was on her way.